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Cold prevention special

Cold prevention special

Can echinacea really prevent a cold?

Healthista editor Anna Magee looks at the evidence

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7 ways not to catch cold – the doctor’s guide

New research has proven the dreaded commuter cold is real, here's how to avoid it, from leading London GP Dr Elie Cannon

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Cold prevention special

Got a cough? 6 coughing etiquette secrets you need to know

As we approach peak cough season Sharon Walker seeks advice from a leading etiquette expert on the polite way to manage your germs

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Cold prevention special

10 cold prevention remedies proven by science

Cold prevention on your mind as those pesky sore throats and annoying sniffling colleagues start to plague us once again? Editor Anna Magee ploughs through the research for answers

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Cold prevention special

Is this the reason you keep getting a cold?

Over a third of us are still demanding antibiotics from our doctors when we don’t need them, which not only contributes to antibiotic resistance, it could be compromising your own immune system.  Editor Anna Magee reports

Cold prevention special

41 natural cold and flu remedies these health experts swear by

As the lurgies start to take hold this autumn, Healthista launches a cold and flu special series for all November. We're kicking off with the best natural cold and flu tips and tricks from those in the know