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Weightlifting for women Ep.11 – How to do a military press

Healthista’s new Strong Woman series brings you a lesson a day for a fortnight to get you started lifting safely and effectively. Today, coach Nicola Addison, personal trainer of Eqvvs training who trains models Elle Macpherson, Daisy Lowe and Erin O’Connor explains how to do a military press

Healthista’s Strong Woman Series aims to educate aspiring weight trainers how to safely carry out heavy lifting workouts. This week trainer Nicola Addison teaches us how to perform effective compound movements that will improve your strength and help you to burn fat. Today Nicola walks you through the military press, a compound movement that will work a number of muscles including chest, shoulders, back, arms, torso and legs. The move will get your heart rate up and help you to burn calories.

  1. Beginning the military press it’s important to first of all, lift the bar correctly as if you are doing a deadlift, with the bar on the rack, feet underneath the bar hip-width apart and keeping the back straight.

2. Once you’re stood straight holding the bar, the next step is to muscular clean the bar on to your chest. You will need to drag the bar up to your chest by scooping through the body, dipping through the hips and thrusting to create momentum in the body to force the bar up while catching the weight of the bar with your elbows underneath supporting the weight.

3. From here the military press is ready to begin by lowering the hips slightly and bending the knees, then using the force of extension from your legs, throw the bar up with a pushing momentum from your body and arms to reach full length in your arms, the bar can then be brought back down, ready to repeat.

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Impatient? Watch the whole series on YouTube

Nicola-AddisonWith over 18 years of successful industry experience in some of the UK’s most prestigious wellness centres, Nicola Addison currently provides consultancy services to businesses and individuals in the UK and Europe. Having opened upwards of 18 independent exclusive commercial leisure facilities, she has had a successful career to date, both within large and small businesses with varying degrees of complexity.

Nicola is a well known industry voice and regularly publishes across the national press. Nicola is fully media trained and contributes to TV & radio as well as providing video content for her clients.

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