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Why is my vagina dry during sex FEATURED


Why is my vagina dry during sex?



5 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency that are ruining your wellbeing

yoga body 3 ways yoga will change your body


3 ways yoga will change your body

5 signs of vitamin D deficiency affecting your wellbeing FEATURED


5 signs of vitamin D deficiency affecting your wellbeing

Natural Health

Is this new supplement the closest thing we have to a wonder pill?

pollen CBD drink drops


Could CBD help you drink less alcohol?



This is how fermented foods can transform your health

mood featured

Mood and Mind

What’s really causing your mood swings?

Love Island newbie wears visible 'contraceptive patch' FEATURED


Love Island newbie wears visible ‘contraceptive patch’ – 5 contraception alternatives to the Pill

Got depression_ Why your lack of sleep could be to blame FEATURED

Mood & Mind

Got depression? Why your lack of sleep could be to blame

CBD oil post featured

Editor's Diary

10 CBD oil questions answered

Cold prevention special

Can echinacea really prevent a cold?

Oily fish FEATURED


If you only eat one thing make it this


7 hottest health trends for 2020 – from clothes that predict a heart attack to a wearable that instantly makes you calmer

How to do Atkins for weight loss FEATURED

Weight Loss

8 weight loss tips proven by science

4 ways stress is showing on your skin and exactly how to cope FEATURE

Expert Chat

4 ways stress is showing on your skin and exactly how to cope

The bloating fix that tastes like chocolate milkshake and it's dairy free FEATURED


The bloating fix that tastes like chocolate milkshake and it’s dairy free


Menopause symptoms? Here’s how these celebs dealt with theirs

Carrots-and-houmous-post-featured-image healthy diet-healthista

Weight Loss

9 healthy diet myths making you fat

naturally curly hair anna magee


My naturally curly hair almost ruined my life – this is how I learned to love it

higher nature featured


Got puffy eyes? Hair loss? These 7 vitamin deficiency signs could be ruining your looks

Can’t lose weight_ You might be missing the metabolism mineral FEATURED

Weight Loss

Can’t lose weight? You might be missing this crucial metabolism mineral

21 solo travel secrets - woman with camera - featured


21 solo travel secrets from globetrotting women

5 ways to live a long life - Julia Hawkins - featured


5 steps to a long life (and 2 routes to a shorter one)

nut butter pip and nut feature


Obsessed with peanut butter? You’re SO not alone


This gadget makes Kegel exercises easy

Fibre Gap - Stomach - Featured

Expert Chat

Bloated? Constipated? 7 signs you’re stuck in a fibre gap

The truth about...

IBS? Constant coughs and colds? Why antibiotics could be to blame

These celebs LOVE Lucas Hugh - here's how the brand began FEATURED

Exclusive event - Health To Wealth

These celebs love Lucas Hugh – here’s how the brand began

Deliciously Ella FEATURE


3 things Deliciously Ella wants you to know about growing a wellness business

7 things this celebrity trainer wants you to know about growing a fitness brand FEATURED

Exclusive event - Health To Wealth

7 things this celebrity trainer wants you to know about building a fitness brand


Exclusive event - Health To Wealth

Want to turn your healthy passion into profit?

The rise of the veggan – why some vegans now eat eggs FEATURE


Why some vegans now eat eggs – the rise of the veggan

7 Lessons I learned taking my business from bedroom to boardroom FEATURED


7 lessons I learned growing my business from bedroom to boardroom

pullman health to wealth Healthista event


Calling all health entrepreneurs – WIN a 3-day trip to Paris for your team

Do you need a diabetes test_ FEATURE


Do you need a diabetes test?

ruining sex life FEATURED

Expert Chat

Is bloating and flatulence ruining your sex life?

sleep probiotic


Got insomnia? Your gut bacteria may be to blame

9 indigestion causes and exactly how to fix them feature

Expert Chat

9 indigestion causes and exactly how to fix them

Should I eat meat FEATURE


Will eating red meat lead to an early death? Here’s what the scientists say

The Healthista Expert Collective

Abigail James
Abigail James



Abigail James is one of the most well respected skincare and wellbeing experts within the UK. Skin expert and author of 'Love Your Skin'

Alice Hart-Davis
Alice Hart-Davis

Anti-Ageing Specialist


Alice Hart Davis is a British journalist who writes about beauty and cosmetic procedures.

Charlotte Dormon
Charlotte Dormon

Healthy Lifestyle


Tracking down the best places, products and experiences to give your health and wellness some extra Va Va Voom

Sarah Lindsay
Sarah Lindsay

Personal Trainer


A three-time Olympian, Sarah Lindsay is a personal trainer like no other.

Dr Larisa Corda
Dr Larisa Corda

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


Dr Larisa Corda is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist MBBS BSc MRCOG.

Dr Heather McKee
Dr Heather McKee

Health Behaviour Change Specialist

Dr Heather McKee is a health behaviour change specialist and keynote speaker. She supports people to build healthy habits that last and believes that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be cruel or punishing.

Finola Burrell
Finola Burrell



Finola Burrell is a physiotherapist based in London who is passionate about giving people the knowledge and tools to help them lead the life they want, without pain or injury stopping them.

Dr Gemma Newman
Dr Gemma Newman

Medical Doctor


Dr Gemma Newman has worked in medicine for 15 years and is the Senior Partner at a family medical practice where she has worked for 10 years.

Georgie Wolfinden
Georgie Wolfinden

Founder of The Agent's Secret


Georgie Wolfinden is a brand, trends and marketing expert. She began her career in London with MTV working to launch MTV Europe going on to support their creative department to compile sell out book ‘Sneaker Size isn’t everything’.

Kate Moyle
Kate Moyle

Relationship Therapist


As a CORST accredited Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, I specialise in working with those that are struggling with difficulties with their sex lives and sexuality, including many in their twenties and thirties who are impacted by the stresses of modern life.

Mark Stanton
Mark Stanton

Strength Coach


Maude Hirst
Maude Hirst

Meditation Teacher


Maude is a born and bred East Londoner. She's an actor, writer, and yoga teacher best known for her role as Helga in the hit TV show 'Vikings'.

Rick Hay
Rick Hay

Fitness Nutritionist


Rick Hay is an Anti Ageing and Fitness Nutritionist with many years clinical experience in nutrition, naturopathy, botanical medicine and iridology.

Rosie Stockley
Rosie Stockley

Women's Fitness Specialist


Rosie is a personal trainer focusing on pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. She is passionate about helping women feel strong and fit at any life stage and using movement to support them both mentally and physically. She is the founder of The Mamawell Method for pregnancy & postpartum and Club Mamawell for all women.

Una Jefford
Una Jefford

Aesthetic & Dermatology Specialist


Úna Jefford is an Aesthetic and Dermatology specialist with prescribing and skin surgery qualifications.