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6 ways to reset your fitness routine if you’ve slacked over the summer  

6 ways to reset your fitness routine if you’ve slacked over the summer   MAIN

Had a summer full of fun? Here’s 6 ways to reset your fitness routine if you’ve slacked over the summer. Healthista spoke to David Wiener, Training Specialist at AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics 

Resetting your fitness routine in the Autumn, for many seems like the perfect time. 

Typically, over the summer you may experience a change in routine thanks to holidays or increased social commitments, but when Autumn hits so does a new mindset, leaving you seeking a fresh start, and signifying the perfect time to reset your fitness mojo, embark on a new fitness regime, or set new goals.    

If a fitness reset is on the agenda, here are my top tips for success:  

#1 Make Modifications  

One of the biggest problems I see when people are returning to fitness after some time off, is when they start where they left off – this is a big no-no! Due to the time out, you’ve had from your usual routine, you will have lost some of the fitness you originally had.

take it slow and test the waters rather than diving straight in

For example, you will not be able to run as far or lift as much. A great tip if you are getting back into working out again, is to take it slow and test the waters rather than diving straight in. This approach will help you to avoid injury and as result possibly having to take more time out to recover.

We tend to lose cardio, or aerobic fitness more quickly than muscle strength or mass. Cardio fitness and endurance can be lost as quickly as in a couple of days, while muscle strength can take up to three weeks to begin to show signs to deterioration.  

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#2 Switch Up your Workout 

Switching up your workout is a great way to shake up your fitness regime and reset. After a summer of fun, doing your usual at home workout, or running your normal route can all seem tedious.

To overcome monotony, make sure you regularly switch up your exercise regime to include different workouts. This will not only eliminate boredom but keep your body guessing and accelerate results.

egularly switch up your exercise regime to include different workouts

Using a fitness app like Freeletics you will have access to an almost infinite number of workouts which can be done from the comfort of your home or at the gym.  

#3 Drag Friends into the Equation  

Working out with friends means you’re less likely to skip your next training session. Working out with a friend can also make exercise more enjoyable, motivating you to keep up the good work and giving you a chance to socialise while you burn calories. 

For maximum success, try to find a workout buddy who has similar fitness goals to you, sharing your progress and celebrating each other’s successes can be incredibly rewarding, keeping you committed and accountable.  

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#4 Put your Gym Clothes on 

Simply putting on your kit can drastically change your motivation, mindset, and mood. If you’re tempted to miss a workout, pack your gym bag the night before, or if possible, put your gym clothes on first thing.

If you look the part, there’s no reason not to exercise, even if it’s just for a little bit. Kit which makes you feel good can also help you to push yourself harder while you’re working out, so it could be time to invest in some exercise gear you’re excited to wear to further boost your motivation.  

#5 Stay Hydrated 

Drink at least 500ml of water before you start to exercise. This removes that groggy or heavy feeling in the muscles which can slow you down and make you feel lethargic.

Your body has over 10 million biochemical reactions a second which are reliant on adequate hydration, so it’s time to drink up and work out.   

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#6 Set Realistic Goals   

A fitness rest can often mean new goals – but make sure they’re realistic, so that you stick to them and smash time. Being realistic about what you want to achieve is key, because when you start seeing results, you’ll be inspired to work out more and as a result stay committed to your training plan.

There’s no harm in setting yourself a big goal, but break it down into smaller, micro goals so that you can celebrate your achievements and progress often.  

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