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Yoga for boxing – 10 minute sequence to help generate strength

In this week’s Yoga For series, yogi Jessica Stewart brings you a yoga for boxing sequence to get you in the fighting spirit and ready for the fight of the year, Floyd Mayweather Jr VS Connor Mcgreggor.

Welcome back to our Yoga for..” series. The time has come where the undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, takes on MMA champion Connor Mcgreggor, known to be the fight of the year. Both of these champions use yoga in their training to improve their flexibility and recovery which is a crucial part to any contact sport. This week Jessica Stewart, yoga teacher at 3tribes has a yoga for boxing sequence demonstrating a core focus with vinyasa flow to generate fluid movement and strength in equal measure and ideal for boxing. This routine will help to create strength in the core, shoulders, arms and thighs while opening the shoulders and hips.

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  1. Lying down on your back – Setu bandha sarvangasana (raise leg)

2. High plank, heels to the side, lift hips and chest (obliques)

3. Forearm plank

4. Right leg high lunge to warrior 3 (option to add pulses. knee to knee)

5. Utkatasana to twist

6. Downward dog to reverse warrior to parsva konasana


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Jess bio picJessica Stewart is a senior yoga teacher at Yogacentic and 3 Tribes, runs the Centric 200 hour Yoga training and yoga retreats worldwide. Jessica trained with tribe yoga in India, in tantra and ashtanga vinyasa yoga disciplines, an
d has since advanced trainings in anatomy with Tiffany Cruikshank. Jess’ teaching fuses yoga’s traditional lineage and modern anatomical awareness. Jess is known in London for strong vinyasa classes, yang yin and candlelit yin yoga classes that energise and de-stress.


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