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WE LOVE: Living Food Kitchen’s snacks that are all-raw dairy- and gluten-free (the beetroot hummus is AMAZING)

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Looking for healthy but tasty vegan snacks? The Living Food Kitchen have launched their amazing plant based, organic raw snacks. And we love them

The Living Food Kitchen have introduced raw, health conscious vegan snacks, and we’re completely obsessed. Their ethos is based on wholesome, natural, living food, provided by nature. All their food is plant based, 100 per cent natural and, where possible, organic. The range is free from animal products, lactose, gluten and soya – so even those with intolerances can enjoy in confidence.

Almond Shakes

the living food kitchen shakes, we love raw snacks, by healthista

The almond shakes are completely dairy-free, (made from almonds), as well as a variety of super-foods. They were refreshingly amazing for the mornings on my way to work. The smooth, and zesty Blueberry and Acai flavour was a definite favourite, followed by the tropical taste of the Pineapple and Coconut (which smelt like the beach).

£2.79 each on

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Raw Desserts

raw desserts, we love the living food kitchen, by healthista

As someone who’s been dairy free for over 10 years, I have never had the joy of ever tasting a cheese cake. That was until The Living Food Kitchen introduced me to their raw desserts. They’re made with natural sweeteners, dairy-free, and taste utterly heavenly. It was the first time i’ve ever been able to see what a blueberry cheesecake tastes like, and I was not disappointed. Smooth, creamy, and sweet, and not forgetting the crumble at the bottom.

If you’re not the cheesecake type, then there’s always the rich tasting chocolate mousse, or buttery banoffee pie. But, if I was trapped on a desert island with only three items, they would be; water, shelter, and The Living Food Kitchen’s blueberry cheesecake. Just saying.

£2.79 each on

Coconut Flapjacks

flapjacks, we love the living food kitchen, by healthista

These mouth watering dairy-free flapjacks are made with gluten-free oats, virgin coconut oil, and coconut palm sugar. If the taste of coconut disturbs you, look away now, because these flapjacks are the most coconutty flavoured, sweet tasting, coconutty scented, densely chewy, snacks with another extra hint of coconut. My personal favourites were the Coconut, and the Cacao and Date flapjacks.

£2.09 each on

Raw Dips

raw dips, we love the living food kitchen, by healthista

These delicious raw pesto and hummus from The Living Food Kitchen come in four varieties, including raw hummus, and beetroot hummus (I’m not a beets lover, but the beetroot hummus was enough to convert me). They’re made with fresh ingredients using sprouted chickpeas, and they tasted incredibly rich and creamy. We devoured them within the space of a day, dipping in crackers, carrots, and the occasional cheeky pringle.

Our editor Anna Magee loved them so much, that we made a video of our two favourite flavours.

£2.69 – £3.99 each on

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Buckwheat Granola

buckwheat granola, we love the living food kitchen, by healthista

The Buckwheat is slowly dehydrated to preserve the plant’s enzymes and nutrients. We spent the whole week nibbling on the gorgeously crunchy and chocolatey Raw Cocoa and Vanilla. It can be kind of dry when eaten on its own, so I sometimes sprinkled it on yoghurt.

£5.49 each on

The Living Food Kitchen raw snacks are also available at Wholefoods, Planet Organic, and Selfridges.

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