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Astrology Special 2015: How your star sign can affect your mood, energy and wellbeing (we were skeptical too, but this is kind of convincing)

Healthista’s new resident astrologer Gillian Knowles explains how your star sign can affect your mood, energy and wellbeing – look out for her monthly dispatches starting this month

Would you consult an astrologer if you were unwell? There is a long historical precedent for doing so. Right up until the 18th century, physicians studied astrology as part of their training and used the patient’s birth chart to diagnose, interpret, and treat an illness.

Of course, modern astrologers do not attempt to take the place of trained medical practitioners. But we can use astrology to find imbalances within an individual, look for times when health may be under threat, and advise on ways of relieving stress and anxiety for each individual client.

As a qualified counsellor and astrologer, I use a client’s birth chart to identify times of unhealth and anxiety in my clients. I then use astrological principles to pinpoint the causes of those problems and develop solutions that are tailor-made.

As a qualified counsellor and astrologer, I use a client’s birth chart to identify times of unhealth and anxiety in my clients.

A birth chart is as individual as a fingerprint, and it can reveal stresses, weaknesses – and strengths and possibilities – that cannot easily be seen. Using this unique profile, we develop a plan for well-being that is as unique as the client. The results can be transformational.

How astrology connects to health and well-being

Our planet earth is composed of gases and energy. Every plant, every animal, every human has its own individual energy frequency enabling and maintaining life, growth and development.
If we can identify our own energy patterns and allow them to flow without obstruction, we can be in tune with our true selves and in tune with the universal supply of energy.

One way of doing this is by using an ancient concept, that of the four ‘elements’ – fire, earth, air and water.


The fire signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – motivated by activity and setting goals


The earth signs are: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – motivated by material and physical needs


The air signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius -motivated by their thoughts and ideas


The water signs are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – motivated by their emotional yearnings

These ‘elements’ represent energies within us, and if we fail to use this energy in a balanced way, we become depleted and vulnerable to physical and psychological upsets.

Every sign of the zodiac has its own distinctive characteristics, both positive and challenging, and there are times when we feel at our best and other times when our energy is out of balance.

For example, many people experience a drop in energy levels in the weeks leading up to their birthday and need to boost the energy of their sign. Similarly, the balancing measures to rectify the excess of a sign’s energy may be necessary six months after the birthday when our energies can be a bit ‘over the top’.

The techniques I recommend use essential oils, flower remedies and affirmations to support positive growth and balance.

Use the essential oil appropriate for your sign by adding a few drops to a burner (some oils can irritate skin if added to a bath).

Flower remedies are taken by adding a few drops to a glass of water and sipping throughout the day.
Affirmations work by sending positive messages to the subconscious. Saying them to yourself, out loud, several times a day, works best.

Let’s look at how this works in practice.

Health and well-being for the Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Individuals born under each of the three fire signs uses fire in different ways to channel their energies. So, each of these signs is vulnerable in different ways to stresses that may diminish their fire energy, and requires different strategies to ‘fan their flame’. Those born under each sign need to use the appropriate strategies to minimise the threats to their life fire and to renew their unique energies.

Basic RGBARIES (22 March – 20 April)

The colour for Aries is red (think of lava erupting from a volcano) symbolising energy, blood and life. It represents the warrior, survival, passion and impulsiveness. Those born under this sign are assertive, energetic, ardent and full of life. They are natural pioneers and are quite happy to delegate to a lesser mortal, once boredom or routine set in. Aries will not flinch from dangerous situations where courage, quick action and leadership are required. They are also direct and uncomplicated: ‘What you see is what you get’.

How to boost Aries energy
An under emphasis of your fire energy may be recognised as apathy, listlessness or lack of motivation. Headaches, migraine or insomnia may occur. To boost flowing energy:

Enjoy a ‘red’ meal e.g. red meat, red wine, red peppers, strawberries
Participate in a competitive activity
Act spontaneously on a good idea
Wear an item of red clothing
Say what you mean rather than what others want to hear

Aromatherapy oils: orange
Bach flower remedy: wild rose
Affirmation: I am the creator of my life

How to balance an excess of Aries energy
An over-emphasis of this energy can be recognised by disproportionate anger, aggression, and impatience or being accident prone. To restore the balance:

Think before taking action – weigh up the consequences
Write a letter, giving full rein to your anger, then destroy it
Allow enough time to avoid the need to rush
Wear blue for calm and inner peace

Aromatherapy oil: ylang ylang
Bach flower remedy: impatiens
Affirmation: I am relaxed: I allow time for all I need to do

Basic RGBLEO (24 July – 23 August)
The colour for Leo is gold (think of a golden crown), symbolising status, splendour and wealth. It represents wisdom, recognition, confidence and achievement. It is said that when a Leo walks into a room it is as if someone turned a light on; they are meant to shine and radiate warmth, generosity and strength.  Those born under this sign are extroverts who enjoy being in the centre of things. Leadership comes naturally to them and they are loyal, trusting and kind. Often they gain positions through their personality rather than working their way up the ladder, as they know how to gain popularity and exude confidence: ‘I am larger than life itself’.

How to boost Leo energy
An under emphasis of this energy can be recognised by lack of confidence, paranoia, timidity or fear. To boost flowing energy:

Get out into the sunshine or book a holiday in the sun
Spend an evening with people who love and appreciate you
Treat yourself and a friend or loved one to an extravagant night out
Wear gold

Aromatherapy oil: marjoram
Bach flower remedy: mimulus
Affirmation: I am a limitless being

How to balance an excess of Leo energy
An over-emphasis of this energy can be recognised by arrogance, conceit or pomposity. To restore the balance:

Put some energy into a deserving cause
Have a fun day out with children
Surprise someone with an unexpected gift
Spend time with people who make you laugh

Aromatherapy oil: rose
Bach flower remedy: vervain
Affirmation: I radiate light and love

Basic RGBSAGITTARIUS (23 November-22 December)
The colour for Sagittarius is orange (think of the zest of an orange), symbolising hope, purpose and aspiration. It is uplifting and represents expansion and freedom, going beyond existing boundaries.
Sagittarians like to shoot their arrows towards a goal; once it has hit the target they look for another challenge. Usually optimistic and hopeful, they inspire others with their positive outlook, enthusiasm and honesty. Being restless both mentally and physically, those born under this sign can be hard to pin down and prefer to be free spirits. Their quest is to seek an answer and they often spend a lifetime searching through studying or travelling. Generally happy go lucky, as long as they feel free: ‘I live and let live’.

How to boost Sagittarius energy
An under emphasis of your fire energy can be recognised as hopelessness, resignation or stagnation. To boost flowing energy:

Fill a room with lighted candles
Plan a trip
Sign up to learn something new
Eat some orange food e.g. carrot and orange soup

Aromatherapy oils: rosemary
Bach flower remedy: gorse
Affirmation: I greet this day with energy and enthusiasm

How to balance an excess of Sagittarius energy
An over-emphasis of this energy can be recognised by tactlessness, extravagance, over-indulgence or carelessness. To restore the balance:

Seek professional advice for important decisions
Make a shopping list and stick to it rather than buying on impulse
Campaign for something you believe in
Moderate your consumption of alcohol, sugar and fats

Aromatherapy oils: peppermint
Bach flower remedy: agrimony
Affirmation: I enjoy a balanced approach to life

Health and well-being for the Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

earth signs
Individuals born under all of the three earth signs uses the practicality of earth to get in touch with their physical senses but each of the signs approaches this in their own way. They react differently to stresses and worries that may diminish their earth energy and require strategies linked to their own particular sign to keep them okay.

Basic RGBTAURUS (21April-21May)
The colour for Taurus is olive green (think of a bowl of olives), symbolising feminine leadership and being grounded. It represents luxury, comfort, materialism and nature. Those born under this sign are practical, patient and reliable and the urge for a Taurean is to accumulate; land, possessions, money, friends. Having an affinity with nature and an innate appreciation of beauty they make excellent gardeners and find it easy to express themselves through creative pursuits. Taurean senses are highly tuned and those born under this sign are very aware of sounds, smells, colours and textures around them. They especially need the basic essentials in life in order to function properly; a stable home life, regular nourishment, a comfortable bed and someone safe to share it with. ‘I am what I own’.

How to boost Taurus energy
An under emphasis of your earth energy may be recognised as negativity, cup-half-empty attitude and a lack of determination. To boost flowing energy:

Singing – sing along to a favourite song or join a choir
Plant something new in the garden or buy a plant for your windowsill
Make a list ‘six good things about me’
Buy something considered a luxury

Aromatherapy oils: melissa
Bach flower remedy: oak
Affirmation: I follow my creative instincts

How to balance an excess of Taurus energy
An over emphasis of your earth energy can be recognised by possessiveness, over-indulgence, jealousy and being stubbornly resistant to change. To restore the balance:

Initiate an act of kindness with no strings attached
Increase intake of pure water – two litres a day recommended
Daydream in a long, scented bath
Take a walk in the moonlight

Aromatherapy oils: geranium
Bach flower remedy: gentian
Affirmation: ‘I let go and trust’

Basic RGBVIRGO (24 August – 23 September)
The colour for Virgo is yellow (think of a daffodil), representing detail, perfection, practicality and painstaking acquisition of knowledge. It symbolises modesty, service, the earth and fertility.
Those born under this sign are practical, versatile, dignified and shrewd. They are willing to take pains with any undertaking in their quest for perfection. An ability to focus, concentrate and apply precision allows them to shine wherever detail or intricacy are involved. The desire to be of service is strong in Virgoans and they are considerate to others. There is a strong inter-connection between mind (psyche) and body (soma) in those born under this sign and they are well suited to work which concentrates on the healthy working of the body. ‘I find purity through achieving wholeness’

How to boost Virgo energy
An under emphasis of your earth energy can be recognised by a lack of discipline, being scatter brained or fearing the worst. To boost flowing energy:

Have a major clear out of a cupboard
Make a list of worries on one side of a piece of paper and identify solutions on the other
Take up a hobby that requires paying attention to details e.g. patchwork, mosaic, carpentry
Volunteer your services to your favourite charity

Aromatherapy oils: lemongrass
Bach flower remedy: red chestnut
Affirmation: I am an open channel for positive energy

How to balance an excess of Virgo energy
An over emphasis of your earth energy can be recognised by rigidity, being overly critical, subservience or obsessive worrying. To restore the balance:

Indulge in a favourite way of ‘not doing anything’ – listening to music, reading for pleasure, walking in the park
Write some notes for a short story – let your imagination flow
Go out for a meal with a light hearted person
Find something pink to wear or to lie on, for unconditional love and acceptance

Aromatherapy oils: chamomile roman
Bach flower remedy: centaury
Affirmation: I deserve to have all my needs met

Basic RGBCAPRICORN (23 December – 19 January)
The colour for Capricorn is indigo (think of a night sky), and symbolises authority and responsibility. It represents discipline, dependability and paternalism. It is persevering, reserved and steadfast.
Those born under this sign are usually mature for their age and often come into their own in later life, maturing like fine wine. Despite their serious nature they have a dry sense of humour and an excellent sense of timing. Capricorns are conscientious, climbing steadily up the ladder to their goals, expecting recognition for effort, although they are more interested in status than glory. They are protective with a strong sense of duty. ‘I am mindful of my position in the universe’.

How to boost Capricorn Energy
An under emphasis of your earth energy can be recognised by a lack of control/ direction/ambition or pessimism. To boost flowing energy:

Identify which major goal you want to focus on in the next month
Research your family tree and find out about your ancestors
Create a structured, daily routine that suits you and put it into practice
Plan to climb a mountain (or at least a hill that looks like one)
Aromatherapy oils: cedarwood
Bach flower remedy: cherry plum
Affirmation: I accept all the joy and prosperity that life has to offer me

How to balance an excess of Capricorn energy
An over emphasis of this energy can be recognised by austerity, pessimism, fear of failure, coldness or depression. To restore the balance:

Provide some practical help for the elderly
Watch a film or dvd that makes you laugh
Go shopping with a free-spending friend who will encourage you to splash out
Identify six reasons why you deserve to enjoy life

Aromatherapy oils: lavender
Bach flower remedy: mustard
Affirmation: I deserve the very best in life

Health and well-being for the the Air Signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Each of the air signs operates through the channels of thought and ideas and this motivates everything they do, although the way they do this differs. Those born under each sign need to use the appropriate strategies to prevent them from living constantly in their heads.

Basic RGBGEMINI (22 May-22 June)
The colour for Gemini is blue (think of a forget-me-not flower) and represents communication, quick-wittedness and reason. It symbolises versatility, spontaneity, ideas and social skills and is refreshing.
Those born under this sign are known for their sociability, adaptability and communication skills. They quickly get bored of routine and can change their mood and opinion at the drop of a hat. Quick witted, humorous and articulate, Geminians are stimulating companions. Being naturally curious they pick up superficial knowledge on a wide range of issues and give their opinions on most subjects in a charming, persuasive way. ‘I am the messenger of the moment’.

How to boost Gemini energy
An under emphasis of your air energy can be recognised by a lack of ideas, mistrust of the intellect or dullness. To boost flowing energy:

Have a long, chatty phone call to a friend (always better for you to speak than to text or email)
Buy an up-to-date magazine
Have a swim in blue water
Wear something zany that is blue – clothes or jewellery

Aromatherapy oils: basil
Bach flower remedy: hornbeam
Affirmation: I am open to exciting new ideas

An over-emphasis of this energy can be recognised by an over-active mind, thoughts all over the place, inability to relax or talking too much. To restore the balance:

Take regular physical exercise
Develop an interest further, for example, enrol on a course
Arrange to be pampered with a massage, visit to the hairdresser
Wear something containing soft coral

Aromatherapy oils: clary sage
Bach flower remedy: cerato
Affirmation: I am calm in this moment

Basic RGBLIBRA (24 September to 23 October)
The colour for Libra is green (think of a graceful willow tree) and represents harmony, good taste, pleasantries and diplomacy. It symbolises fairness, balance, placidity and calm. Those born under this sign have great negotiating skills and prefer to get their way by subtle manoeuvres rather than open confrontation. They perform best in quiet, pleasant surroundings and enjoy beautifying anything that requires their taste and flair. Librans have a strong sense of fair play and are very idealistic, often working behind the scenes for a peace movement or animal rights in their quest for justice and harmony. They treasure friendships and love to share their lives with the right person which is essential to their need for balance. ‘Loves flows equally, through one as through the other’.

How to boost Libra energy
An under emphasis of your air energy can be recognised as an inability to fit in or adapt, isolation or bitterness. To boost flowing energy:

Enjoy a wonderful green salad with a wide range of ingredients
Share a pleasant day out with a friend or partner
Ensure that your week includes a good balance of work, rest and play
Make a list of people with whom you share a common bond

Aromatherapy oils: grapefruit
Bach flower remedy: willow
Affirmation: I am living in harmony with the universe

How to balance an excess of Libra energy
An over emphasis of this energy can be recognised by laziness or apathy, indecisiveness, an inability to say ‘No’ or pretending everything is ‘fine’ when it most definitely is not. To restore the balance:

Take a brisk walk in the sunshine
Write down a small decision that you need to make and then do it
Join a group to learn how to be assertive
List six of your best achievements and display it where you can see it every day

Aromatherapy oils: cajuput
Bach flower remedy: Scleranthus
Affirmation: I am now creating my life exactly how I want it.

Basic RGBAQUARIUS (20 January-19 February)
The colour for Aquarius is turquoise (think of a swimming pool) and symbolises independence, objectivity, freedom and idealism. It represents media communications, new technology, inventiveness and original ideas. Those born under this sign are known for their independence and originality. They are true humanitarians, idealistic, open-minded, tolerant and inspired by the image of equality for all. Being very future oriented, they have ideas ahead of their time. Many inventors and scientists are Aquarians.
As they are drawn to causes, Aquarians often join groups and societies that aim to make positive changes on society as a whole. They like the idea of sisterhood but are not clingy and prefer a wide variety of friends from different age groups or backgrounds. ‘I am what I am’.

How to boost Aquarian energy
An under emphasis of your air energy can be recognised by dependency, lack of initiative, a sense of unworthiness or a tendency to play the underdog. To boost flowing energy:

Choose an achievable goal for the day and reward yourself on completion
Have a zany treat; something different like a flying lesson
Discuss the future with someone who is like-minded
Call up a live radio show and contribute some new ideas

Aromatherapy oils: benzoin
Bach flower remedy: pine
Affirmation: I love and accept myself as I am

How to balance an excess of Aquarius energy
An over emphasis of this energy can be recognised by crankiness, fanaticism, superiority, isolation, being aloof or stubbornness. To restore the balance:

Join a T’ai Chi class or something similar
Make a positive long term plan
Have a ‘heart to heart’ with your closest friend
Make a wish upon a star to make a wish come true

Aromatherapy oils: orange
Bach flower remedy: water violet
Affirmation: I share in the harmonious energies of the universe

Health and well-being for the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces


Individuals born under the water signs thrive on emotional involvements no matter how painful but each of the three signs has a different way of expressing their sensitivity and dealing with their feelings.

Basic RGBCANCER (23 June to 23 July)
The colour for Cancer is silvery white (think of moonlight on water) representing reflection, sensitivity and imagination. It symbolises maternal love, nurture, protection, tenacity and empathy. Those born under this sign are very emotional but try to hide their sensitivity beneath a hard outer shell. Home and whoever or whatever they consider as ‘family’ are important to them and they are fiercely protective of those they love. With their strong intuition and ability to pick up atmospheres, those born under this sign usually know what is happening around them long before others are aware. Cancer is the sign of the nurturer and those born under this sign are hospitable, generous and kind to those invited into the inner sanctum. They care deeply for anything they truly believe in whether it is family, friends, pets a project or a cause. ‘I express myself sensitively and protectively’.

How to boost Cancer energy
An under emphasis of water energy can be recognised as insensitivity to feelings (self and others), insecurity, lack of awareness or not relating to others. To boost flowing energy:

Listen to stirring music and let the emotions flow
Spend a day with an old friend
Take a nostalgic look at old photographs
Wear white or some silver jewellery

Aromatherapy oils: frankincense
Bach flower remedy: heather
Affirmation: I am a powerful, loving and sensitive being

How to balance and excess of Cancer energy
An over emphasis of this sign can result in moodiness, shyness, unpredictability, sulking or withdrawal and refusing to forgive and forget. To restore the balance:

Hug a tree, a pet or a loved one
Get someone to prepare a favourite meal for you
Have a laugh with a trusted friend
Go for a walk on a beach or a riverbank

Aromatherapy oils: bergamot
Bach flower remedy: clematis
Affirmation: I accept my sensitivity and express it creatively

Basic RGBSCORPIO (24 October – 22 November)
The colour for Scorpio is magenta (think of an aubergine) and represents courage, power, regeneration and transformation. It symbolises secrecy, passion and deep-rooted emotions. Although often rigid they can make sudden, dramatic changes in life, without looking back. Those born under this sign are magnetic and unfathomable with secret depths. Their emotions are powerful and unswerving and their quiet, secretive nature hides great single mindedness, perseverance and determination.
They often seethe with emotion and make implacable enemies. If their reservoir of energy is channelled positively they make great contributions to the world through healing, research, music or writing.

How to boost Scorpio energy
An under emphasis of water energy can be recognised by despondency, frustration, lack of faith or direction. To boost flowing energy:

Stir up physical passion by expressing your love for someone
Give rein to passion through music, poetry or art
Burn incense or inhale the perfume of a flower
Visit a place that uplifts your spiritual energies

Aromatherapy oils: jasmine
Bach flower remedy: wild oat
Affirmation: I accept inner guidance

How to balance an excess of Scorpio energy
An over emphasis of water energy can be recognised by resentment, desire for revenge, obstinacy or self destruction. To restore the balance:

Consider having a therapy such as reiki or massage
Review your diet and make sure you are eating healthily
Send the pink light of unconditional love to someone
Learn to meditate and practise regularly

Aromatherapy oils: neroli
Bach flower remedy: chicory
Affirmation: I let go willingly

Basic RGBPISCES (20 February-21 March)
The colour for Pisces is violet (think of the violet band at the end of a rainbow) and represents compassion, extreme sensitivity, imagination and fantasy. It symbolises serenity, poetry, healing, mysticism and psychic ability. Those born under this sign operate best when they are emotionally involved, using their innate empathy and compassion in a constructive way. As well as being naturally suited to the caring professions, Pisceans make good actors, inspired poets and gifted clairvoyants. They make tolerant, sensitive companions and are adaptable, always trying to see the best in others, although a tendency to see the world and its inhabitants through rose-coloured spectacles can result in disillusionment. ’When weeping for others, I also weep for myself’.

How to boost Pisces energy
An under emphasis of water energy can be recognised by arrogance, lack of sympathy, irritability and intolerance. To boost flowing energy:

Read or write poetry or romantic fiction
Keep a diary of dreams and get a book to help interpret them
Arrange to visit hospitals or care homes
Do relaxation whilst listening to a recording of the sea

Aromatherapy oils: lavender
Bach flower remedy: beech
Affirmation: I am calm and accepting of myself and others

How to balance an excess of Pisces energy
An over emphasis of water energy can be recognised by martyrdom, unreasoned fear, impressionability, vagueness or deceit and a dependency on alcohol or drugs. To restore the balance:

Have a reflexology treatment or a pedicure
Plan a trip on a boat – anything from a rowing boat to a cruise
Sign up for a course in creative cookery
Choose a film to watch on a rainy afternoon

Aromatherapy oils: camphor
Bach flower remedy: mimulus
Affirmation: I am a strong, courageous, joyful being

gillian knowles headshotGILLIAN KNOWLES provides online support using astrological principles for life coaching, health and well-being. She is a highly experienced, fully trained astrologer and counsellor and supplies individually prescribed flower remedies and aromatherapy oils to help her clients to deal with their difficulties. Contact Gillian at

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