Home Workout Challenge for body & mind: mood boosting yoga – week four, day 23

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Home Workout Challenge for body & mind: mood boosting yoga – week four, day 23

Home Workout Challenge for body and mind day 23 MAIN

Follow our four week home workout challenge for body and mind. Get ready for day 23 and some mood boosting yoga with Kate Hiley, Yoga instructor at FLY LDN 

For a series that will challenge your body while helping you to focus and organise your thoughts for the new year ahead then this challenge is one to follow.

Did you see our last home workout series that helped many people through the first lockdown?

Covid-19 has resulted in lockdowns and tiers, most recently lockdown 3.0, which has again meant gyms have had to close their doors. This has left people searching for other ways to get fit, and many have turned to home workouts.

That’s why Healthista has teamed up with a handful of fitness and wellbeing experts to help you with some home workout inspiration including personal trainers, yoga teachers and meditation experts.

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Mood Boosting Yoga:

For day 23 we are joined by Yoga instructor Kate Hiley at FLY LDN.

This session is a 20 minute mood boosting yoga flow. An uplifting practice, moving with the breath with empowering moves. Be mindful, take it easy and move at your own pace #positivevibesonly

This is a great yoga flow to help you let go of any negative energy and can be done any time of the day – all you need is 20 minutes and a mat!

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