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How to make sunburn relief spray with natural ingredients – easy DIY beauty

Need sunburn relief fast? This DIY cooling spray will do just the trick and with natural ingredients only. Clean Beauty Co share their recipe of how to make a sunburn relief spray in this week’s DIY beauty video


Despite the message being loud and clear that we should always wear UV protection, there are times you inevitably get caught out. As we all know, sunburn is intensely sore, but this cooling spray will help soothe tender areas and speed up the healing process.

A recipe from Clean Beauty Co, founded by Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic, all the ingredients are natural for a non-toxic and harmless result. Aloe is age-old skin healer due to its powerful antioxidant qualities and its ability to calm inflamed and angry skin. Combined with peppermint hydrosol, for an instant cooling fix, as well as chamomile hydrosol to reduce redness, you’ll be feeling the relief in no time. Finally, the addition of glycerine injects some much-needed moisture.

This cooling spray is the fourth of Healthista’s DIY beauty series with Clean Beauty Co so don’t forget to check out how to make your own beach waves salt spraynatural lip balm and shaving creams – all easy recipes for making your own beauty alternatives.

How to make sunburn relief spray

Makes 100ml. Shelf life of three months if using preserved floral waters; if not, store in the fridge and use within one week. 


40ml Pure Peppermint Hydrosol

35ml chamomile hydrosol such as 100% Pure & Organic Chamomile Floral Water

10ml Organic Aloe Vera Skin Gel

5ml Vegetable Glycerine Liquid 1000g


  • Combine the waters with the aloe vera gel and stir well until the latter is evenly distributed
  • Add the glycerine and stir again
  • Store in a mist spray bottle and shake well before each use

Healthista hint: It’s also possible to use Aloe Vera Powder. Simply dissolve in the hydrosols.

Clean Beauty Co founders - Dom & ElsieClean Beauty Co is a modern, luxury beauty brand built on an ethos of high performance natural ingredients. They pride themselves on promoting positivity and transparency in beauty, empowering individuals to take control over what they put on their skin. Buy their book, Clean Beauty, published by Square Peg, for £15.23.


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