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Is your boss’s star sign affecting your job? Astrology at work special

Star signs

Your star sign could be the reason you and your boss don’t see eye to eye – astrologer Gillian Knowles has insight that you might find intriguing 

If we approach going to work with a sinking heart, this is not always to do with the work per se, but is often to do with the individuals we have to face there, in particular, the boss.

In fact, according to LinkedIn most people don’t quit their jobs, they leave their managers and statistics show that more than half of people who move jobs do so because of the failed relationship with their boss.

So what is a boss?  A boss can be someone who is in charge of a team or the whole organisation.  A Boss can be a fantastic motivating force who brings out the best in you. But a boss can also be someone who has the power to make your life utterly miserable.

Astrology is useful in assessing many aspects of human relationships and our skill in dealing with people in our working life is of vital importance as we spend so many of our waking hours interacting with them.

Here is my astrological insight into what makes your boss tick.

The Aries boss (March 21-April 19)

Astrology boss Aries

The first sign of the zodiac, whose spirit is that of a pioneer is a risk taker and an adventurer.  The Aries boss has a driving need to be active and as soon as she has an idea, she wants to act upon it. She prefers not to work alone as she needs others around her to act as a sounding board and although she may not appear to take your feedback seriously at the time, if the idea is good she will act upon it.

The problems associated with working for Aries are that she never thinks twice about pushing herself to the limit and likes to test her endurance to the utmost.  A high turnover of staff will be due to the fact that it can be hard to keep up such a pace for some people and often by the time others have caught up, this boss may have moved on, having been distracted by another newer, more brilliant scheme.

The rewards associated with working for Aries are that she is protective of her staff and will rush in to fix it if someone on her team appears to be in trouble.  Never to be seen as a  cheapskate, she  expects to pay a good salary for high standards of work.  She is honest and straightforward and expects her workers to be the same, so avoid hints or innuendoes; pursue a direct approach at an opportune moment.

Most challenged by: Libra

Works well with: Leo and Sagittarius

Clashes with: Cancer and Capricorn

The Taurus boss (April 20-May 20)

Astrology Boss Taurus

The Taurus boss is a practical person, who probably arrived at her position by sheer persistence and hard work and is attracted to a career that offers safety, security and a good pension.   She dislikes change and so prefers to have a group of trusted, long serving staff around her.  If you’re looking for a secure job and steady progress, she is an ideal person to work for.  Determination combined with caution is her ‘modus operandi’ and she is averse to split second decisions, needing time to reflect and consider in her own time.

The problems associated with working for Taurus are that her stubbornness and conservative tendencies can be stifling for anyone who likes innovation and change.  She is the tortoise not the hare and it’s important to recognise this fact.  Once her mind is set, she may refuse to budge no matter how well the argument for a turnabout is presented.

The rewards associated with working for Taurus are that she always gives recognition for loyalty and faithfulness.  She will notice if you don’t grab your coat to leave on the dot of five o’clock (and will remember this when pay rises or bonuses are being assessed).  She appreciates the good things in life and so there could be some slap-up lunches that you are invited to share.

Most challenged by: Scorpio

Works well with: Virgo and Capricorn

Clashes with: Leo and Aquarius

The Gemini boss (May 21-June 21)

Astrology Boss Gemini

The Gemini boss has the ability to be interested in practically anything presented to her.  She loves to accumulate snippets of information to add to her vast storehouse of on-the-surface knowledge, which she can pull out of the hat whenever necessary.  Thus, she is never left behind in any conversation.  She might seem an easy person to work for; casual, friendly and humorous but can be difficult to organise and is poor at time management, usually leaving too small a margin between commitments or not allowing sufficient time to travel to an appointment.

The problems associated with working for Gemini are that she carries a lot of information in her head and may not realise that she needs to share this will colleagues (or admit that she hasn’t done so).  She is changeable and easily bored and so anything you wish to communicate to her has to be done swiftly and concisely – or she will stop listening.

The rewards associated with working for Gemini are an informal, friendly working atmosphere and an openness to suggestions if she is stuck (she admires ingenuity).  If something goes wrong she rarely bears a grudge and is prepared to move on.  She is always forward thinking and likes to encourage younger people to reach their potential.

Most challenged by: Sagittarius

Works well with: Libra and Aquarius

Clashes with: Virgo and Pisces

The cancer boss (June 22-July 22)

Astrology Boss Cancer

The Cancer boss tends to express her sensitivity and compassion in practical ways at work; she likes to provide a homely, comfortable atmosphere in the workplace and can be caring and aware of the needs of her staff.  She is a very shrewd business person, using her instincts, intuition and understanding of human nature to suss people out effectively and having an excellent memory, can retain information easily.  During short bursts of energy she can get a tremendous amount done and she is an excellent organiser.

The problems associated with working for Cancer are her changing moods which are easy to read once you learn to recognise her facial expressions; she needs to be left alone when she is crabby.  Once she takes a dislike to someone it is hard for her to change that view (she never forgets a slight, dishonesty or an unfair criticism).

The rewards associated with working for Cancer are that she is generous to a fault, once she trusts and respects you.  She is empathic and always willing to give time off for family issues.  Being a natural nurturer she seeks to bring out the best in her workforce and encourage them to do their best.

Most challenged by: Capricorn

Works well with: Scorpio and Pisces

Clashes with: Aries and Libra

The Leo boss (July 23-August 22)

Astrology Boss Leo

The Leo boss loves her role as she is a natural leader and expects to have a position of command.

She is enthusiastic, demands respect and tries to bring out the best in everyone who works for her. Whilst she is happy to delegate, she does not like to be left out and needs to be updated on what is happening on a regular basis. When she is pleased she gives her approval wholeheartedly and is a generous, humorous and supportive boss who expects to be obeyed.

The problems associated with working for Leo is that she can be patronising and overbearing if she has been rubbed up the wrong way and may take the credit for something you have worked hard on (but happy to pass on the blame if something goes wrong).

The rewards associated with working for Leo are her sunny, can-do attitude, her generosity and the way she likes to inspire and encourage those working for her.  She is ambitious not only for herself but for her whole team.

Most challenged by: Aquarius

Works well with: Aries and Sagittarius

Clashes with: Taurus and Scorpio

The Virgo boss (August 23-September 22)

Astrology Boss Virgo

The Virgo boss is a hands-on perfectionist who works very hard and expects the same 100% commitment from everyone else.  Accuracy and method are very important to her and she cannot bear people around her if they are slap dash, messy or careless.  If there is a crisis she will be calm and precise in getting to the cause of the issue and dealing with it, often earning respect from those who had previously underestimated her.

The problems associated with working for Virgo are her desire to be involved in every little thing that is going on, her tendency to worry and to pass her anxiety on to others and her critical attitude; she is always quick to point out something she sees as a mistake, no matter how trivial.

The rewards associated with working for Virgo are that she is open to new ideas, is always prepared to listen (and learn) from what others present to her in a receptive, encouraging way. If you’re stuck she will be happy to roll up her sleeves and help you through. If she gives you positive feedback you will know it is genuine and well deserved.

Most challenged by: Pisces

Works well with: Taurus and Capricorn

Clashes with: Gemini and Sagittarius 

The Libra boss (September 23-October 22)

Astrology Boss Libra

The Libra boss works best in a partnership and will involve her staff as much as possible in the running of the business.  Charming and good natured, she dislikes conflict and prefers everyone to ‘get along together’. Having natural tact and diplomacy, she can make clients feel relaxed and happy.  Decision making is not her strong point and she will have a tendency to listen to everyone else’s opinion and then still procrastinate, which can look like an inability to move forward.

The problems associated with working for Libra are her tendency to be on everyone’s side, to see both viewpoints in any disputes or the value in all available choices.  This is charming at first but can start to rankle or seem shallow, especially if you see her giving the same special smile to everyone. 

The rewards associated with working for Libra are her friendliness and approachability, her strong sense of justice and her ability to make others feel confident, positive and at ease.  She willingly gives praise and rarely gets ruffled or loses her temper.

Most challenged by: Aries

Works well with: Gemini and Aquarius

Clashes with: Cancer and Capricorn

The scorpio boss (October 23-November 21)

Astrology Boss Scorpio

The Scorpio boss is passionate about her work, is not afraid to take on difficult tasks and will stick at it until she gets the desired result.  She expects similar zeal and commitment from her staff and cannot tolerate shirkers.  She rarely misses anything and likes to use her incredible perception to assess everyone, their talents and weaknesses, and get the best out of them.   She seldom asks for advice and expects reliability and efficiency, as well as complete loyalty.

The problems associated with working for Scorpio are her extremes of emotion.  She can be highly critical of you one day and full of praise the next, which can be daunting.  She has no illusions about wanting to be popular –  she just wants to get the best out of everyone, whatever that takes. 

The rewards associated with working for a Scorpio is that she genuinely does want you to recognise and use all your talents and abilities and if you respond she will be very supportive and loyal, defending you without a second thought should anyone try to criticise something you have done. 

Most challenged by: Taurus

Works well with: Cancer and Pisces

Clashes with: Leo and Aquarius

The Sagittarius boss (November 22-December 21)

Astrology Boss Sagittarius

The Sagittarius boss is a lively, optimistic person, far-sighted, ambitious and versatile.  She likes to work in a positive atmosphere where everyone is on the same page.  Sitting at a desk all day is not really ideal for her and she likes to roam about and is always seeking to improve her knowledge and experience.  Never lie to her, she values truth and honesty highly, is not at all petty and will be understanding if someone makes a mistake, being philosophical about human error.

The problems associated with working for Sagittarius are her restlessness, impatience with routine and a tendency to be impractical when coming up with ideas.  She likes to be straight and so can be tactless and outspoken without realising she causes offence.

The rewards associated with working for Sagittarius are her positive outlook, sunny nature and ability to think big.  She loves a challenge and is happy to take along the whole team and share the benefits when it works out well.  If it doesn’t, she will just look for another goal.

Most challenged by: Gemini

Works well with: Aries and Leo

Clashes with: Virgo and Pisces

The Capricorn boss (December 22-January 19)

Astrology Boss Capricorn

The Capricorn boss is happy to have reached such a position in life as her career and status are very important to her.  She is patient, good at handling authority and very determined to fulfill all her responsibilities.  She is a great upholder of conventions ‘this is the way we do things here’ but if you can prove to her a change will be beneficial (and present your argument as thoroughly researched) she may bend a little. Although she may initially seem serious and rather cool, you may find she has a dry humour.

The problems associated with working for Capricorn are that she expects everyone to have the same work ethic as she has.  Delegation is difficult for her as she fears that the quality of the work will suffer if she has not had a hand in it.  She probably climbed steadily up the ladder and is resistant to anyone who hopes for quick promotion.

The rewards associated with working for Capricorn are that she places a high value on qualifications and is likely to support you wholeheartedly in any attempts to undertake further studies.  She also appreciates anyone who has a strong work ethic and is willing to pay a good salary for the best person for the job.

Most challenged by: Cancer

Works well with: Taurus and Virgo

Clashes with: Aries and Libra

THE AQUARIUS BOSS (January 20-February 18)

Astrology Boss Aquarius

The Aquarius boss is an original, unpredictable person with strong ideals.  Kind and altruistic, she can also be changeable and difficult to figure out.  On the one hand she is forward thinking and progressive but she can also be very rigid.  Like all born under this sign, at some level she is not really in favour of leadership and has an idealistic vision of equality, so may be out of her comfort zone in the role of a boss.

The problems associated with working for Aquarius are that as she can be rather aloof or detached, it can be hard to establish a close connection with her until you really get to know her quirks and it is difficult to give her feedback because she doesn’t really care what other people think.

The rewards associated with working for Aquarius are that she is not at all boring and can be full of surprises.  She treats everyone from the office messenger to the top PA equally and likes to get everyone together for team meetings and group bonding.  You are also likely to get the best equipment as she is always into the latest technology available.

Most challenged by: Leo

Works well with: Gemini and Leo

Clashes with: Taurus and Scorpio

The Pisces boss (February 19-March 20)

Astrology Boss Pisces

The Pisces boss likes to ‘feel’ her way through every situation and shies away from being too rational about things.  She can work in chaos without noticing the mess around her and needs to have someone to do her organising whilst she is coming up with creative ideas.  Being naturally empathic, she can always see things from another person’s point of view and likes her staff to be able to confide in her (although she is shrewd enough to recognise when her good nature is being taken advantage of.

The problems associated with working for Pisces is that she is not a natural leader and to some people she can appear neurotic, confused and too easily distracted.  She tends to neglect the practicalities of life and if problems occur she won’t necessarily tackle them immediately but may drift off for a walk to get some inspiration.

The rewards associated with working for Pisces is that she will be very appreciative of your organisational skills, your loyalty, your logic and your support when she is overwhelmed.  She is a very good listener and her intuition will tell her when you are troubled or upset and she will be there to help you 100%.

Most challenged by: Virgo

Works well with: Cancer and Scorpio

Clashes with: Gemini and Sagittarius

Gillian Knowles

GILLIAN KNOWLES has been practising as an astrologer since completing her studies at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the 80’s.  She did further training as a counsellor at the Wealden Institute for  Counselling and Psychotherapy in the 90’s and has been integrating these skills, working with her clients as an astrological life-coach over many years. Additional training in aromatherapy and the use of flower remedies has enabled her to give more holistic advice to people seeking help with difficult periods in their lives.  She has an gentle, approachable manner and a down to earth practical way of advising people who need her help. Find Gillian on her website or email her at

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