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HOW TO BOX Lesson #8 : How to Slip

It’s time for lesson number eight of Healthista’s new How to Box video series. This time former champion boxer and head coach at  BXR London, Gary Logan shows us how to ‘slip’ aka how to avoid getting punched in the face 

Do you know someone who is mad about boxing? Seems everyone is, including celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Angelina Jolie, and Khloe Kardashian which means it has to be cool right?

Here’s 23 year old superstar Dua Lipa training with professional boxer Sohail Ahmad at well-known boxing boutique BXR London.

Boxing gyms and classes are on the rise

Due to such a rise in popularity, boxing gyms like BXR London, are popping up everywhere. Boutique boxing gyms help you to train like a boxer, without actually finding yourself in any real physical fights.

This is particularly perfect for women who are slightly nervous about getting started in what has been known to be a male-dominated sport.

‘Women’ and ‘boxing’ are two words that no longer sound odd if used in the same sentence, with women’s participation in boxing and other fight styled sports rising dramatically in recent years.

Boxing champions such as Nicola Adams, Ronda Rousey and Katie Taylor have helped with this increase and are just some female boxers who have made headlines and inspired women everywhere to take up the sport.


BXR first floor

Boxing gyms are set up to take people from a beginner level to a more advanced stage, so if you are worried you’ll be the only one there who has never boxed before, think again.

Boxing is an intense full-body workout and the techniques can be quite intricate. This can be slightly intimidating for those who are new to boxing.

That’s why Healthista have teamed up with BXR London (a luxury boxing gym that launched in January 2017) to give you thirteen videos of Boxing School lessons with BXR’s head boxing coach Gary Logan.

Logan has trained top clients, including a number of celebrities, since he retired from professional boxing. He knows his stuff, and although he can be strict he also makes sure you have a great time – so naturally he was the perfect choice.

If head boxing coach Gary Logan can’t teach you how to deliver a punch fit for a professional fight then no one can.

Here is boxing lesson number eight…

Boxing School Lesson #8 How to slip

Boxing skl how to slip

So apart from ‘slipping’ out of the way to avoid a punch, Gary explains that a slip is actually used to counter punch, ‘Slipping is used to counter punch, not just to get out the way of shots’.

This means that once you have slipped out of the way and your opponent is distracted by your change in direction, you can then throw a jab, cross, hook or uppercut before you move back to your natural boxing stance.

‘If someone was throwing a punch at you, you would slip inside and then deliver a counter jab, counter hook or a counter uppercut to the gut. If I slipped to the other side I can deliver the same shots, counter hook, jab or uppercut’.

‘When doing this you can see how much you need to be on balance as I slip from one side to the other’. (See Video)

how to slip boxing lesson number eight

The next thing you need to know about is ‘rolling’ Gary suggests. ‘When you slip one way you need to then roll the other way.

‘Don’t just move from side to side, you need to slip and then roll back to the other side while staying in balance and keeping your guard up’.

Signed up for a boxing class? Here’s what you’ll need…

If you’ve signed up for your own boxing class and are unsure what to expect here are some things you will need, other than sheer determination and the motivation to hit as hard as you can:

  • A pair of trainers
  • A good sports bra
  • Comfortable training clothes
  • Boxing gloves (most clubs will lend you a pair on your first visit but bare in mind these will have been worn many times before)
  • Wraps (available online or from most sports shops).

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