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16 best gym wear buys for 2016

victorias secret workout clothes fitness gym wear by healthista


We’ve been busy trying out 2016’s new gym wear – here, lifestyle writer Vicky Hadley rounds up the Healthista team’s favourite tried and tested pieces. Best news? They’re all great value for money too 

Sports Bras

Victoria’s Secret

pink sports bra victorias secret best gym wear for 2106 by healthista

Anna and Svava, Victoria's Secret Sport Launch by

Our Healthista editor, Anna Magee (above left at the VSX launch) is in love with the sports bras from the new Victoria’s Secret Sport collection, calling it ‘the holy grail of sports bras’. The royal blue and turquoise colours are incredibly flattering on tanned olive skin but the beautiful pink sports bra looks stunning on those with a paler complexion. The sports bra gives twice as much support as a normal sports bra and ensures no matter what exercise you are tackling you don’t need to worry about any slips.  £38.60 from Victoria’s Secret


Pink Soda

Pink Soda Sport Leopard Zip Bra £20, Pink Soda Sport Collection by

Pink Soda’s gym range not only looks beautiful on but the fabric is of such a high quality that you don’t want to take it off. The striking pink sports bra’s leopard print is subtle enough to look classy but still ensures you make a statement in the gym. Healthista editor, Anna Magee says, ‘I have never had so many comments on my gym clothes than when I’m in Pink Soda.  The fabric is a gorgeous non shiny lycra that gives you so much support’. Available for £20 from JD SPORTS.


myzone sports bra tracks heart rate best gym wear for 2016 by Healthista

The new MYZONE Sports Bra is an amazing new mix of technology and fashion. Integrated with training technology the bra is not only perfectly comfortable and supportive but in actually measures your heart rate and calorie burn whilst you’re working out. Who needs a treadmill now?  Available in black and vibrant red for £49.99 from Myzone.


swinging purple zaazee sports bra best gym wear for 2016 by healthista

The gorgeous purple sports bra is a Healthista favourite. Not only eye catching and beautiful but the racerback turns the outfit into a showstopper. The material is extremely soft and stretchy with 10 per vent elastane. The deep purple colour looks fashionable and feminine and keeps you feeling bright and confident. If you have abs then you’ll definitely want this outfit, but if you are on your way to them pair with one of the stunning cover up tops (see below) and you’re ready to go.  Available from Zaazee for £32


Dorothy Perkins


grey leggings from Dorothy Perkins by

The grey space dye leggings from Dorothy Perkins are comfortable, super soft and tight fitted. They pull you in tightly leaving you feeling toned and ready to show off your legs and butt. Not quite lost the post-christmas binge weight yet? No one will ever know in these trousers. The leggings will boost your confidence whilst holding you in place through all of those burpees.  Available for £22 from Dorothy Perkins


ilu black leggings best gym wear leggings by Healthista

We are MADLY in love with these gorgeous new black leggings that have a stunning pattern and beautiful ruching at the ankle of the legs which holds the leggings perfectly into place for whatever activity you have planned for the day. They’re seamless and high waisted (but you can flip the waistband down and make them low-waisted (genius) so can hide any lumps or bumps . And trust us, these babies do not budge, whether you’re kick-boxing, lifting, running (we tried all of that in them). They also come in a stunning grey and white pattern you will HAVE to have too.  Available from Ilu for £47.00



Replay hyperskin jeans

Denim brand Replay has just launched a new pair of ‘Hyperskin’ jeans that you can wear while practicing yoga or working out. They feel like a pair of supportive skinny jeans minus the zip fly and structured waist. The material is thicker than you’d expect and are amazing at holding you in place. I felt comfortable teaching in them, and they give a good range of movement when practicing yoga or stretching.

Available for £115 from House of Fraser


Stae Fit

leggings stae stae fit Top best gym wear by Healthista
The staefit leggings are the gym version of the LBD (Little Black Dress). Tight fitting and stylish they hug your curves and leave you looking toned. The leggings are high-waisted and secure, you will have no need to keep adjusting them during your workout. The pink seems bring a feminine and attractive detail to the leggings which when paired with the matching Staefit top will have you feeling ready to take on the world, or maybe just the squat rack.

Available for £49.99 from StaeFit.

Dorothy Perkins

dorothy perkins legginngs dorothy perkins best gym wear for 2016 by Healthista


rochelle in best gym wear graffiti by

Healthista’s Rochelle was in love with Dorothy Perkins active pink graffiti leggings that she pairs with the matching top. Not only will you look bold whilst training but they scream so loudly on their own that you will be dying to jump on that treadmill. The pink brings in a feminine colour that is also sexy and flirtatious too, ideal if you are hoping to catch the eye of your personal trainer.  Available for £22 from Dorothy Perkins.












Dorothy Perkins

drop it like a squat top dorothy perkins best gym wear for 2016 by Healthista

If you have taken a break from the gym and don’t wish to wear anything remotely fitting then DP’s white active slogan vest ‘Drop it like a squat’ is the perfect option to hide away any belly fat. The top not only looks fresh and floaty to leave you looking feminine but you’ll be feeling fashionable too. So get ready, get comfortable and ‘Drop it like a squat.’ Available for £15 from Dorothy Perkins


Victoria’s Secret

Ringer Mix Mesh Tank £27,Victoria's Secret Sport Launch by

The stunning blue tank from Victoria’s Secret takes you from gym fashion to stylish lounge. The tank has a beautiful strip that falls low on the waist and has a curved flared bottom that will keep you looking and feeling feminine but not exposed. Ringer Mix Mesh Tank £27


Stae Fit


stae fit PINK PIPING Top best gym wear by Healthista
stae fit top best gym wear for 2016 by Healthista

Healthista’s Vicky loves the Stae Fit outfit. With a pink zip up, the partner to our Stae Fit leggings gives the all-in-one outfit a sexy vibe that will be sure to get the attention of the gym-goers.

The black mesh is of a high quality, thick material that pulls you in tightly leaving an hour glass figure. The top comes with extra support around the bust meaning you don’t have to wear a sports bra, whilst the pink seems give a flattering feminine quality that will boost your confidence and leave you feeling stylish.

Available for £69.99 from StaeFit




Now, two for the outfits we LOVE…


Pink Soda

turquoise outfit pink soda gym wear model posing best gym wear for 2016 by Healthista

turquoise pink soda gym outfit best sports wear for 2016 by healthista

The Pink Soda outfit is the perfect option for all. Healthista’s Anna says she  has never had so many comments on her gym clothes as did in this outfit. The fabric of the leggings is a stylish, non shiny lycra that sits perfectly above the hips and will not budge. The leggings host a beautiful blow strip that curves at the top of the print leggings giving the leggings a comfortable and soft feel. The best bit is the sports bra is reversible and superbly supportive.

Sports bra is available for £16 and the leggings are available for £33 all from JDSPORTS




Victoria’s Secret 

This outfit will not only leave you feeling fashionable but you won’t be able to stop people staring in envy. The print is loud and stylish whilst the mellow pinks and yellow help to balance the dark black and red colours.

Incredible Front-Close Sport Bra £41 and Knockout Tight £48,Victoria's Secret Sport Launch by

Sport Bra is available for £41 and Knockout Tight leggings are available for £48 from Victoria’s Secret


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