Finola Burrell

Finola Burrell


Finola Burrell is a physiotherapist based in London who is passionate about giving people the knowledge and tools to help them lead the life they want, without pain or injury stopping them. Since graduating from King’s College London, Finola has gained additional qualifications as a Pilates teacher, in women’s health physiotherapy, acupuncture and in psychological therapies for pain. Together with yoga specialist Hannah Barrett, she has co written a postnatal yoga based fitness guide, Strength Through Yoga, to inspire and help women regain strength in both body and mind after having a baby.


  • What does being healthy mean to you - really?

    As a physiotherapist, I have spent time researching the best exercise and health recommendations out there.

    For me, the most consistent component of health is moderation and sustainability, combining both mind and body. If you don’t take care of your mental health, your physical health will also be compromised.

    It’s also important to have a good balance. Being extremely healthy and ‘clean’ isn’t sustainable or realistic!

    For me, being healthy means having a healthy balanced lifestyle for most of the time without feeling guilty when I’m occasionally not so good.

  • One bit of advice you want to give to all Healthista readers?

    Sleep! Having 7 or more hours of sleep each night has been shown to be incredibly beneficial for so many areas of our health and wellbeing.

    Sleep allows our body and mind to recover helping us to overcome and prevent injuries more effectively. Recovery and rest is just as important as a good diet and exercise.

  • One thing you do daily for your skin?

    Moisturise. I can’t get away with not moisturising and I always feel so much better after applying it to my skin especially in the winter months.

  • What will you be bringing to the Healthista Collective?

    I’ll be sharing some simple self help strategies, advice and information about common injuries and problems I see regularly in my clinic.

    There are usually just some small changes we can make to our lifestyle which can have a huge impact on our quality of life. I love my job and can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt with the Healthista family.

  • Advice to 20 year old self?

    To practice mindfulness and be aware of the present moment. Time goes by so quickly and even when things seem bad it usually works out, so worrying about the future is pointless.

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