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Kate Hudson’s personal trainer reveals her secrets of lasting weight loss

Celeb trainer Kate Hudson MAIN

Kate Hudson has turned 40. Six months ago? She had her third child – and she looks amazing. Healthista speaks to Nicole Winhoffer of the NW Method, who has trained with Hudson for a few years 

Kate Hudson has turned 40 – what? I know right she looks incredible. It seems like only yesterday her and Matthew McConaughey were stealing our hearts in the much-loved chick flick How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, but that was in fact 16 years ago.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Who else remembers watching that film and thinking, wow Kate Hudson is seriously beautiful, I want to be her. 16 years later she still looks amazing, plus Hudson gave birth to her third child six months ago.

In 2013, the American beauty launched her own line of workout clothes and active wear Fabletics, in partnership with fashion retailer JustFab.

The fashion venture has become the stars main focus. In a 2018 interview, Hudson revealed, ‘I work more on Fabletics now than I do on movies’.

In November, Hudson revealed in an Instagram post that she was on a mission to get back to her ‘fighting’ weight and to get back both her strong body and her strong mind.

The mother of three also revealed that her main goal was to lose 25lbs for a film role that she will be filming for in the spring by ‘trying new workouts and eating as healthy as I can’.

This Wednesday the blonde beauty took to Instagram to show off her progress, admitting that she was still a couple of pounds away from her goal of losing 25lbs.

Hudson also added that she had managed the weight loss without ‘stressing on food or working out like crazy’, but admitted that she has been disciplined.

Kate Hudson before and after.
Hudson, November 2018, one month after the birth of her third child (left), Hudson, April 2019. Via: Instagram

Well, one of those ‘workouts’ that Hudson tried to help her reach her goals was Nicole Winhoffer’s NW Method, have you heard of it?

The NW Method ‘is a dynamic mind-body experience which sculpts your curves, frees your spirit and conditions the body and mind to connect with one’s personal power’ says the website.

The NW Method popular with Hudson, is a 55-minute dance cardio and body weight workout that ‘targets the three major problem areas of the body: behind the arms, the waist, and the buttocks all while choreographed to the beat of a curated playlist’.

For UK folk, it might be a bit of a trek if you want to try out this workout with Nicole, as classes are taught in New York City and Los Angeles – which is good news for the US.

But the great news? Nicole Winhoffer also offers a video subscription streaming service available on her website and digital global app, that allows fans to workout anytime and anywhere. Winhoffer also provides private one-to-one training or private group classes to do with your friends or co-workers. Plus, Nicole is also a part of E!’s Khloe Kardashian Revenge Body training team.

So let’s see how the founder Nicole Winhoffer of celeb famous workout class The NW Method has to say on all things diet and fitness.

What is your most reliable type of exercise for all round fitness?

‘For me, dance would be the healthiest exercise for all around fitness. With 18 years of professional dance training and performance, coupled with ten years in the healing arts I have dedicated myself to and continue to master the art form and craft that is healing through dance fitness.

‘My NW Method was created with the intention to keep women in the healthiest, most natural shape for their bodies. So when looking at what I believe is the most reliable type of exercise for fitness it would be the NW Method: dance music driven workout mixed with innovative high repetition body weight exercises.

‘With each session I aim to achieve high level results that create the natural beautiful women’s shape. The key is to find an innovative way to provide fresh and exciting exercises and fitness content to keep women connected to their hearts, minds, and spirits through their bodies.

‘The number one issue I have found in the past that keeps women from their ideal natural shape is their rational minds’.

What is your favourite fat-busting exercise?

‘I love ‘The Serpant’ for fat burning, so does Kate. You can actually see a video on Kate’s Instagram of her doing the NW Push up or ‘The Serpent’.

‘The intention of this move is to cause every muscle in the body to work together at once. This move utilities the power and strength of your natural body weight. Plus, the angles that the move creates are great to help shape behind the arms, waist, and butt for women.

‘Kate also enjoys the toning and dynamic stretching moves, and creating all sorts of strong shapes in our workouts.

‘The NW method uses high repetition to induce muscle memory and causes some serious fat burn effects. Even with this steady state low impact cardio move you will feel the burn and you can say goodbye to your fat’.

How often should women be lifting weights?

‘In my personal performance and professional training experience working with the best of the best, lifting weights for women causes a rise in testosterone which interferes with the results of my transformation specialisation.

‘I seek to teach women to be more in their bodies, be with their femininity, and focus less on control, force, will and heavy lifting.

‘When I and my clients use weights, they are either supported dance wrist and ankle weights 1.5 to 2.5 lbs or light dumbbells’.

What other celebrities have you trained with?

‘I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with some incredible international artists in high powered industries.

‘I have worked with women like Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Pompeo, Stella McCartney, Molly Simms and of course Kate Hudson. Plus, I have worked with men like Umberto Leon, Spike Jones, and Steven Klein’.

What is your philosophy when it comes to keeping fit?

‘My philosophy in fitness and even in life is for you to “know thyself”. The body is an extension of your thoughts, emotions, spirit and heart. Your body is also an extension of your life.

‘In life, aim to avoid repetition, and rather step into the unknown and take risks. In fitness, consistency and muscle memory is key to helping your body change, plus flexibility is also essential.

‘And don’t forget to practice, because quite simply, practice leads to results. Remember, your body is your home: take care of it.

‘To me, fitness is more than just a profession. It is an art form. My creative workouts push people to not only feel their best, but to look their best. I want every one of my clients to reach their utmost potential, to get the body they want and achieve their goals’.

How do you stay motivated and keep your clients motivated?

‘I like to challenge myself and do what’s never been done. When I feel fear, I am instead inspired by newness and innovation. I am a sensual girl and believe that experience is everything. Experiences take us to worlds we have never been.

‘With my clients and with Kate, I try to channel their own world to be able to develop personal programs that give them the structure, efficiency of time, and the newness that they need to stay inspired. There is nothing worse for motivation than being bored’.

What diet do you typically follow?

‘I follow a diet that involves a whole combination of rules. I like intermittent fasting, ketogenics, protein and fibre, intuitive eating, and of course pleasure. And guess what? It really works.

‘What people don’t always realise is that as humans we don’t actually need much food, and I believe as a society we eat too much. Too much food in the system doesn’t allow our bodies the right amount of energy to digest fully what we’ve consumed.

‘Top that with thinking energy, managing families and careers, working for our money, and stress. We just end up sending our body into overload. Think simple. Think one at a time. Go slow. And take your time. That’s what I always say to all of my clients.

‘I myself went vegan for a year and half and came off of it three months ago. I noticed a huge improvement in my muscle tone, focus, and shape.

‘I tend to limit carbs and eat more protein, veggies, apples, nut butters and greens. I also love Think Thin bars. My favorite flavor is creamy peanut butter and their new one maple almond.

‘I do limit dairy but I can’t resist Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough‘!

Do you have a favourite cheat meal?

‘I love Hillstone’s restaurant spinach dip.  And I love wine, especially Chateau Neuf Du Pape red wine and Chablis white wine.

‘For me watching sports like basketball and boxing, (I am rooting for the Brooklyn Nets and my faveourite boxer is Anthony Joshua), with my family and ordering in and eating on the couch is just so so fun. And I don’t like the word cheat, I like saying free day.

‘My free day is basically the day where I implement an off-day from normalcy of my diet. I think it’s healthy to eat at same time everyday and typically the same foods because it allows your body to be more adaptable to digestion and recognizing how to break down the foods’.

What is your best nutrition tip?

‘Well there will have to be more than one, and they are the obvious ones. Make sure you drink enough water and avoid drinking soda.

‘I like to do Intermittent Fasting (IF), so if you are looking to lose some weight, don’t eat for 12-16 hours after your last meal in the evenings. The brain works more efficiently when energy is not spent and clouded by too much food and digesting a large portions.

‘Carbs are not bad or good, but the less carbohydrates you ingest, the more fat your body utilizes as energy to burn.

‘And of course, don’t eat too much, as humans we aren’t actually supposed to eat that much. Many people struggle with their diet as they eat out a lot, so try to limit the amount of times you do eat out. If you want results you need to be disciplined with what you put inside your body’.

Do you recommend counting calories?

‘Calorie counting is a great way to measure mindfulness. For someone who has no idea about calories, I would only suggest that you should start paying attention to them in your diet to allow yourself to learn what you’re ingesting and how much. Awareness and mindfulness where diet is concerned is key’.

What food is ALWAYS in your kitchen cupboard?

  • Think thin bars
  • Every type of mustard flavor lol
  • Skinny popcorn (there’s something about the crisp and oil that they use)
  • Nut butters, yum yum
  • Seaweed
  • Sparkling water

Is it possible to get a celebrity’s body?

‘Yes of course, if you know your goals and work at them then anything is possible’.

What do most of us get wrong when we aren’t seeing results?

‘Most people just aren’t consistent and give up far too easily. They start thinking that something is too hard before even trying or they try but don’t try hard enough. Don’t give up, you can do anything!’

NW Method

Nicole Winhoffer, is a global fitness artist, spiritualist, savvy entrepreneur, and founder of the NW Method.

This one-of- a-kind program ignites confidence and promotes a mind, body and soul connection through choreographed movement and expression, while changing your figure.

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