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How to make natural sea salt hair spray – easy DIY beauty

Beach waves are big news and now you can get the look without chemicals or high costs with our natural sea salt spray recipe from Clean Beauty Co, the third in our summer beauty DIY video series

With summer in full swing, we want beachy waves in our hair but most of us don’t have everyday access to a beach.  Forget styling tools and erm, going into the sea – this salt spray will recreate the look effortlessly. With most shop-bought options containing water, salt, and perhaps a whole load of chemicals, not to mention the price, the most natural option is to DIY.

Clean Beauty Co, founded by Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic make beauty products at home, confident that nature’s ingredients are the key to the perfect glow. Healthista teamed up with the girls to bring you a new DIY Beauty series featuring easy recipes for making your own beauty alternatives, including previous videos showing you how to make your own natural lip balm and shaving creams.

Salt creates an amazing texture in the hair, but the sea’s salt can often create a crusty-curls type look. This alternative uses Epsom salts which are less drying, and the glycerine is added to make sure you new beach waves set and don’t fall out. The lavender, despite having a beautiful smell, is also great for the condition of your locks, according to Clean Beauty Co.

Makes 30ml. Shelf life of 1 week in the fridge if unpreserved. Add a water-soluble preservative to extend the shelf life to six months.

Beach waves natural sea salt spray recipe


5g Epsom Salt 

3g pink Himalayan salt

20ml boiled water

2 drops vegetable glycerine

4 drops Lavender Pure Essential Oil 


  • Dissolve the salts in the boiled water
  • Wait until cool, then add the glycerine and essential oil
  • Shake well before use

Healthista hint: You can add 5ml alcohol, for example, vodka, to preserve this product which will extend the shelf life to six months. But it can be drying for the hair if used over time so be sure to follow up with a wash and nourishing hair treatment.

Clean Beauty Co founders - Dom & ElsieClean Beauty Co is a modern, luxury beauty brand built on an ethos of high performance natural ingredients. They pride themselves on promoting positivity and transparency in beauty, empowering individuals to take control over what they put on their skin. Buy their book, Clean Beauty, published by Square Peg, for £15.23.


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