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Full moon? Exactly how the moon affects your mood and wellbeing PLUS the best dates to make decisions for your sign

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At 15.53 on Tuesday 19th February 2019 there is a special Full Moon; A ‘Super Moon’ because of its close proximity to the earth. Its name is the ‘Snow Moon’. Astrologer Gillian Knowles explains how full moons affect your well-being, and what date is key to start something new or make a life-transforming decision, depending on your star sign

Have you ever had one of those days when, even though you know you’re not premenstrual, that everyone seems to be on your back and you find yourself being hurt at the slightest remark?

It may even be a disaster day when you fluff a presentation at work, lose your flat keys and when you fall exhausted into bed, you can’t get to sleep because there is an eerie light shining through your curtains…What you’re experiencing is a Full Moon Day known as the ‘lunar effect’ (which is the correlation between the phases of the moon and human behaviour).  Many people find that the light of a full moon keeps them awake and others feel emotional and stressed, but why should a satellite of the earth which is 4.5 billion years old and 252,000 miles away affect us?

Many people find that the light of a full moon keeps them awake and others feel emotional and stressed

Well, it is known that the Moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth’s surface has an effect on tides and that its phases coincide with many biological rhythms in animal, plant and human life.  Indeed, the Moon’s 29.5 day cycle is in accord with the average menstrual cycle.

In ancient times, before industrialisation, it is believed that when people congregated in tribes and slept in groups, all women ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon.  This phenomenon is often still prevalent when women who live or work together find that their cycles match.

However, because of the effect of artificial hormones, unnatural lighting at night and processed foods, women may no longer be in tune with the natural order of things.  Few of us have ever experienced a truly dark sky and we draw our curtains or pull on our sleep masks against the light of the Moon and so remain immune to the effect lunar cycles can have on our own monthly periods.


woman sleeping with eye mask on, How the moon affects your well-being, by

The effect of artificial hormones, unnatural lighting at night and processed foods means women may no longer be in tune with the natural order of things


In the 1970s experiments were carried out to test how light affects hormones.  It is known that the light of a Full Moon affects the level of melatonin we produce, so may affect our sleep by an average of 20 minutes.

More details of how to regulate an irregular menstrual cycle with the help of the Moon can be found in Louise Lacey’s LUNACEPTION.

Modern day analytical research has shown that physically and psychologically we are affected by both the full and new moon. This is because the gravitational pull between the Sun and Moon are strongest when they are sitting together (conjunct) at a new moon or exactly opposite (in opposition) at the full moon. This effect is exacerbated when there is a lunar eclipse, which is when the shadow of the Earth blocks the light of the Sun from the Moon on the day of the Full Moon.

A Full Moon affects the level of melatonin we produce, so may affect our sleep by an average of 20 minutes

How we are affected by a full moon

Once a year the Moon and Sun sit side by side in your individual sign of the zodiac which is your own personal New Moon. This is a really good opportunity to start something new, initiate a change or make a life-transforming decision. At this time you can be more assertive, decisive and aware of your own personal power.  Listed below is the date of your own personal New Moon for you to log into your reminders.

The Full Moon nearest to your birthday is a time to be more thoughtful, to reflect on what you are feeling about the important aspects in your life, especially relationships.  This can be an inspirational time (particularly for creative people) when you can formulate ideas that may not be ready to be put into practice but are nevertheless important for the future.

If there is a lunar eclipse, pressure can build up and emotions are heightened.  At this time there is a very thin border between excitement and anxiety and we can swing either way.  Listed below is your own personal Full Moon date for you to log in your reminders.

ARIES (March 22-April 20)

Aries star sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is on 13 October 2019 when there are issues around love, relationships and personal freedom may be brought into sharp focus. Don’t be rash when dealing with others and their problems; you may say something now that you will regret later and do bear in mind that not everyone has your energy and drive. Stay cool, practice some deep breathing exercises. Moderation may not be your usual style but this is not a day to push the limits.

Your personal New Moon is on 5 April 2019, and as the planets have been nudging you to make a major change for some time now, this could be the day when you initiate something to get the ball rolling. Even if you start this process by making a phone call, sending an email or just making a decision it will be a step in the right direction. What are you waiting for?

TAURUS April 21-May 21

taurus star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is on 12 November 2019 and although you can’t hide away from the world, you are likely to feel like keeping a low profile. Communication is difficult today both in the way you express yourself and the fact that others seem to be deliberately not understanding what you are trying to say. This is a good time to indulge in some pampering so book a massage or a manicure and chill.

Your personal New Moon is on 4 May 2019 and it is a very good day for creating something beautiful. Think about your skills and decide how you can channel your enthusiasm into a project that will engage you fully. This is a day when you need a challenge because it would be a shame to waste this burst of energy. Go for it!

GEMINI May 22-June 22

gemini star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is on 12 December 2019 and you could feel that there is an imbalance between your emotions and your ego. It will be hard to make a decision because you won’t know whether to follow your head or your heart. I would suggest you follow the path that your heart leads you to but before you decide, go to the gym and have a good work out or take time out to go for a jog. Things will seem clearer by the end of the week

Your personal New Moon is on 3 June 2019 and your energy is firing up nicely. You really want to get things done and are ready to initiate, take a few risks and ignore the consequences. Try not to be too impulsive and use your discretion. Others may be fired by your enthusiasm and will be able to help you keep things in balance. If you want an adventure, why not share it with someone?

CANCER June 23-July 23

cancer star-sign image , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is on 10 January 2020 so be aware that as your sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, you could be feeling somewhat crabby. Your emotional side will be seeking a bit of drama and intensity so try to channel this beyond yourself and seek an outlet that is a bit less

personal. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write to someone or to an organisation about an issue that bugs you, well now is the time to do it!

Your personal New Moon is on 2 July 2019 and it is ready to give your inner self confidence a massive boost which you could use to build safe foundations for the future. As the ideas flow you will be ready to implement them, whether others are in favour or not. Write them down while they are fresh so that nothing slips through the net. The more organised you are, the greater the success. Trust your intuition!

LEO July 24-August 23

Leo star-sign dates, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is 9 February 2020 and it is a day when you feel that other people are over-reacting whereas you are feeling rather detached from emotional intimacy, although you may be steaming inside. Be aware that colleagues might be finding you overbearing and overly competitive today, so try to show some restraint. You could find yourself getting into a fight about a cause or a person that you feel protective of. Keep it in perspective!

Your personal New Moon is 1 August 2019 so let your sunny personality shine by being in the company of people who appreciate your affectionate nature. This is a good time that will bring out the best in you and you can really make an impact on those you wish to impress. Your enthusiasm and sense of fun can be an inspiration, so if you want to play, you know just how to get others to join you. Spread a little sunshine!

VIRGO August 24-September 23

Virgo star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is 19 February 2019 and your confidence could do with a bit of a boost today and even if you do feel a spark of motivation it may be that your expectations are rather illusionary. This is a day to be nice to yourself and get things into balance. Have a pedicure or reflexology session rather than hitting the bottle. Stay grounded!

Your personal New Moon is 30 August 2019 and it’s a good day for you to be involved in a joint project which gives you the opportunity to think outside the square. Uniting with people with whom you can share intellectually stimulating exchanges might really spark off your enthusiasm for something a little different. Don’t hide your light under a bushel!

LIBRA September 24-October 23

libra star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

You have two personal Full Moons this year – 21 March and 19 April 2019 and both could result in internal battles going on inside you. It’s unlikely that you will be able to make a decision on anything but you certainly won’t be in a mood to conform to other people’s demands, particularly those from female relatives. Whilst you don’t normally choose to be alone, you do need some space today to resolve issues that are churning inside you. Seek some peace, you deserve it.

Your personal New Moon is 28 September 2019 and it is a good day for you when your sense of timing is spot on. Putting forward your point of view is well aspected and you can communicate really well, combining charm with assertiveness so that you are likely to persuade others you are right. Make positive plans whilst your energy level is high and you feel courageous. Believe in yourself.

SCORPIO October 24-November 22

scorpio star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is 18 May 2019 and deep rooted insecurities could rise to the surface today so that you find yourself wanting to over-indulge in order to deaden the unwanted feelings that are swirling around. You could also react angrily to anything or anyone that you suspect is being less than honest and are likely to be tempted to challenge anyone you feel needs to be brought down a peg or two. Remember, true power and strength can also be compassionate – to yourself and to others.

Your personal New Moon is 28 October 2019 and this is a good time to make an initial move towards something that will bring additional meaning into your life. It may not actually happen today but the seed can be sown that will grow into something very special. You are shrewd and pragmatic and so are unlikely to waste time on trivia but do allow ideas to flow, no matter how unrealistic they may seem; there could be a real gem in there.

SAGITTARIUS November 23-December 22

Sagittarius, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is 17 June 2019 and this is quite a serious time for you when it seems like you cannot escape the duties and responsibilities of life. Try to be around light-hearted people who will take your mind off your problems. If you feel apathetic and confused or your thought processes seem vague, you need to choose another day to make decisions. Sharing problems with others can lighten the load.

Your personal New Moon is 26 November 2019 and you might consider planning something that allows you to express yourself in an unconventional way. There is no need to get bogged down with all the details today, just throw a few arrows towards something that is unusual and will enable you to express your individuality. There are a wealth of opportunities out there; if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

CAPRICORN December 23-January 19

capricorn star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by Healthista.comYour personal Full Moon is 16 July 2019 when you can choose to enjoy home comforts in the company of whoever you consider to be your ‘family’, whether that is your friends, relatives, the cat or just a good book. The main focus needs to be on putting aside anything to do with work and onerous responsibilities and avoiding those who surround themselves with conflict or disagreements.

Your personal New Moon is 26 December 2019 and at this time you can begin to see the long term benefit in something that perhaps has been a bit of a struggle. It suddenly becomes clear that what you really want is not far away, indeed it could be right under your nose. There are times when we don’t even need to look for something, it comes knocking on our door. Make sure you answer that knock.

AQUARIUS January 20-February 19

aquarius star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full Moon is 15 August 2019 and you will probably find that you are spoiling for a fight if others don’t acknowledge you. If you feel you are being discounted, overlooked or ignored it will irritate and annoy you and you will be wanting revenge. Write down all those negative thoughts and strike each one through, replacing it with a positive thought. Power struggles can be sidestepped, you can always move out of the way.

Your personal New Moon is 24 January 2020 and is a good day for you to be out and about, communicating with like-minded people. Others will see you as someone who is credible and an authority on a topic that is dear to your heart. Your enthusiasm will be contagious. Any scheme that might normally be seen as off the scale just might be a goer.

PISCES February 20-March 21

pisces star-sign image, , How the moon affects your well-being, by

Your personal Full moon is 14 September 2019 and your powers of discrimination are not good today so beware of people who are trying to pull a fast one; they will only add to your confusion. Your need for fantasy is stronger than normal at the moment, so rather than using an artificial panacea, use music, art or mediation to uplift you onto another plane. Try going for a walk on the park; it’s good exercise, encourages you to stay focused, lifts your spirits and keeps you grounded all at the same time.

Your personal New Moon is 6 March 2019 and it’s time to reflect back on some of the challenging experiences you’ve had over the last year and see them as tests of strength that you have passed with flying colours. Give yourself a pat on the back and recognise that you have shown resilience that will hold you in good stead for the year ahead. Look over the horizon and see all the good places you can travel to now you are resourced.

gillian knowlesGILLIAN KNOWLES has been practising as an astrologer since completing her studies at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the 80’s.  She did further training as a counsellor at the Wealden Institute for  Counselling and Psychotherapy in the 90’s and has been integrating these skills, working with her clients as an astrological life-coach over many years. Additional training in aromatherapy and the use of flower remedies has enabled her to give more holistic advice to people seeking help with difficult periods in their lives.  She has an gentle, approachable manner and a down to earth practical way of advising people who need her help. Find Gillian on her website or email her at

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