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7 best sports swim suits with support and style

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Athletic bathing suits have never been so stylish or body-shaping. Now, as The Fall’s character DCI Stella Gibson, portrayed by Gillian Anderson, reminds us swimming pool style has been revamped, we pick the best sports swim suits

Returning to our screens in BBC’s current crime drama The Fall, Gillian Anderson no doubt wouldn’t be seen dead in an old-fashioned, unflattering cossie reminiscent of school days.


Swimming is a fantastic sport for all the muscle groups and easy on the joints, so forget speed-walking along the poolside, desperate to dive in and hide under the water. Grab yourself one of these sculpting and stylish costumes, with buttock lifts and waist shapers, which still perform practically, for ultimate confidence.

  1. MP by Aqua Sphere

Selaron, MP
Selaron, MP

Multi-award gold medal winning Olympian Michael Phelps has personally selected the prints for this vibrant new collection MP, paired with Aqua Sphere. Designed by a professional, the costume is necessarily durable against the harsh chlorine chemicals, with a stylish racing back and hi stretch thin straps to flaunt a figure.

Size 28-38 from £34.97 on Amazon Mp Michael Phelps Women’s Swimsuit-Black/Dark Pink, 8, Selaron Round Back, 32-Inch/Size UK 8




  1. Bohemian Mesh, Zoggs

Bohemian Mesh, Zoggs

Zoggs has taken fuller figures into consideration in their latest range. A plunging neckline paired with a sexy mesh panel draws attention to the curves of the body, whilst removable cups are there to give extra support if needed, especially for us big busted women. The costumes are made from quick-drying, chlorine resistant Hydrolife™ fabric, which means the shape isn’t lost after hours and hours of swimming. The seam down the back also ensures a more streamline swim.

Size 8-20 £35 on Amazon Zoggs Women’s Bohemian Magic Mesh Crossover Swim Suit – Black/White, 44-Inch/Size 20




3. Zen Resort, Zoggs

Zen Resort, Zoggs
Zen Resort, Zoggs











This beautifully designed Zoggs costume from their fuller figure rangeincludes a twist detail on the bust, detachable straps, and ruche on the tummy, which in itself has a control panel. Despite the practicalities of a clip at the back for additional bust support, and Hydrolife™ fabric, it doesn’t compromise on the feminine front; there is a feature just to lift the buttocks.

Size 8-20 £38 on Amazon Zoggs Women’s Zen Resort Ruched Booty Swim Suit – Noble Blue, 36-Inch/Size 12


4. Speedo

Sculpture Watergem, Speedo
Sculpture Watergem, Speedo

Speedo has upped their game and keeping on trend with their Sculpture range, designed with shaping materials and modelled by Caroline Flack. Know for top-notch quality, this print offers a sophisticated print ‘Watergem’ and a subtle rouche around the v-neck bust, perfecting an hour-glass figure.

Size 32 waist- 44 £52 on Amazon Speedo Women’s Water Gem Sculpture Printed Watergem Adjustable Swimsuit, Aquarate Black/Aquarium, Size 40


Front zip, GlideSoul

5. Front zip, GlideSoul

High quality and so gorgeous, GlideSoul has created bright coloured swimsuits with built in UV protection. A design to suit all shapes, these numbers could pass as bodysuits for a night out, making them super stylish. They are also made with luxury neoprene, which can withstand regular use whilst staying soft and flexible. The Front Zip One Piece looks great from behind with a racer back enhancing your waist.

Sizes XXS-L £75


One shoulder, GlideSoul

6. One shoulder, GlideSoul

GlideSoul have taken glamour to the next level with this black one shoulder, guarateed to encourage confidence. Despite its sleek style, the costume is still made of luxury neoprene material, with built in UV protection.

Sizes XXS-L £79


  1. Tequila, Aqua Sphere

    Tequila, Aqua Sphere
    Tequila, Aqua Sphere

This striking costume can be chucked in the gym kit after use as it hardly absorbs any water. Tequila is stretchy for comfort like a traditional suit, and worn by ambassador and Olympic Amanda Beard who too appreciates a no-nonsense high performing costume for regular training.

Size 32 inch-42 from £17.99 on Amazon Aqua Sphere Women’s Tequila Swimsuit – Black/Blue, 32-Inch



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