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Boxing School

HOW TO BOX Lesson #2: How to Jab

HOW TO BOX Lesson #2_ How to Jab MAIN

Healthista’s new How to Box video series is onto it’s second lesson – How to Jab. Join us again for the next nine days for more How To Box lessons from former champion boxer and head coach at BXR London, Gary Logan

Female boxing is hot on trend

Boxing has become a super hot topic with an abundance of ‘hot’ celebs, including superstars Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, Dua Lipa and Adriana Lima, saying it’s their favourite way to keep fit.

Female boxing champions such as Nicola Adams, Ronda Rousey and Katie Taylor have also made headlines in the sport and inspired women everywhere to fight fierce in what used to be seen as a male-dominated sport.

‘Women’ and ‘boxing’ are no longer two words that sound odd if used in the same sentence, with women’s participation in boxing and other fight styled sports rising dramatically in recent years. Even boxing classes are now predominantly made up of women.

Boutique boxing gyms are even hotter

Due to such a rise in popularity, trendy boxing gyms are popping up all over London. Boutique boxing gyms help you to train like a boxer, without actually finding yourself in any real physical fights, because let’s be honest after a long day at work that really isn’t what you want to be doing.

This is particularly perfect for those who are slightly nervous about starting the whole boxing thing – hitting a bag is far less nerve-racking or intimidating than hitting an actual person.

Boutique boxing gyms help you to train like a boxer, without actually finding yourself in any real physical fights.

Boxing gyms are set up to take people from a beginner level to a more advanced stage, so if you are worried you’ll be the only one there who has never boxed before, think again.

Don’t worry about what other people in your boxing class are thinking – they’ll be just as busy as you, worrying about what they’re doing to judge anyone else.

BXR first floor

Boxing is an intense full-body workout and the techniques can be quite intricate. This can be slightly intimidating for those who are new to boxing.

That’s why Healthista have teamed up with BXR London (a luxury boxing gym that launched in January 2017) to give you ten videos of Boxing School lessons with BXR’s head boxing coach Gary Logan.

BXR is also known as ‘the Anthony Joshua gym’, as the Olympic boxing champion is an investing partner.

Logan has trained top clients, including a number of celebrities, since he retired from professional boxing. He knows his stuff, and although he can be strict on technique he also makes sure you have a great time  – so naturally he was the perfect choice.

Gary’s mantra is ‘it’s all in the details’, which is what our new ‘Boxing School’ series focuses on – how to execute the details correctly.

From footwork to stance, keeping your guard up to balance, Gary will teach you how. If head boxing coach Gary Logan can’t teach you how to deliver a punch fit for a professional fight then no one can.

Here’s lesson number two…

Boxing School Lesson #2 How To Jab

Boxing School lesson #2 How To Jab

‘The jab’ is the most important boxing shot – also known as the lead hand or the ‘number one’, explains Gary.

To execute the jab, you need to start with two things. First, make sure your are in your natural boxing stance, secondly, make sure your guard is up, so that’s both hands up by your face (this is to block any incoming punches to the face – ouch).

If you are right handed your left hand needs to be slightly higher than your right hand, and vice versa if you are left-handed.

boxing school lesson #2 jab left hand higher than right hand
Have your left hand slightly higher than your right hand, or vice versa if you are left handed.

To throw the ‘jab punch’, all you need to do is ‘throw your shoulder over,’ explains Gary.

The Latissimus dorsi muscle

‘Some people say you should turn your hip too, but I don’t actually believe that. I believe you should push your back out, feeling your lat muscle (Latissimus dorsi muscle) working as you turn your shoulder over’.

When turning your shoulder over to deliver the jab, ‘the jabbing hand should always stay in line with your shoulder,’ advises Gary.

Your ‘lat muscle’ or your Latissimus dorsi muscle as it’s formally known is that big muscle on your back, at the back of your rib cage, that runs from the shoulder blades to your waist. When this muscle is being worked it creates a V shape.

When delivering this jab, make sure even when stepping backwards or forwards, that you are maintaining your balance and your natural boxing stance. Oh and remember to keep your guard up.

boxing school lesson #2 Feel your lat muscle when jabbing
‘ I believe you should push your back out, feeling your lat muscle (Latissimus dorsi muscle) working as you turn your shoulder over’.

New to boxing? Here’s what you’ll need…

If you’ve signed up for your own boxing class and are unsure what to expect here are some things you will need, other than sheer determination and the motivation to hit as hard as you can:

  • A pair of trainers
  • A good sports bra
  • Comfortable training clothes
  • Boxing gloves (most clubs will lend you a pair on your first visit but bare in mind these will have been worn many times before)
  • Wraps (available online or from most sports shops).

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