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This woman has had binge eating disorder since she was 9 – here’s how she beat it

When she was only nine, Kara Richardson Whitely developed binge eating disorder (BED) weighing 360 pounds at her heaviest.  Decades later, these are the surprising steps that helped her recover (clue: it's not about a number on the scales)

Mood and Mind

8 signs you’re addicted to social media

Do you spend more time online than you do offline? CEO of UK Council for Psychotherapy Sarah Niblock offers her tips on how to spot and curb a social media addiction

is your instagram making you ill, orthorexia nervosa, by g
Mood and Mind

Is your Instagram making you ill?

Instagram has been found to be damaging to young women''s health and associated with  nutrient deficiencies and eating disorders. Vanessa Chalmers finds out how to know if you're at risk

Mood and Mind

15 ways to cope with grief when someone close to you dies 

We asked Lianna Champ, grief recovery specialist and author of new book How to Grieve Like a Champ to share her insights on how to cope with severe grief - with an intro from editor Anna Magee 

Silhouette of woman in yoga lotus position against full moon, , How the moon affects your well-being, by
Mood and Mind

Full moon? Exactly how the moon affects your mood and wellbeing PLUS the best dates to make decisions for your sign

Thursday June 28th is a full moon and astrologer Gillian Knowles says it really can affect your mood - here's how

Losing Brain Function
Mood and Mind

10 proven ways to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s

44 million people are now living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease worldwide and this figure is set to double by 2050. Here are ten proven things you can do to lower your risk

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