Sarah Lindsay

Sarah Lindsay

Personal Trainer

A three-time Olympian, Sarah Lindsay is a personal trainer like no other. A European gold medalist, 2x world silver medalist and 10x British speed skating champion, Sarah is an inspiration to anyone looking to reach their full potential. She is one of London’s most recognised celebrity personal trainers, who’s clients include Caroline Flack, Pixie Lott, Melanie Sykes and Sheridan Smith to name a few. Passionate about health and fitness, Sarah truly practices what she preaches and has a unique ability to inspire, empowering her clients to take control of their lives.


  • What does being healthy mean to you - really?

    -This has changed dramatically for me over the years because as an athlete health meant staying injury free and being able to perform at my best every single training session. This being said I had no regard for my long term health as all that mattered to me was winning the Olympics. Now my number one focus and long term health goal is longevity.

    This sounds premature at 39.5 years old but I see many many people come to Roar who are only 10-15 years older than me who struggle to move without pain/discomfort. When I retire I want to be travelling the world, climbing mountains etc and not to be limited by lack of strength and fitness. I feel very privileged to be well and strong and physically capable so I will try to protect this as much as I know how.

  • One bit of advice you want to give to all Healthista readers?

    If you want to be in control of optimising your health then education is key. Do your own research and make your own mind up. Nobody knows your body better than you and everyone is different and reacts differently to exercise, nutrition, supplementation, etc…

    So think for yourself, trust your instincts and don’t ever follow someone else’s plan/programme/life and think that your body will have the same response.

  • One thing you do daily that you wouldn't be healthy without?

    Limiting to one is very tough but quality sleep is necessary for life, it is NOT a luxury. I understand there are obstacles (if you have young kids for example I realise that sleep can be impossible temporarily), but it has to be a priority for your own physical and mental health.

    I have an evening routine to help me wind down. I shut my lap top by 9:30pm. I get into bed at 10pm and take magnesium. I light my favourite smelling candle and read for 30 mins. It’s just a little routine that sends me off.

  • What will you be bringing to the Healthista Collective?

    First and foremost my credible expertise as an Olympian.

    It would also be my ability to help individuals identify their personal goals and provide the tools in which to achieve them.

    Weightlifting expert- I can help give expertise for all levels, including a beginners guide and also help dispel the myths around it. I have experience working across the transformations of thousands of clients from all walks of life with programming and nutrition. I can give Healthista readers a slice of that


  • Favourite 10 minute healthy dinner?

    -Pan fried seabass with stir-fry veg. Takes no more than 6 mins. I put 2 seasoned seabass fillets (always from the fishmonger as it’s so much nicer than supermarket) in a pan with 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil skin down til it goes crispy (no need to flip the fish).

    I usually go for veggies that cook quickly like onion, peas, spinach and peppers and use a small amount of butter to stir fry. I might throw on some yuzo or miso or dried seaweed but always top with kimchi or sauerkraut.

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