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7 health trends not to miss this July

7 health trends not to miss this july

From floating exercise mats to underground farming, Bodyologist blogger Helen Foster brings you the 6 new health trends you can’t miss in July

1. TREND ALERT: Fitness Climbing

7 health trends not to miss this july

Quick, take a look round your gym – can you see a tall thin machine with handles and steps on either side? In that case hop on it and claim your ‘gym hipster’ points for the day. It’s called a Versa Climber and it’s the A-list trainers secret weapon of choice – and I use the word weapon specifically as it’s evil! J-Law’s trainer Dalton Wong uses it as part of his interval plans (aim for 30-60 seconds at over 100 steps a minute alternated with sandbell work to try his regime) while LA based trainer Jason Walsh (who works with stars like Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck) is running a climber class called Rise Nation that’s rivalling spinning as Hollywood’s butt shaper of choice. My advice – get climbing now before there’s a queue!

2. LOVE IT: Underground Farming

7 health trends not to miss this month

Who knew that there was a whole farm growing greens and other goodies underneath London’s Clapham High Street. Housed in old bomb shelter tunnels Growing Underground has just opened its doors producing yummy herbs and microgreens – including a few I’ve never heard of like Mizuna (big in Japan apparently) and Red Amaranth, which, despite the name is a not a grain but a pretty leaf. Right now they are only supplying restaurants but they hope to sell to stores soon. Unusual veg growing locations are a bit of a trend now – I’m also loving LA restaurant Tender Greens which has tower gardens between the tables so you could watch next week’s lunch grow as you tuck in today!

3. I’M WEARING: Fat Lass at The Back!

7 health trends no to miss this july

Okay, you’ve got to have a bit of confidence and a sense of humour to wear the new ‘Scarper’ running shirt from Yorkshire company Fat Lass at the Back, as the company name is emblazoned across the back in BIG letters – but I think it would be a great shirt to race in as it would make everyone laugh. Their company motto is clothes for ‘those who have struggled up never ending hills, dropped off the back of the pack and been over taken by those twice their age and half their weight’ – which is basically me!!! The logo though is not their USP, that’s the shape of the shirt, which, aims to fit, erm, curvier exercisers, and is actually incredibly flattering. I’m running in it this weekend so check my blog healthehelen for how it performs on the move. The company also do cycle wear (for women and men).

4. YUM ALERT: Meridian Peanut and Banana Bars

7 health trends no to miss this july

I’ve been a fan of Meridian’s plain peanut bars for a while now, but they’ve really raised the game with their new flavoured bars. Combining nuts as the first ingredient with flavours like cocoa, berry and, my personal fave, bananas they’re around 173 calories per bar and naturally packed with protein and healthy fats. Sugar quitters do note though that they use rice syrup and fruit juice to sweeten things so they aren’t sugar free. They are my fave snack of the month though. They launch later this month in health stores and at Holland & Barrett soon.

5. WTF IS THAT? Aquabase

7 health trends not to miss this julyHmmm, looks like Stand Up Paddleboarding has a rival in the ‘let’s use water to destabilise us and create abs of awesomeness’ stakes. Called aquabase, it’s selling itself as the first floating exercise mat – that’s right, instead of doing yoga or toning moves like planks/squats on the stable, dry, environment of the gym floor, trainers can now take classes out on the nearest lake or pool and do the same moves on the aquabase.

Of course this does bring up a ‘do I wear my gym kit or my swimmy togs’ dilemma you don’t normally face and, if you’re somewhat balance challenged it could be a damper experience than your normal class – but, you can work out with a swan swimming past – so, what’s not to love?

7 health trends not to miss this july



6. NEW LUNCH OPTION: Nairn’s Super Seeded Oatcakes

I have an oatcake problem. Bring them in my house and they call to me demanding I eat them with all the toppings.  This new addition to the Nairn’s range is no exception. They’re basically a slightly thinner Nairn’s cake with added flax, chia and sunflower seeds which gives an extra crunch and some extra protein.

They really are rather moreish. I was topping mine with mashed avocado and prawns for lunch and could have eaten them all day….I’m aware that’s not advisable! They launch any day now at Morrisons and Ocado and will be in health stores from September, price £1.39.



7. COMING SOON: In-Store Fitness

7 health trends

Two interesting announcements have popped into my inbox in the last couple of weeks. The first came from Asda, the second from department store TJ Hughes and the news was that both companies are planning on putting gyms in their stores. Asda’s will be a class based concept in association with Total Fitness (starting with a trial in Swindon) while TJ Hughes are planning a full on 24-hour gym above their Newcastle store. Sports Direct already have fitness clubs above some of their shops so looks we’re onto a growing trend here for squats while you shop!


Helen-Foster-BodyologistHealthista’s Bodyologist Helen Foster blogs daily on all things health, fitness and diet related. Follow her @healthehelen.

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