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One Minute Meditation

Need to boost your focus? This one minute video will help your concentration

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Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Energy Rise  shows us Sama Vritti, also known as box breathe, a technique that helps with concentration

Sometimes when we’re stressed out, our mind can be all over the place, making it difficult to carry out even the simplest of tasks.

But when something requires 100% concentration it’s important that we can de-stress pretty swiftly.

Box breathing is a simple yet great technique that can be done anywhere. Whether that’s at a desk at work or waiting for your train.

In one study, observations were made about breath work being used to test the nomological network of mindfulness. The results found that skill in breath work was connected to more meta-awareness, better mood and less mind-wandering.

It also found participants had better non-attachment, which means less disturbance by distractors paired with reward.

Steps for box breath:

1) Start with a count of four and inhale through your nose.

2) Hold the breath for four seconds.

3) Exhale for the count of four.

3) Hold the breath for four seconds.

5) Repeat this for ten minutes.

As another one of our resident yoga teachers on the new Healthista Collective which launches on Monday, Maude has already collaborated with Healthista to bring meditation and yoga videos to help Healthista readers.

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Maude HirstMaude Hirst is a born and bred East Londoner, best known for her role as Helga in the hit TV show ‘Vikings. She is an actor turned mindfulness teacher on a mission to create a bespoke path into mindfulness for you.

Discovering yoga and meditation has totally changed her life for the better and she believes it can do the same for you.

Following a traumatic breakup a few years ago, Maude has been on an extraordinary journey of healing and training – discovering the power of mindfulness.

Practices that help you switch your awareness from the external world, to your internal world, discovering strategies to rebuild your life in a healthy, conscious way.

Maude is trained in yoga, meditation, intuitive movement meditation, Theta Healing and Reiki and has created her company EnergyRise ( ) to bring you an array of mindfulness practices in order to cater to your individual needs.

At a time where there is more stress and anxiety in the world than ever before, Maude believes mindfulness is the key to bringing some calm and clarity to your life through simple practices. Empowering you to listen to what truly makes you happy and who you truly are.

Instagram: maudehirst

Twitter: maudehirst

Facebook: maudehirstyoga

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