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7 fitness must-haves for your active friends and family this Christmas


Looking for this year’s fitness must-haves? Healthista has rounded up the best gifts to give to every fitness enthusiast this Christmas 

Calling all runners, gym goers, and Pilates lovers – we have just list of gifts your loved ones will need to make their fitness journey that much more exciting.

Because we all know it’s the little things that help motivate us, especially after a fun yet indulgent holiday season.

#1 Amonax Ab Roller Home Workout Set – £20.99


As the colder months have settled in, I have taken to working out at home more often because if I’m honest, it just may be the only way I can get my exercise in for the week.

This set includes an ab roller, jump rope, and press up handles to help protect the wrists.

For someone who loves to incorporate abs into every routine, this Amonax Ab Roller set has been just the thing to elevate my workouts.

My friends will most definitely be receiving this workout set this year.


#2 Peloton x LuluLemon City Adventurer Backpack – £128


Peloton has teamed up with LuluLemon, the well known athelethic apparel brand to give us the perfect mash up of athletic brand products with this backpack.

Sleek enough to take to work, with its lowkey branding and water proof material, yet spacious enough to fit a 16″ laptop and your workout shoes on the bottom.

This bag is a great gift for the working girly who has an avid post-work fitness routine.


#3 LAICA Sparkling Water Maker – £79.99


I have found this product so useful when it comes to increasing my daily water intake. It’s simple to use and creates sparkling water in two seconds. Plus, it curbs my Diet Coke cravings.

It comes with one C02 canister, however if you register on the brand’s website, you can set up a delivery service that will come collect your empties in exchange for new ones.

So not only are you drinking more water but also contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

This item is in stock on Amazon, so you can get quick shipping just in time for Christmas day.


#4 Kind Bag Weekender – £65.00


Elevate any fitness journey with the perfect blend of style and functionality. The Kind Weekender Bag is a must-have for those who value active living without compromising on fashion.

This chic and spacious bag is designed to help you seamlessly transition from the gym to weekend getaways, making it an ideal companion for the on-the-go fitness enthusiast.

With thoughtfully placed compartments for gym essentials and a sleek exterior that exudes sophistication, the Kind Weekender Bag is a statement piece that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.


#5 Merrel Hiking Shoes – £125.00


Step into the holiday season with the perfect blend of performance and style. Merrell’s Speed Eco Waterproof Shoes are a game-changer for the fitness enthusiasts on your gift list.

Engineered for comfort and durability, these shoes feature waterproof technology to keep you dry in any weather, making them an ideal choice for outdoor workouts and adventures.

With a sleek design and responsive cushioning, these shoes provide the support needed for every stride, ensuring a confident and comfortable fitness journey.


#6 Alo Yoga – prices vary


A brand sported by many celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Alo is perfect for the active souls who crave both fashion and function.

Alo’s workout clothes are crafted from premium, breathable fabrics, allowing these pieces to seamlessly blend comfort with trendsetting aesthetics and making them a standout addition to any fitness routine.

From sleek leggings that hug every curve to stylish tops that transition effortlessly from the gym to the street, Alo’s collection is a gift that says, ‘Empower your workout, embrace your style.’


#7 BowFlex SelectTech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar – currently £547.28


Unwrap the ultimate strength training experience this holiday season with the Bowflex Barbell and Curlbar set, the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts craving versatility and power.

These innovative weights offer a customisable and efficient workout, allowing you to adjust resistance and weight levels with ease.

The Bowflex Barbell is perfect for full-body exercises, while the Curlbar targets specific muscle groups, sculpting your physique with precision. Compact, durable, and engineered for maximum results, this set is the ideal addition to any home gym.


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