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Losing Brain Function
Mood and Mind

10 proven ways to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s

44 million people are now living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease worldwide and this figure is set to double by 2050. Here are ten proven things you can do to lower your risk

woman holding head, surprising ways to improve brain health, by
Mood and Mind

25 surprising ways to improve your brain health

As dementia and Alzheimer's become leading killers in the UK, taking care of our brains is now more important than ever. Mike Dow, author of The Brain Fog Fix, suggests ways that we can improve our brain health and be more alert each day

Woman walking Just one in ten people would tell their boss about a mental illness - How to look after your mental health at work Healthista featured
Mood and Mind

10 ways to improve mental health at work

Just one in ten people feel comfortable telling their boss about their mental health issues, a new report has found. We asked the experts how to look after your own (and others') mental health at work

8 ways a walk in the woods could change your life FEATURE
Mood and Mind

8 ways a walk in the woods could change your life 

Police sirens, traffic lights and mobile phone alerts - us city folk are accustomed to hearing and seeing these city sights and sounds.  Sarah Ivens reveals how escaping oppressive city life and taking a walk in the woods can benefit our health

is your instagram making you ill, orthorexia nervosa, by g
Mood and Mind

Is your Instagram making you ill?

Instagram has been found to be damaging to young people's mental health and even associated with the eating disorder orthorexia nervosa. Vanessa Chalmers finds out how to know if you're at risk
Mood and Mind

23 celebrities you didn’t know had depression

Mental health is a discussion that more and more celebrities are taking part. Here are 23 celebrities talking about their own bouts with depression and addiction

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