Abigail James

Abigail James


Abigail James is one of the most well respected skincare and wellbeing experts within the UK. She is also the author of Love Your Skin. Globally recognised and called upon by brands for her extensive knowledge, respected skills, legendary facial massages and her results-driven bespoke treatments, delivering the best facials in London. A firm favourite amongst celebrities and those who simply want the best for their skin.


  • What does being healthy mean to you - really?

    During my life my view on this has most definitely changed, in my 20’s my view was quite controlled and regimented. However I find a more balanced approach to physical and mental health is the best way to be healthy.

    Anything in excess isn’t good. To look after our minds is one of the most important parts of health. Get outside, eat well, avoid caffeine, rest, be active, have fun.

  • One bit of advice you want to give to all Healthista readers?

    If you want to look great as you age, don’t jump in with thinking injectables are the solution. We all have a choice in our aging process, don’t feel the pressure to look like everyone else.

    Your homecare routine is essential and when combined with effective facials that are actually improving the quality and appearance of the skin, then you will age the best you can.

  • One thing you do daily for your skin?

    Cleanse morning and night – not over stripping, I love to use a cream, oil or balm cleanser in the evening then a wash in the morning.

  • What will you be bringing to the Healthista Collective?

    20 years worth of hands on skincare experience. I have had my hands on many many faces and bodies during my career as an aesthetician and physical therapist. I love combining science within products and treatments with hands on skills that I have continued to develop over the years, which I love sharing to help everyone achieve the best skin they can, though facial massage and much more.

  • Advice to 20 year old self?

    For the love of God get off that sunbed!

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