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strong women series

How to do a bent over row – weightlifting for women series Ep. 10


Coach is Nicola Addison, personal trainer of Eqvvs training who trains models Elle Macpherson, Daisy Lowe and Erin O’Connor. Today Nicola helps you master the bent over row

Healthista’s Strong Women series is designed to empower and educate our readers into the basics of weightlifting for women with safety and effectiveness and it’s brought to you by celebrity trainer Nicola Addison (who knows a thing or two about these things). Week one was all about getting prepared and building your bar:

Day 1: how to use the power cage

Day 2: how to load the squat bar

Day 3: how to be safe in the power cage

Day 4: how to prevent bar injury

Day 5: how to lift the bar correctly

Day 6: how to rack the bar correctly

This week, we’re focused on doing the actual moves:

Day 7: how to do a deadlift

Day 8: how to do a muscular clean

Day 9: how to do a front squat

Today’s bent over row combines the deadlift and a squeeze through the back

  1. Pick up the bar strongly
  2. Put your shins close to the bar, and thumbs touching the thighs
  3. Hinge your hips back and lift the bar up
  4. This is all about squeezing: squeeze the bar into your tummy button and down
  5. Keep the weight in your heels, and you should feel a hamstring stretch
  6. Try and squeeze your shoulder blades back together at the top – if you do it right your upper back will have a fantastic workout.

Tomorrow: How to do a military press

Watch the whole series here


With over 18 years of successful industry experience in some of the UK’s most prestigious wellness centres, Nicola Addison currently provides consultancy services to businesses and individuals in the UK and Europe. Having opened upwards of 18 independent exclusive commercial leisure facilities, she has had a successful career to date, both within large and small businesses with varying degrees of complexity.

Nicola is a well known industry voice and regularly publishes across the national press. Nicola is fully media trained and contributes to TV & radio as well as providing video content for her clients.


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