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6 fat loss secrets Instagram fitness star Krissy Cela wants you to know

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It takes work and knowledge to look this good, so when Instagram fitness superstar Krissy Cela shares six of her fat loss secrets and exactly how she sculpts that perfect booty, we’re listening 

If you haven’t yet heard of fitness sensation Krissy Cela, then you need to get to know her.

Not only is her Instagram full of real life transformations and badass workouts, but she is also one of the most down to earth women in the fitness industry.

With a no-filter and no-nonsense approach to everything from fitness to her skin troubles and everyday lifestyle issues, Krissy is an inspiration to all who follow her.

Plus her body is so insane that she eptomises #bodygoals. Don’t believe me? Have a stalk of her Instagram @krissycela ASAP –  1.8 million followers – she must be doing something right.

She looks THAT amazing that if she told me her secret was cleaning her teeth with vodka every morning whilst doing some lunges, or something equally as crazy, I would probably do it – religiously.

Krissy Cela Instagram
Images Via Instagram @krissycela

Krissy, 25, launched her own fitness app Tone & Sculpt just over a year ago (January 2019), that offers subscribers hundreds of personalised workouts, custom meal plans and a community forum where members can connect, share tips and ask for health and fitness advice any time they need to.

Available from just 23 pence a day, the fitness app also features a water tracker, progress tracker and a weekly shopping list.

Along with Instagram, the Tone & Sculpt app gives Krissy fans a helpful insight into exactly how Krissy trains and eats herself.

But we wanted to know the particulars. How much cardio does she do? How does she stay motivated? And how, oh HOW does she sculpt that amazing bum?

Healthista simply had to find out, so we interviewed her and these are six fat loss secrets Krissy Cela told us exclusively.

Fat loss secret #1 You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, 28 intense minutes is enough

Ever been to the gym and completed a sweaty 30-minute session, but then as you go to leave you’re filled with guilt that you haven’t been there for a whole hour? Krissy has too.

‘When studying law at university, I simply didn’t have time to spend an hour in the gym everyday,’ revealed Krissy.

tone and sculpt app new
Tone & Sculpt app

‘I was waitressing to try and make money while studying at the same time and I didn’t have time to train. I would always beat myself up for not being at the gym for longer than an hour.

‘Lots of people say that you need to workout for at least an hour a day to make the workout worthwhile, but newsflash! You honestly don’t.

‘Of course if you do have time to train for an hour, then that’s great, enjoy that time for yourself. But, for those who don’t have the luxury of time, a 30-minute intense workout 3-4 times a week is honestly all it takes to see results.

‘This short yet effective exercise is what inspired the new addition to the Tone & Sculpt app that is launching this March (2020), called ’28 minute Workouts’.

‘The new app addition is a four-day-a-week programme where you only exercise for 28 minutes – though, to be fair we are talking about 28 intense minutes. But it’s still only  28 minutes, for four days a week. That’s just under two hours weekly. None of this one hour every day or every other day nonsense, and I promise, you WILL see results.

‘The new 28-minute workouts by themselves are intense, but if you do want to make it even harder, add free-weights and dumbbells – and good luck!’

Fat loss secret #2 Do HIIT training for the weight-loss win

‘I need to lose weight but I don’t know how much cardio I should be doing compared to lifting weights?’ Does this sound like a familiar quandary?

In fact, when asking friends and family members, the cardio or weight training ratio is a recurrent question. So we asked Krissy what she thinks, ‘For starters, everyone is different and has different goals,’ explains Krissy.

‘Let’s take someone who wants to bulk up and gain muscle for example. I would recommend not doing that much intense cardio and instead opt for steady state cardio such as going on some gentle walks and only doing a couple of lighter cardio sessions per week.

if your goal is to lose weight, I strongly recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

‘Take me as another example, I can’t think of anything worse than cardio – oh no, it’s just not for me. Which is perfect because I don’t need to lose weight, I need to maintain it.

‘So I avoid running and spin class like the plague and instead take my dog for a walk every morning for about half an hour, which I love because that’s my quality time with her.

‘But if your goal is to lose weight, I strongly recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), exercise around three to four times per week.

‘An example of a HIIT session would be a super fast sprint for 20 to 30 seconds on a treadmill, cross-trainer or stationary bike, then resting for 30 seconds and repeat this for ten minutes.

‘It’s an absolute killer, but you are seriously going to feel it and the results will be insane if you incorporate that into your other workouts three to four times a week.

‘That’s only around half an hour a week, but the intensity is a whole different level and will seriously burn fat’.

krissy cela gym

Fat loss secret #3 Don’t cut out any food groups

Low carb, low fat, no sugar – so many people look to cut food groups in an attempt to get into shape, lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

But should we be depriving ourselves of our food? According to Krissy, the answer is a stern, NO.

‘Stop and I repeat STOP cutting out your food groups. Just stop it. If I hear one more person tell me they’re not eating something I am going to – I just can’t even,’ asserts Krissy.

I honestly don’t cut out anything. Last night I even had some chocolate cake with custard.

‘I’ve seen people cut out just about everything. People often think they need to cut out carbs and fats and that by eating those food groups they won’t lose weight or will gain weight.

‘That just isn’t the case, and after depriving yourself for so long, you’ll then binge eat, crave pasta, junk food and chocolate like never before.

‘I mean I can’t talk, I have also cut out my food groups in the past. I once went through a phase where I would only eat broccoli and chicken.  I remember thinking this just tastes like s**t, I don’t want to eat this.

‘Then I went through a phase where I would only eat what a diet club told me was ‘accceptable’ to eat. I found myself eating Curly Wurleys just because it fit my ‘points’ or macros for the day. Seriously, WHAT was I thinking? It wasn’t good for me.

‘Fast forward to now, and I eat all my food groups and don’t cut out a single thing and I have never felt better in my life.

‘Everyday on my plate, I try and include carbs such as rice, healthy fats such as oils and avacado, proteins such as chicken and fish and other micronutrients found in vegetables and pulses.

‘I honestly don’t cut out anything. Last night I even had some chocolate cake with custard, and that piece of chocolate cake alone is not going to cause me to gain loads of weight.

‘It’s all about consistency and also, learning how to cook. You really do have to learn how to cook.

‘If you’re eating foods that come out of plastic or packaging, just stop. Instead eat what comes from the earth, that way you can be sure it will be good for you’.

Fat loss secret #4 Remember why you started

Some days we wake up, get stuff done, lift some weights, eat healthy food and get eight hours of sleep.

Other days we don’t get much done, eat some biscuits after lunch, skip the gym and stay up too late watching Netflix instead of getting enough sleep.

That leaves people wondering, where does my motivation go? Why can’t I be motivated all of the time?

It’s a question Krissy gets asked all of the time…

‘I’ll be completely honest and put it out there, my motivation comes and goes. Sometimes my motivation will be peak one week then it can completely deflate the next week,’ says Krissy.

‘But you need to stop beating yourself up over it. None of us can be motivated 100 per cent of the time, it’s not humanly possible.

‘When I do have a particularly down day, one of my pick me ups is the Tone & Sculpt community, if you have a scroll through what other women are saying and going through, you will realise that you aren’t alone, and that it’s natural to have a down, unmotivated day.

‘Community and having supportive friends is what picks me up when I’m having a down day. Sometimes it even gives me motivation, I’ll think well, if she can do it, I can do it. Why would I want to give up on my journey and on myself?

‘Plus, I know its cliche, but I always remind myself of why I started my fitness journey, and what being fit and healthy does for me and my well-being.

‘I went through such a horrendous heartbreak and was in such a toxic relationship, that I know many women and also men go through, and it can cause your confidence to plummet.

‘You feel so crap about yourself, which is normal but in order to get out of that way of thinking, I think back to how I felt then, in comparison to how I feel now, and I realise I never want to go back to that place.

‘If going to the gym and looking after my health stops me from going back there, that’s what I will do.

‘Constantly remind yourself of your ‘why’ and you’ll end up talking motivation back into yourself’.

Fat loss secret #5 Perfecting your form is key

Many people get carried away with ‘how much’ they can lift, but Krissy thinks people need to focus firstly on their form.

‘When someone starts their fitness journey, I’ll often hear, ‘Oh, I cant do this, I’m so awkward at the gym’. But we all know that practice makes perfect and even by week three of your journey you will get used to what you’re doing and your confidence will have rocketed.

‘People get carried away with how much they can lift or how many sets, reps or jumps they can do and they tend to forget about their form.

It’s about the form you perfect not the weight that you lift

‘When people lift too heavy before learning how to do the exercise properly, they get discouraged when they are in pain or they feel uncomfortable and awkward.

‘Before you even think about lifting weights, you firstly need to perfect the exercise. Not only is this important to avoiding injury, it’s also crucial so you’re working the muscles you should be targeting rather than using your back during a deadlift for example. If you aren’t doing it properly or feeling the benefit, then you are wasting your time.

‘It’s about the form you perfect not the weights that you lift. That’s what I always say. Take your time with things and be gentle.

‘You have no one to impress but yourself, ease yourself into the process gently and don’t rush, you can’t expect to sprint if you don’t even know how to crawl.

‘Focus on your journey one step at a time. That’s why I always recommend people starting on my app to begin with the beginner guide. It’s useful at showing you how to do gentle exercises to begin with before you build up the weight and amount you do, it also builds your confidence’.

Krissy cela stretching fat loss secrets

Fat loss secret #6 Make hip-thrusts your go-to exercise

This may not be a fat loss secret, but it’s a necessary question: ‘Krissy how does one get a perfectly sculpted bum like yours?’

Turns out the secret to her perfect booty is…. hip thrusts and eating your food.

‘Everyone asks me about my bum. Well what can I say about the glutes, well first of all remember that I have been training for over five years, so this bum has been a work in progress for that long, it does take time, you aren’t going to miraculously build one in a week.

‘Secondly, like I said eat your food and stop cutting out your food groups, eating healthy food will help to build your bum, fact.

‘And thirdly, hip thrusts. They are the prime movement and the number one exercise for building the glutes [bum muscles].

‘Start with just your body weight, then add a resistance band, then dumbbells before finally moving on to the barbell which is trickier because of the balance and stability – so build up to this.

‘If you start with a dumbbell you’ll have more stability and control over it and be able to thrust it up properly. I have so many YouTube videos on it so be sure to have a look, plus the app tells you exactly how you can do all exercises correctly, including hip thrusts’.

tone and sculpt

The Tone & Sculpt app is available from £13.99 (monthly) at The App Store and on Google Play.

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