5 new health trends to watch out for this month – Souping, high fat diets and fasting for 12 hours a day

Are you ready for January? Helen Foster brings you the hottest body trends from the latest diets to the hotel where you get a wake – up call from your trainer. 


high fat diet jacketJan is diet book season – and this year there are heaps of them. One of them though is special to me, not only because I co-wrote it, but because the ideas in it stopped my constant yo-yoing. It’s based on the ideas of top trainer Zana Morris who uses a short high fat diet plan combined with a 12 minute high intensity workout to trigger weight loss. I tried it expecting it to be like all the other plans I’d started – either having no impact at all on my body or, getting a result that lasted a month at most. I was a bit surprised to find myself losing 10lb in just over a week – and to still be missing those pounds over a year later. To see more check out The High Fat Diet by Zana Morris and Helen Foster (Vermillion, £7.99). Find out which new 2015 diet is for you in our round-up of the latest.






pumpkin soupSouping is the winter equivalent of juicing – and it sees you having two or three warm liquid meals a day to give your digestion a break. Trouble is, many premade soups are high in salt and whipping up your own batches of veggies goodness doesn’t always fit well with a busy lifestyle – enter Tefal’s new Easy Soup, £79.99 which will be available at Argos. Put in your ingredients, decide if you want your soup smooth chunky and it blends and cooks in one. It’s out this month, I can’t wait for mine to arrive so I can start creating.



Barry's bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp studio


Butts alll over East London are quivering right now – though I’m not sure if it’s with excitement or fear of what’s to come. See, this month heralds the arrival of Barry’s Bootcamp‘s new second London studio near Shoreditch. Expect more of their signature leg trembling treadmill workouts – they’re a hug hit with celebs including Kim Kardashian and Sandra Bullock – which they claim burn 1000 cals in 60 minutes (read our review here). But they aren’t alone – treadmill studios are a hot 2015 workout trend – also check out my Project Fit review here.




Having just come back from a four week holiday where I made myself go to the gym every day, even just for 10 minutes, to try and keep my fitness up, I love the sound of this new idea from QHotel’s Park Royal Hotel in Cheshire. Basically you can set your wake up call to come from the hotel’s trainer Jeff Sandow – then after his bright and breezy tones get you in a fitness frame of mind, turn on the TV and you’ll find a Workout of the Day to complete in the gym. Can every hotel do this? Please?



12 hour dietIt’s the strange world of the health blogger that you end up having things like a favourite named scientist – but I do, and it’s Professor Satchidananda Panda at the US’s Salk Institute. Professor Panda (see how can you not love that) researches the idea that it might not be what you eat, but when you eat it that matters when it comes to weight control and, in his latest trial he found mice who ate for just 12 hours a day, fasting for the other 12 lost more weight than those consuming the same calories over 24 hours. Okay, so mice aren’t people but it does seem to back up all those intermittent fasting plans that say taking a break from food fires up your body rather than slows it down. It’s an idea that’s advocated in new book The Ice Diet, by Peta Bee, find out more here.


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