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8 best squat proof leggings – tried and tested

Squat proof leggings are an essential gym kit item every woman needs. That’s why Healthista have functionality-tested the best leggings to see which ones pass the squat test

We’ve all been there – you’re in the gym perfecting that deep squat when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Instead of admiring your well-sculpted behind you notice that your booty is on show rather more than you would like it to be, no thanks to some very see-through leggings.

Finding a pair of good quality squat proof leggings isn’t easy. So we decided to hunt down some trusty pairs that wouldn’t let us down.

For our search the leggings had to fit these three criteria points:

  • The leggings must be comfortable (no digging in)
  • They must not go see through mid-squat (or at all)
  • They must not fall down.

Here are the leggings that passed the test and why…

#1 Tala – Zinnia Leggings, £40

We are Tala Squat proof leggings

Comfort: 8/10

See through: 1/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 8/10

The Tala Zinnia leggings were extremely flattering thanks to a thick, high rise waistband that is perfectly shaped to ensure the leggings sit comfortably – there was certainly no uncomfortable digging in at any point.

Suitable for the gym, yoga and running, these performance-based leggings are sure to hold you in place throughout your workout or run. It took a lot of jumping around for the leggings to move, which means they indeed do their job of hugging your waist and staying in place.

What we loved most was the V-ribbed waistband at the back, that makes that booty look extra peachy.

One thing to not though, is that the material on these leggings is thicker than usual leggings,  which means they are definitely an option to be worn in the colder months.

If you are someone who gets particularly hot at the gym, then the thick material may not be for you.

#2 Lululemon – Wunder Under HR Leggings, £78

Lululemon Squat proof leggings

Comfort: 8/10

See through: 3/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 8/10

The Wunder Under high rise leggings from Lululemon were certainly a hit here at Healthista HQ.

Not only because of the pretty Brier Rose colour, but because these leggings were totally stylish thanks to their minimal seaming and flattering wide waistband – not to mention how well they hugged the booty.

Suitable for the gym, yoga and running these leggings certainly stayed in place throughout the workout. Oh and even though they are light in colour, no sweat patches were visible, thanks to the performance sweat proof fabric.

Does Lululemon ever disappoint?

#3 XOLDN – High Waist Seamless Leggings, £24.99

XOLDN Squat proof leggings

Comfort: 10/10

See through: 1/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 9/10

For soft and comfortable leggings that make your booty look incredible, XOLDN’s high waist seamless leggings are exactly what you need.

The blue colour in particular was extremely popular here at Healthista.

These leggings are specifically designed to fit to the way you move when you train. The wide elasticated stretch waist band holds you in comfortably without digging in.

Oh and these leggings really are high rise, you can pull them up pretty far if you need to, as they are super stretchy.

Designed for freedom of movement, the XOLDN high wait leggings are made from a soft material that makes them perfect for yoga but are also great for squatting in the gym.

Even though the leggings are light in colour, they passed the sweat test – no sweat patches were visible after a pretty intense legs and booty session.

One thing that did come up though, was that these leggings aren’t too suitable for running. We think this is due to the stretchy fabric that can fall down if you have gone for a bigger size.

But seriously, we couldn’t fault these FAB leggings.

#4 MyProtein – Women’s Shape Seamless Ultra Leggings, £42

MYPROTEIN squat proof leggings

Comfort: 9/10

See through: 2/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 8/10

The MyProtein Shape Seamless leggings are another brand that offer a high-waisted supportive fit that will stay in place while your workout and aren’t too tight but smooth on the body. The leggings are also panelled, which helps to accentuate and contour your curves.

When trying these leggings the Healthista team agreed that these leggings make you feel confident, not only due to the bright crushed berry colour but also thanks to their quick-drying fabric that is designed to draw moisture away from the body and absorb sweat – say goodbye to sweat patches.

Although suitable for most sports, these leggings are on the thicker side when it comes to materials, so it’s best not to go running in warmer weather or do an intense HIIT session at the gym in these leggings.

#5 GymShark – Adapt Camo Seamless Leggings, £50

Gymshark Squat proof leggings

Comfort: 9/10

See through: 1/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 1/10

Stand out of line with these camouflage patterned leggings from GymShark.

These leggings were certainly flattering, especially thanks to their ruched detail to the bum. The seamless fabric also means there was no digging in anywhere uncomfortable.

The high waist-band was indeed that – high – you can pull these leggings up pretty high if you need to. The waist-band is also super thick and pulls you in without digging in, again adding to the flattering outcome of these leggings.

The material on these leggings is thicker than most, which means they are definitely to be worn in the colder months. If you get particularly hot when working out then these leggings may not be the best option.

However, if you do your workouts outdoors or are a keen runner, then we can’t recommend these leggings more.

All at Healthista agreed that these leggings don’t just need to be worked out in. Matched with stylish trainers and a gorgeous winter coat, you can create the ultimate trendy outfit for when your running errands or hitting the shops.

Versatility always wins right?

#6 Sundried – Infinity Women’s Leggings, £35


Comfort: 8/10

See through: 1/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 2/10

Sundried’s Infinity leggings aren’t only perfect for a glutes session at the gym, but are great for running, yoga, and for outdoor activities and sports.

What Healthista especially loved about these leggings are the multiple pockets.

Not only are there pockets on the side of each thigh, but there is also a secure zip pocket and the back, which again makes these leggings great for outdoors and running.

The breathable fabric ensures no sweat patches and the thigh, high waistband din’t dig in and stayed in place throughout the whole glutes training session.

Healthista was unsure at first about the colour of these leggings, but we needn’t have worried as these leggings were extremely flattering and had a figure-enhancing design that makes the booty looks extra peachy.

#7 Varley – Meadow Legging, £87

Comfort: 8/10

See through: 0/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 8/10

Varley Squat Proof Leggings

Fierce but comfortable, not a combination that is often heard of, but one that works oh so well.

Even though these leggings are on the expensive side they certainly won’t disappoint.

These Meadow Leggings by Varley are made from a compressive Letelux fabric, that is quick to dry and wicks away the sweat while you workout.

Although these leggings are mid-rise rather than high-rise, they are as comfortable as a high waisted pair of leggings.

The shaping seams on the waistband and legs make these leggings super flattering, and meant minimal VPL (visible panty lines).

The Healthista team were slightly worried that the classic leopard print wouldn’t flatter, however we were wrong.

They are surprisingly flattering and received plenty of compliments.

The key point to make about these leggings is that they are extremely stretchy, making them very comfortable, lightweight and soft.

Perfect for yoga, Pilates and the gym but not so perfect for running. The leggings could have done with a drawstring to keep them in place better as they did slip down when attempting to run.

Not only are these leggings perfect for the gym but they are also ideal to lounge around in and even fashionable enough for when you’re out about and about at the shops.

#8 Planet Warrior – Tropical (Recycled Plastic) Leggings, £50

planet warrior leggings

Comfort: 7/10

See through: 2/10

Easy to squat in (don’t fall down): 7/10

If you’re a fan of a bold and floral print, then these tropical collection leggings from Planet Warrior are for you.

Not only do these leggings have a stand out design but they are also high waisted for maximum comfort and a flattering fit while you squat and work that booty.

The fabric is also lightweight, flexible and luxuriously soft as it’s blended with spandex. This makes them a very good choice for the gym and squatting as the leggings move with your body.

Not only are these leggings comfortable and functional but also eco-friendly as they are made from recycled plastic bottles – a win for you and a win for the environment.

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