Healthista is an online women’s health and wellness channel covering the latest trends in fitness, nutrition, sexual health and menopause. With a diverse and inclusive tone, Healthista prides itself on the strength of its collaborations and qualified sources, from true experts in their field.

An educational platform for expert discussion, Healthista’s content maintains an honest and fresh perspective, that empowers women at every stage of womanhood and normalising topics that are still considered taboo.

Launched in December 2015 by health journalist Anna Magee; formerly Health Director of Red and Health Features Editor of The Daily Telegraph, Healthista Ltd has grown into a trusted brand that sets the health agenda.

Trusted Voices

Olivia Hartland-Robbins

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF commercial & Content Director

A fan of literature, delicious food and the latest diet and fitness trends – a career in health journalism was inevitable for Olivia. Starting at Healthista in 2018, Olivia learnt the necessary journalism skills from Healthista founder and award-winning health journalist Anna Magee. Having multiple articles feature in The Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun and Body & Soul (Aus), Olivia continues to educate women by covering the latest health and fitness trends. Ensuring Healthista remains a trusted brand that maintains an honest and fresh perspective, Olivia works hard to provide articles with expert insight into intimate and unspoken topics in the hopes they will one day become a conversational norm.

Ksenia Lavrentieva

Head of business development strategy & journalism

A former actress and media personality, Ksenia is known for her numerous British TV appearances, including working with E-entertainment and Endemol Shine. Ksenia has worked and travelled on both sides of the Atlantic within the media and entertainment industry, working with creatives as diverse as David Cronenberg to Dr. Dre. At Healthista, Ksenia uses her connectivity within arts and culture to encourage a positive behavioural change for men and women when it comes to our physical, mental, and emotional health, with the hope to enlighten social stances and explore impactful global conversations. Ksenia is passionate about the rise of disruptive technologies and innovation that focuses on Femtech and Healthtech biohacking.

Anna Magee

Founding Editor | CEO

A regular at the gym and a lover of healthy, nutritious food, Anna created Healthista in late 2015. As a multi award-winning women’s health journalist with 15 years of health, lifestyle and medical writing, Anna knows everything there is to know about health and fitness. Formerly health features editor of The Daily Telegraph, health editor of Sainsbury’s Magazine and health director of Red Magazine, Anna has also collated a wide network of expert contacts including doctors, scientists, medical writers and influencers. Now working for healthcare app Peppy as Head of Content, Anna continues to inspire and create engaging cross-platform content.

Touker Suleyman

Investor | Entrepreneur

Touker Suleyman is a prolific fashion retail entrepreneur with some of the biggest house-hold names in fashion, including Hawes & Curtis and Ghost London. A Dragon’s Den regular since 2015, Touker is a keen investor with a passion for innovative start-up companies, including those with a focus on health and wellness. Touker is Healthista’s driving force, with a vision to bring about unique and innovative product offerings that will set the trend for women’s health.

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