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12 fitness accessories you didn’t know you needed

12 fitness accessories you didn't know you needed MAIN

From smart watches to reusable cups – Healthista tried and tested the best fitness accessories to help you SLAYYY your fitness goals 

It goes without saying – a  good workout isn’t worthy of completion without the help of a blood pumping playlist and a sturdy pair of trainers.

There’s nothing better than the moment you slip into your favourite pair of jeans again, after countless days spent working hard in the gym to achieve your fitness goals.

Upon starting my fitness journey, I knew I had to find the right tools that would keep me motivated and build my confidence so that I could stay on track and meet my daily targets.

Here are the top 12 fitness accessories I didn’t know I needed, but boy have they helped me hit my fitness targets…

#1 Fitbit Charge 5, £129.99


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Smart watches are key to tracking fitness goals – whether that be how many steps you’ve clocked up, or the calories you’ve burnt off during a workout.

There are a plethora of smart watches out there, and believe me I have tried many, but my FitBit still takes the cake on helping me stay on top of my fitness routine.

This watch automatically tracks my sleep, steps, and notifies me of incoming calls or texts. Plus I can use it as a timer for that dreaded one minute plank or check the weather before I head out for a run.

The FitBit app also allows for easy macro counting and predicting my next ovulation day – perfect for an overall daily health report card.


#2 Nutribullet GO Portable Blender, £39.99

When it comes to staying on track with my meal plans, I am all about convenience. So, when I came across this portable blender, I knew it had to be part of my daily routine.

During my fitness journey, I needed to consume at least 130 grams of protein a day, that’s a few sneaky protein shakes to keep the numbers up. This blender came on holiday with me and to the gym for a post-workout shake.

Add in your favourite powder with half a banana and your on-the-go breakfast is sorted. Plus, the clean up is effortless.




#3 ByTerry Brightening CC Serum, £61

by terry brightening drops

Now I know this won’t help me gain much muscle, but it has helped my confidence in the gym, by making me feel more put together without looking like I tried too hard.

I personally don’t go anywhere without a bit of tinted moisturiser on my face, so this brightening serum in shade ‘Sunny Flash’ has been the holy grail to my makeup routine – in and out of the gym.

My relatively fair complexion looks instantly refreshed, giving me even-toned and subtly tanned looking skin.

The texture is beautifully light, so it’s great to wear on a run in the sun. The colour gives a radiant glow that makes me look like I have just been on holiday near the Mediterranean Sea.




#4 Peloton Duffel Bag, £48

PelotonfitnessrounduptransformationAfter months of packing my laptop, workout attire, and protein bars into a flimsy tote bag – I finally found the perfect bag for transporting myself from the office to the gym and home again.

This duffel bag from Peloton is the perfect size for packing everything I need into it. It even has a shoe compartment for my trainers, wet sleeve pocket for any post-gym clothes or bathing suit, and outside pockets for my keys.

I have also used this bag for weekend trips away and yes – it is Ryanair hand luggage friendly for anyone wondering.

One thing I know for certain is that it’s a lot harder to say no to the gym when you have your gym kit already with you….


#5 Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity Bra, £75

For someone who is a beginner in high impact workouts and running, I wasn’t sure where to start with the right workout equipment. All I knew is that my trusty £5 bra I’ve had for years wasn’t going to cut it. In fact, I found that it made any run extremely uncomfortable.

That was until I discovered the Zero Gravity Bra, a high support sports bra made specifically for these types of workouts. Not only does it keep everything in place, but it also gives me the perfect support. So at least whenever I decide to run a marathon, I’ll have a comfortable sports bra to do so.

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#6 Field Doctor Meal Plans, prices vary

Sthai noodles field doctorpeaking of convenience, meal plans by Field Doctor have been my saving grace on those days where I am too lazy to whip up a healthy meal after a long day.

These low calorie meals come frozen and are packed with vegetables and protein.

Field Doctor has a range of meals, from zesty Thai green chicken noodles to traditional beef lasagne.

Dietary restrictions? Don’t worry, you can customise each bundle from low FODMAP meals to gluten free dishes.





#7 Body Power Medicine Ball, £40.99


I knew if I wanted to tone my stomach for the summer, and doing an extra set of crunches wasn’t going to be the only thing that cut it (which I loathe anyways).

Some of the fitness programs I have tried don’t incorporate weighted ab workouts, so this medicine ball from Body Power has upped the game during my ab circuits.

Unlike medicine balls at the gym, this one has grips on the side making it easier to use. Trust me, you will feel the burn in a Russian twist with this.




#8 Columbia Running Windbreaker, £90

Although Summer is approaching fast, my morning walk to the gym still boasts a wind chill that leaves me wishing I had hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.

This lightweight jacket is perfect for throwing on over my workout top without compromising my fitness look, which is ideal when my hair is thrown into a messy-haven’t washed in 2 days-bun.

It’s also water resistant, so on the off chance it does rain (highly likely in the UK) at least I’ll arrive at the gym dry to get my sweat on.

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#9 Kin Second Skin Leggings, £48

FITNESS accessories

What’s a fitness transformation without your trusty gym kit? Low-impact workouts have been the best for my body. So I have recently hopped on the Pilates train, and won’t be hopping off anytime soon.

It has been a journey to find leggings that stay up during each Pilates stretch, so finding good quality leggings was a challenge until I came across these true to size ‘second skin’ leggings.

Not only do they stay up but they aren’t see through, so can also be worn to my Monday leg-day sessions. Dare I say they are a dupe of other top brands which are not as reasonably priced.





#10 Bowflex Dumbbell Set, £399

For the days I’m unmotivated for the gym, I have found that having these dumbbells at home gives me no excuse to not exercise. Each dumbbell has interchangeable weight up to 24kg, so every squat and bicep curl is covered.

Even for a workout that would normally require a machine, I’ve found the perfect alternatives online to do with these dumbbells – making my at home workout routine just as good as hitting the weight rack at the gym.


#11 Renpho Smart Body Scale, £30.99

fitness accessories

Usually when on a fitness journey, I don’t tend to weigh myself as I measure my progress by how my jeans feel around my waste. However upon starting a new fitness routine, my PT wanted me to weigh myself every two weeks for check in.

I came across this informative body scale which syncs with my FitBit, that can show me my weekly progress, calculate my BMI, and measure the amount of body fat I have lost. Plus the sleek design looks great on any bathroom floor.







Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 11.04.26

#12 SHO Resusable Cup, £14.99

Along with nutrition and exercise, drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day is the daily recommended intake for women. Drinking water can boost your metabolism, flush out bad toxins, and leave you feeling fuller longer – which aids in the process of losing weight.

This SHO water bottle has been the perfect solution for increasing my water intake at work, as I position it right in front of me with a straw for ease.

I have found myself using it for protein shakes and tea as well, as the insulated cup keeps my chosen beverage at the best temperature. The exterior design of the cups are just an extra added bonus.

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