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Charlotte Dormon is not a chef, or even that much of a cook. If it’s recipes you’re looking for – you’re in the wrong place. But whether it’s Sunday lunch or Friday night cocktails, she’s the one friends and family turn to when they want to know how to eat out and be relatively healthy. Each week she’ll now be bringing you the same insider knowledge. We’ll drink – and eat – to that.


  • What does being healthy mean to you - really?

    Being really healthy means to me having a happy and peaceful mind, and a positive energy that allows you to seize and boss the day.

    A spiritual practice that allows me cope better with bad days be more grateful for the good days and overall feel more ‘whole’ and grounded as a human being.

    As well as enjoying with good friends, and being able to enjoy a healthy, loving and intimate relationship with a man who loves you for exactly who you are, and having a pain-free, strong and active body that allows me to practice pilates and powerwalk everyday.

  • One bit of advice you want to give to all Healthista readers?

    Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see.

    Despite working in a media career in the wellness industry for a very long time, and feeling so grateful to have the access to research and discover incredible & insightful information on health & wellbeing to help me grow as a person, these days the wellness/personal development industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and just as the beauty and fashion industry made us feel we had to look a certain way to be beautiful, happy in love and successful.

    The wellness industry is a lucrative one for this exact reason and rife with a lot of fake news, fake people, fad diets, miracle pills, quick fix solutions and coaching courses that will promise to make you perfect in a matter of days.

    I am a huge advocate of all things wellness,  but my advice (and from experience of my own expensice f**k ups!) is to do your homework, pause/sleep on it and take a deep breath before you buy in. As much as it might seem the ultimate solution to fix your woes, ask questions and seek the truth you need in order to make a decision on whether it’s really right for YOU.

  • One thing you do daily that you wouldn't be well without?

    Music  – a daily prescription changes my mood from sombre to sunny, and from crazy to calm.  I have my Spotify playlist filled with every mood enhancing need I could wish for.

  • What will you be bringing to the Healthista Collective?

    I will be making the whole experience of eating out a much better one for our Healthista readers.  I absolutely love to socialise and do business meetings over a good meal, but often the stress of finding decent places to eat out can be a challenging one and make life rather difficult if you are on specific diets, or just wanting to eat far healthier & better quality food.  My absolute mission is to make our readers have a far happier dining out experience, whether it’s seeking out a spot for a girly brunch, a hot date or business meetings – my goal is to help you keep your healthy habits on track.

  • Sex advice to your 20 year old self?

    Carry a condom and for goodness sake just use that god darn condom. In my 20’s I used to think carrying a condom would have made me look like I was a little too ‘up for it’ but after a whirlwind weekend affair with a hot guy called Alan I met on a night club dance floor, I managed to get myself a crappy STD, of which was not a pleasant experience at all.

    Turns out he had previously been sleeping with a stripper the night before (no offence to strippers as anyone can get an STD, even really good girls like me – he he) and had kindly passed on ‘the love’ to me.  So my friends, even when hot guys say ‘hey babe, I am totes okay, no need to worry’ just get it out and go safe before you go sexy.

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