meditation for trust - guided meditation - featured
Yoga and meditation

10 minute guided meditation to help you build trust in yourself

Actor and meditation teacher Maude Hirst demonstrates how to build trust in yourself and the people around you in this guided meditation

Mood and Mind

How to stop addictive behavior – 4 steps therapists use

As the NHS gets set to open its first clinic for children addicted to online gambling, we ask Karen Meager, psychotherapist and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer how we can overcome addictions

freelance depression - freelance - featured
Mood and Mind

The rise of ‘freelancer depression’ and what to do about it

Being a freelancer can be liberating, but the solitude and uncertainty can also lead to moments of doubt and depression, says Jenny Stallard, founder of new website Freelance Feels Self-employment is seen as a Holy Grail. More time to do

antidepressants - michelle thomas - featured
Mood and Mind

‘Antidepressants saved me from breakdown – so I’m staying on them’

After four years and one disastrous attempt to stop, author and high profile blogger Michelle Thomas (pictured) is convinced the drugs do work

7 signs of trauma and how to heal them - FEATURED
Mood and Mind

From feeling ugly to drinking too much…7 ways childhood trauma is affecting you today

Childhood trauma isn't only about serious abuse - being bullied or neglected emotionally can leave you with scars that show in your behaviour as an adult, says psychotherapist Emmy Brunner in this fascinating piece

Meditation for body image Maude Hirst
Video quick fixes

This 10-minute meditation boost your energy fast

Actor and yoga expert Maude Hirst, founder of Meditate with Maude, takes you on a ten-minute guided meditation to help increased energy naturally 

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