Face yoga

Anti-ageing face yoga to help lift the neck in 60 seconds

Healthista has teamed up with face yoga expert, Danielle Collins, for a 12-day series of 60 second video tutorials to help lift, smooth, de-puff and add a glow to your face and neck. Today, lifting the neck


10-minute yoga for weightlifting to help release neck, shoulders and wrist tension

Essential yoga moves for weightlifting, before or after picking up a barbell


What is namaste? Fitopedia series continues

Can’t tell your downward dog from your shivasana? That’s why Healthista’s Fitopedia series can help: decoding fitness lingo.This week, Jessica Stewart, Yoga teacher, explains the meaning of namaste in yoga. ‘We often say the word namaste at the beginning and the end of a Yoga class but many people have no idea what this means. Namaste […]

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10-minute yoga for climbers (ALSO great if you’ve been hunched over a desk all day)

We know that's pretty specific right? Yoga expert Jessica Stewart has yoga sequence to improve flexibility and increase upper body strength before climbing. But it's an amazing workout for anyone that's been hunched over a desk all day

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Chroma Yoga – the new class combining yoga with LIGHT therapy

Brand new Chroma Yoga is combining light therapy, scent and yoga to create a multisensory fitness experience - Healthista writer Parisa Hashempour gave it a go

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10-minute yoga for anxiety to let all that tension go

Kirsty and Kat from Movement for Modern Life guide you through a 10-minute yoga for anxiety video exclusively for Healthista