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6 health trends not to miss this August

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A 5K glow in the dark run or a taste of new olive leaf infused waters, our Bodyologist Helen Foster brings you 6 health trends to enjoy in the last of the warm weather



It’s not often I find myself in a gym squealing ‘whhheeeeeee’ – but I couldn’t help myself when I tried the new Bodhi equipment at London’s bePilates near Baker Street.  Imagine a TRX but slightly more unstable upon which you do Pilates moves like bridges – that’s about the closest I’m going to come to describing it.  I’d been told it was for fairly advanced Pilates types – as the lack of stability really does engage your core – but actually most of the moves were doable even for me who hasn’t been near a Pilates studio in about five years.  My absolute fave was the one where you lie holding one set of ropes in one hand, put your feet in the other and swing – can I just say ‘whhhhheeeee’ again! See more at

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2. IDEAL STEAL: Hot pod Topped Salads

Vietnamese chicken, august trends, by
Vietnamese chicken from pod

Is it hot outside, is it cold? Who the heck knows – and this is causing me a food dilemma. I want to eat light summery foods, but if it’s grey and raining outside I also want something hot- at this point what’s a Bodyologist to do? The answer, is go to takeout company Pod – who have starting offering their hot curries and stews served over a salad instead of rice – perfect for carb shunners – and people like me who can’t decide what to eat. Sadly I’m not London-based so until I get up to try the real thing I’ve just been stealing the idea for myself – and, I like it. I topped a kale, tomato and avocado salad mix with leftover chilli – and, it was great. The kale went just the right side of soggy and I’d forgotten that warming avocado brings out the flavour. Find your nearest pod at

3. FUN NEW EVENT: The Color Run Night

The colour run night, august trends, by

What are you doing at 8pm on the evening of September 5th….  if you’re me, you’ll be running 5k round the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London’s Stratford wearing a flouro T-shirt and a headlamp while people throw glow in the dark powder at you……Why? Because the first Color Run Night event here in the UK has just been announced. This has the same concept as the day runs – you run through special zones and get pelted with coloured powder – but it’s added a special glow in the dark theme which includes ‘bubble zones’ the very concept of which has me leaping about like an excited four-year-old. If you want to join me, visit to register. It costs from £34.99.

4. MUST BUYS: Graze Snack Range and Real Handful Trail Mix

Real Handful, august trends, by

Behold as the world of healthy snacking just gained two new members. First up is the new launch from Graze. Until now, Graze has been the genius company behind deliverable healthy snack boxes but they’ve now launched a range of 12, all yummy, single snack punnets. Calories vary but start at 83 calories for the Thai Sweet Chilli Dippers, and prices start at 99p. Find them at Sainsbury’s, Boots and WH Smith Travel. Also, new is Real Handful Trail Mix, from £5.00 for a multipack. The idea of trail mix is easily portable, high energy snacks of nuts, fruit and chocolate that you use to refuel while hiking/camping. Until now, the ones I’ve tried have been underwhelming – but Real Handful’s Banoffee variety (combining dried banana, nuts and toffee chocolate drops) is amazing. It almost made me want to go camping……..almost! See more at

5. A-LIST UPDATE: Bodyism Clean and Lean Wellness teas

Bodyism, august trends, by

This is the latest launch from uber-chic personal training company Bodyism – and they’re a range of different tea varieties combined with blends of herbs designed to meet specific goals like energising and cleansing – and are named accordingly. Yes, I confess absolutely to featuring them completely because I like the names – who wouldn’t feel fab starting their day with a cup of I Am Beautiful or I Am Cleansed. I tried I Am Recharged one afternoon – at first sniff I was sceptical, it’s rather perfumed, but actually the mix of white tea, coconut, ginger, clove, ginseng (and more) did make a fantastic 3pm pick up. You’ll find the teas online at, priced £21.00.

6. CHECK OUT: Ovio Infusionscucumber_image_35

Bodyism refer to their teas as infusions – which seems to be the word of the month because also hoping to hydrate you nicely this month are new Ovio Infusions. These are drinks based round water infused with olive leafs – then, as olive leaf is rather bitter, sweetened up with a dab of fruit. Of all the new waters I’ve tried recently, these are my favourite – they aren’t super sweet but do have a noticeable flavour. Plus, they have 19 per cent olive leaf which, weight for weight contains more antioxidants than green tea.  I like them (though I admit to be being a bit disappointed that they weren’t just a touch bitter as I like bitter things). A little birdy tells me you can freeze them into ice pops too should you so desire. Find them now at Holland & Barrett and Ocado – rrp £1.50


HeaHelen-Foster-Bodyologistlthista’s Bodyologist Helen Foster blogs daily on all things health, fitness and diet related. Follow her @healthehelen.

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