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Where to eat the best oysters in London

It’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re looking for something to help get you going in the bedroom, try one of the oyster hot spots our Healthista Eats columnist Charlotte Dormon’s recommended

Although oysters may not be considered the tastiest of options to get you going in the bedroom, for centuries, old wives’ tales have said eating raw molluscs – oysters in particular – would stimulate the libido and work as a natural aphrodisiac.

Science has proven these sexy shellfish contain a rare source of libido-boosting amino acids coupled with a very high dose of the mineral zinc.

Love them or hate them, oysters could do something for your love life. These sexy shellfish contain a rare source of libido-boosting amino acids coupled with a high dose of the mineral zinc (oysters being one of the highest food sources of zinc on the planet) which is essential for both men and women to get from their diets in order for the body to be able to create healthy sex hormones. As well as low levels of zinc being a well-known cause of poor immune health and lacklustre skin, lack of it also results in low testosterone levels and a low sex drive.

osyter platter with lemon, valentines day oysters by healthista.comIf your lover is always snoozing on the sofa and you find yourself only having a Fifty Shades book to rely on – remember to think zinc! Zinc is found in sperm and as men age (increased if they are stressed and do not eat a good diet), their testosterone also decreases (as it does in women too). Experts have found that men lose between one and three milligrams of zinc per ejaculation, so is it any wonder that Casanova, the infamous 18th century lover, used to devour a breakfast of 50 oysters to help keep up his reputation.

If you have never tried oysters before, I say it’s worth giving them a whirl this weekend. Peppered with a little Tabasco, or sharpened up with a splash of lemon and red wine vinegar – they taste divine, are great for your health and are perfectly matched with a glass of Champagne. In fact, so good is this drinking partner that some helpful textbooks say the specific compounds found in Champagne can actually enhance the aphrodisiac benefits of the oyster. Although this might sound like an excuse to get sloshed on Champers, be mindful before you start ordering all ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ excess style, this might just ruin your post-dinner climax. For both women and men, excess booze reduces circulation and blood flow to your nether regions, hence decreasing your orgasmic potential.

Peppered with a little Tabasco, or sharpened up with a splash of lemon and red wine vinegar – they taste divine, are great for your health and are perfectly matched with a glass of Champagne.

I say, don’t get Grey this weekend – try Oysters. Here are my pick of the best in London:

Hix Soho

This stylish restaurant from hip and happening Chef Mark Hix is one hell of a cool place to hang out. The upstairs has an eclectic collection artwork from celebrated British artists to add to the hipster vibe. The bar area in the restaurant upstairs is a great place to sit and enjoy your fizz and oysters (perfect for a date, as less intense than sitting at a table and chairs), before heading downstairs to the trendy Hix bar, which serves great cocktails and a pumping music playlist to get the party vibe started. I often head here with friends for a catch up after work for some olives, oysters, chips and a couple of glasses of fizz.

hox osyters, valentines day oysters by


Mayfair is just so fabulous and gorgeous just being there and makes you feel so pleased to be part of London. Scott’s is fine-dining seafood at its best, with great service, immaculate presentation and old fashioned glamor all around. Everyone is Scott’s is stinking rich and clearly can afford the cost of a lavish shellfish dinner on a regular basis. I have been here for a few birthdays to celebrate it in style and think it is well worth splashing out the cash to dine here once in a while.


scotss oysters, valentines day oysters by

J. Sheekey

This Oyster bar, founded by one of London’s best fish restaurants, is just fantastic in every way. Watch top chefs prepare dishes in front of you as you dine. Reservations are not always essential, so good if you want to pop in for a quick lunch, relaxed dinner or simply for half a dozen oysters and a glass of Champagne. As it’s right in the heart of Covent Garden, it is great place to visit before you head off to a show.

j sheekeys, valentines day oysters by

j sheekeyes oysters, valentines day oysters by

Set in one of the most beautiful buildings in Chelsea, Bibendum is a certainly one of the most classic and stylish Oyster bars to visit, yet still offers guests an informal, relaxed and unpretentious setting to enjoy their Champers. I often come here for a light lunch before hitting the Kings Road for a bit of shopping.

bibendum, valentines day oysters by

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Charlotte-pic.pngCHARLOTTE DORMON is our Healthista Eats blogger. She’s not a chef, or even that much of a cook. If it’s recipes you’re looking for – you’re in the wrong place. But whether it’s Sunday lunch or Friday night cocktails, she’s the one friends and family turn to when they want to know how to eat out and be relatively healthy. Each week she’ll now be bringing you the same insider knowledge. We’ll drink – and eat – to that. Follow Charlotte on Twitter @lottielurvsu

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