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Fitness sensation Krissy Cela reveals 10 tips on getting back into the gym post lockdown

Fitness sensation Krissy Cela reveals 10 tips on getting back into the gym post lockdown MAIN NEW

Worried about getting back into the gym post lockdown? Worry no more, Instagram fitness star Krissy Cela reveals 10 back to the gym tips 

If you haven’t yet heard of global fitness sensation Krissy Cela, you need to get to know.

Not only is her Instagram full of real life transformations and badass workouts, but she is also one of the most down to earth women in the fitness industry.

With a no-filter and no-nonsense approach to everything from fitness to her skin troubles and everyday lifestyle issues, 25-year-old Krissy Cela is an inspiration to all who follow her.

Krissy Cela Image Via Instagram
Krissy Cela, Image Via Instagram

Speaking of Instagram followers, Krissy has amassed a whopping 2.2 million, gaining 300,000 of those over the lockdown period alone.

With simple to follow Instagram workouts and a fitness app that has inspired thousands, it’s no wonder Krissy Cela has become something of a fitness sensation.

Not only does Krissy look incredible (I mean talk about #bodygoals) she also seriously knows her stuff. That’s why we asked her for some advice on getting back into the gym post lockdown.

We don’t know about you, but after three months away from the gym and a few too many pounds gained, we were all ears to hear the advice Krissy had to offer.

Here are 10 back to the gym tips from Krissy Cela…

#1 Don’t be so hard on yourself – think positive

Lockdown has been hard for so many reasons, especially if you’ve struggled with work and a lack of space – we’ve all been in a similar boat.

Now that things are opening up, use this as an opportunity to make fitness a part of your routine – see this return to normalcy as a positive thing to really get you back into action.

#2 Don’t compare yourself to others at the gym

Don’t worry about other people when you’re at the gym. Everyone is probably in the same boat and remember we’re all in this together.

Look at it this way – you’re doing something for yourself to make yourself feel better, and so are they. The gym is a place of support and somewhere where you can get the help and confidence you need, you shouldn’t feel afraid of going there.

you’re doing something for yourself to make yourself feel better

I bet as soon as you find yourself smashing a workout in the gym, you’ll forget everything around you and you won’t want to leave.

If it helps, go with a friend (socially distanced of course) or book into a class. I’m sure every gym has taken the safety precautions they need to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

#3 Do NOT skip a warm up and focus on your form

Always warm up, whether that be by doing a bit of steady state cardio (walk on the treadmill or cross trainer) or some mobility work, make sure your muscles are warm and your blood is pumping, ready for you to start the main part of your workout.

Also, I cannot emphasise enough how important form and technique are when it comes to preventing injury. Either ask a trainer at the gym to show you or check your form in the mirror – it is key to preventing injury.

Make sure you engage the appropriate muscles and more than anything core strength is really important to prevent back pain too, which is where a lot of us experience discomfort when we workout at the gym.

#3 Ease yourself back into weight training

It would be in your best interest to ease yourself back in and get used to the equipment week on week, instead of grabbing all the equipment straight away.

Some gyms might also have limited the amount of equipment you can use, in line with social distancing guidelines, so it’s best to have an alternative body weight workout just in case.

You can build up your strength, correct your form and perfect your technique as you ease yourself back into using more equipment – it won’t feel so overwhelming either and you’ll still get a really great workout in.

People often ask me, ‘how much should I be lifting?’ The truth is, it all depends on the individual and their strength and how long it’s been since they last trained using weights.

I would start by using moderate weights where you can aim for around eight to ten repetitions

Ultimately you know your body best, but as a guide I would start by using moderate weights where you can aim for around eight to ten repetitions, rather than weights that are too heavy where you can only manage a couple of repetitions.

The weight should challenge you, but you should also be able to do around three sets of 12 reps for each exercise.

More than anything though, make sure you practice technique and form and get comfortable with the weight before you reach for heavier ones.

My Back to Action guide that features on the Tone & Sculpt app eases you back into strength workouts by helping you focus on specific pieces of equipment each week, for example the first couple of weeks focus on a dumbbell and a barbell, rather than loads of different equipment.

#4 Aim for 30 minuets of exercise, four times a week (it’s totally doable)

The NHS guidelines are 150 minutes per week and I think it is possible to ease ourselves back in with a variety of moderate to vigorous exercise.

I would aim for at least 30 to 40 minutes, four times a week – try making two to three of these workouts strength training workouts and the others cardio based.

NHS guidelines are 150 minutes per week

On a rest day, I would still try and get some movement in through a yoga class, mobility work or a nice long walk.

#6 Remember to eat in order to fuel your body

If you are getting back into training with weights, remember that weight training puts a lot of stress on your muscles and therefore you require a considerable amount of energy (from carbohydrates and stored fat in the body) to fuel your workouts.

A strength training workout does require a lot of energy from your body, as does a HIIT workout. But it all comes down to what you are eating too.

So, if you are looking to burn calories and fat, make sure you are following a balanced diet alongside your strength training and HIIT training.

#7 Follow a plan

Many people need a structured plan in order to stay motivated and focused at the gym. It’s also best to follow a plan if you are looking to build strength safely or lose weight sustainably.

Plus, having a plan to follow will also keep you consistent as it provides you with a goal to work towards, enabling you to gradually build your strength back up rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end.

The Back to Action guide is specifically designed for this and by the end of the 8-week programme, you’ll have your strength and confidence back in no time!

This plan is everything you need if you’re starting your workout journey and want to build strength or if you are returning to the gym post lockdown.

Each week is focused on only a few bits of equipment, that way you won’t feel overwhelmed

The workouts are totally manageable too, and last between 45 minutes to an hour at most, which is perfect timing as you ease your way back into strength training.

Each week is focused on only a few bits of equipment, that way you won’t feel overwhelmed or need to wander around the gym looking for equipment, but instead focus on your exercises safely in one corner of the gym.

There are four workouts a week to complete focusing on lower body, upper body, full body and abs and cardio to begin with and then you’ll move onto target area workouts.

Each week builds upon your strength and stamina and within a couple of months, you’ll be feeling just as strong if not stronger than you were before lockdown.

The Tone & Sculpt app is available from £13.99 at The App Store and on Google Play. For more information visit

#8 Routine is good for us

People seem to think a routine makes you inflexible, I think the opposite.

Whenever I find myself lacking in motivation, I always remember that my routine actually gives me more free time and headspace.

See, if I know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it, it makes me so much more active throughout the week and if I ever need to change something, or reschedule a workout I can easily, because I know exactly what my week is going to look like.

my routine actually gives me more free time

If I have all of my ‘to dos’ organised, including my food and workouts, I feel so much more relaxed and stress-free.

You are your own motivation and always remember how good you feel after a workout or after getting everything ticked off your list – it’s an awesome feeling and one that makes me so happy.

Other than that, it is literally discipline, healthy habits and consistency. I always keep in mind that my routine is good for me and it’s how I get the best results.

#9 Incorporate healthy habits into your every day routine

When it comes to sticking to healthy habits, you need to look at the habit like it is a normal part of your day and accept it as a part of your day.

you need to look at the habit like it is a normal part of your day

It takes time to form a habit, so I recommend scheduling things into your calendar and making sure your lifestyle and environment encourage you to stick to your healthy habits.

For example start with these:

  • Meal prep on a Sunday
  • Pack your bag the night before work every day
  • Sett reminders on your phone
  • Book your gym classes or workouts in advance
  • Go to the gym on the way home from work or get it out the way first thing in the morning.

The first few healthy habits should definitely be having a definitive workout plan scheduled into a calendar and meal prep on a Sunday – once you’ve sorted both of these, you’re set for the week.

#10 Working out at home is fine too

If you truly feel confident going back to the gym just yet, then don’t. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that we can work out anywhere, anytime, no excuses. It’s totally up to you, as long as you are getting a workout in.

Although the Back to Action guide is tailored to the gym, it’s great as there are alternatives for all the exercises and you will probably have some of the equipment outside the gym too.

tone and sculpt

The Tone & Sculpt app is available from £13.99 at The App Store and on Google Play. For more information visit

You can also pre-order (release January 2021) Krissy Cela’s new book, Do This for You: How to Be a Strong Woman from the Inside Out on Amazon

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