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Experts reveal 13 health, fitness and beauty trends for 2023

Experts reveal 13 health, fitness and beauty trends for 2023 MAIN

With many continuing to put their wellbeing first, Healthista spoke to the experts to discover the Health, Fitness and beauty trends for 2023, that should be on your radar

2023 is now upon us and with it a whole host of new health, fitness, and nutrition trends to get your head around and try.

In a post-Covid climate, many are continuing to put their heath and wellbeing first, so here’s what the experts say you need to look out for in 2023…

Trend #1 Menopause entering the workplace

By Dr Dawn Harper, NHS GP, Media Personality and Author.

In 2022 we saw the conversation on Menopause go mainstream. With celebrities coming forward and and media normalising the conversation.

Dr Dawn Harper

This year is going to be the breakthrough for the menopause conversation entering the workplace.

With more help and guidance being available online as well as supporting products and the rise of new menopause organisations, together our voice is stronger, the world is waking up, it’s listening and we all have something to say.

‘Working menopausal women are the most rapidly growing demographic in the UK,’ reveals Dr Dawn Harper.

‘Many of these women have years of experience and hold senior positions. In recent years we have seen far too many of these women leave work early because of menopausal symptoms.

‘I noticed something of a sea change in attitude to the menopause in 2022. Menopausal women in the public eye have started speaking up about their experiences and this has given the average woman on the street the green light to also have those conversations.

‘Menopause is set to become the hot topic of 2023, which is so exciting. Menopause doesn’t just affect the woman, it affects all those around them, their family, their friends and their work colleagues. Opening up conversations around the menopause benefits us all’.


The Healthista Menopause Pack is a fully comprehensive online video workshop, led by Dr Dawn Harper; affordable, accessible and covering all aspects of the menopause, for those who need it most.

With expert advice and information from seven credible menopause industry experts, we hope that this online resource will help women navigate common health and wellness changes and challenges they may experience before, after and during the menopause.

Watch the trailer for more information…

Trend #2 The era of fitness efficiency

By Gunnar Peterson, Chief of Athletics at F45 Training 

In 2023, we can expect to see people become more productive and efficient with their training.

Gone are the days when you needed to dedicate a huge amount of time to work out and plan ahead as to whether you will focus on cardio, strength, or even recovery that day.

Nowadays, people live extremely busy lives which are only getting more chaotic, whilst being told exactly what they need to do to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but it’s impossible to do it all without a little help.

Gone are the days when you needed to dedicate a huge amount of time to work out

For this reason, we can expect to see the fitness world transition into an era of efficacy, where people will turn to fitness concepts like F45 Training that will do all of the thinking for them whilst delivering phenomenal results.

F45 doesn’t get labelled the ‘world’s best workout’ for no reason. It’s renowned for bridging the gap between the individual workout structure you would get from a Personal Trainer but enabling you to benefit from the group fitness community it has become world-famous for.

People know that they need to dedicate just 45-minutes of their day in order to get a great workout in, and all they have to do is turn up to their local studio.

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Trend #3 Reframing exercise as movement

By David Wiener, Training and Nutrition Specialist at AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics 

Reframing is a powerful tool to escape negative thoughts, which can often be a result of cognitive distortions. These thoughts can hold us back from our full potential.

Reframing these thoughts and essentially flipping the narrative is a great way to encourage positive habits and assist with effective goal-setting for the New Year.

Cognitive reframing, as it is commonly known, is a technique that can help to shift your mindset, encouraging you to look at things from a different perspective.

Regarding fitness, reframing can be an effective tool to establish a long-term, sustainable relationship with exercise and minimise the anxiety around exercise (or more specifically, getting started and sticking to a fitness plan).

Reframing exercise as ‘movement’ is a powerful tool that, for many, will change their view of exercise, discouraging thoughts of exercise as punishment and reducing exercise to what it is at its core – movement.

Build your own movement plan around things you enjoy and praise your body for what it can do

This can help to make exercise seem instantly more inclusive and open to anyone. After all, exercise shouldn’t be viewed as an exclusive club for the fit or strong.

To effectively reframe exercise as movement, adopt the mindset that your workouts should serve you rather than you are serving your workouts. Build your own movement plan around things you enjoy and praise your body for what it can do rather than what it can’t…yet.

Drop the phrases long associated with fitness such as, ‘no pain, no gain’ or the narrative that you have to ‘Earn your food’ or punish yourself with exercise on the days when you may have eaten more.

Get moving because you want to and for all the amazing benefits that movement can have on your physical and emotional health.

To help you build a balanced, goal-oriented mindset and maintain the motivation to improve your overall health through movement, try the Freeletics Mindset Coach and unlock a wealth of content and specially designed audio coaching sessions built on scientific research to help you master your mindset and unleash your full potential.

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trends 2023 exercise as movement woman walking upstairs

Trend #4 Prioritising mental health transformations in addition to physical health

By Dr Jenn Cooper, Head of Mindset at Real World Results 

Most of our actions start off as thoughts. Our internal chatter predicts so much of our observable behaviour and decisions.

Whilst we can do something new for a while, real change comes from changing the internal chatter so that the behaviour changes are more in line with that – it prevents tension between what we should be doing and how we are thinking.

For example, we think we should be going to the gym to transform physically, but the internal chatter says ‘I can’t do this’.

Putting as much emphasis on mental transformation in addition to physical, can help to encourage sustainable and long-lasting results. In short, changing behaviour to get physical results doesn’t predict an increase in confidence. Confidence predicts results.

There can be a dissonance between physical and internal when someone meets their external goals. Take me for example – I lost four stone, but I didn’t feel that way inside. I still saw myself as the overweight and unhealthy person because that was who I ‘thought’ I was. That can lead to self-sabotaging.

So, making sure we work on the mental image as well as the physical means we keep them in alignment and makes it more achievable and sustainable.

2023 will see a rise in more holistic health and fitness programmes

Body image, food and diet culture are firmly rooted in our internal experiences in how we think and feel about ourselves. To continue to focus on it as a purely physical pursuit takes away the psychological hold these things have over people.

In order to create real change, we have to acknowledge the internal struggle and battles people have (often the reason for them being in that initial position in the first place).

Physical health and mental health are so strongly connected but the health and fitness industry has been slow to acknowledge this. People’s emotions, internal and mental wellbeing has such a strong influence over their ability to make physical changes (and keep them).

2023 will see a rise in more holistic health and fitness programmes, like Real World Results. These sorts of training programmes recognise the balance between internal and external, and know that if the internal world isn’t ok, you’re not going to see the results on the outside.

The Real World Results programme prioritises mental wellbeing and transformation by including it as one of the cornerstones of the programme.

When mental wellbeing scores are low, clients are encouraged to work on that rather than just ‘do more’. They have specialist support from someone who is more impartial and focused on their emotional wellbeing.

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mental health trend 2023

Trend #5 A relaxed approach to health and fitness regimes and recognising balance

By Kieran Fisher, Founder of KBF Enterprises® and Warrior®

The importance of health and fitness has gained huge momentum across the world, especially since the pandemic, and many people were forced to adapt their regular routines during the various lockdowns which they have maintained thereafter.

In 2023, we can see people’s flexibility and relaxed approach to their previously strict health and fitness regimes to continue.

In the past, people were particularly rigid in their routines, sticking to one fitness discipline, either cardio or resistance, and only having one ‘cheat meal’ per week.

However, people are now becoming a lot more versatile in their approach to training and nutrition, as they recognise the positive impact flexibility can have on their mental health.

people are recognising the importance of balance and flexibility

We can expect this to continue even further in 2023, as people will no longer punish themselves when it comes to their routine.

Rather than being disappointed after skipping a gym session or opting for something different to what they planned, or merely enjoying drinks and a pizza with friends, people are recognising the importance of balance and flexibility in order to maintain a positive mindset.

We are starting to see people recognising that there is not a one-size-fits all approach to fitness and nutrition. What works for one, might not work for the other and people are going to be combining different things in order to boost their general wellbeing.

This is only going to accelerate in 2023 and we will see people experimenting more with their diet and training, to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

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trends 2023 balanced lifestyle

Trend #6 The long-term benefits of  ‘Gentle Workouts’

By Emily Rutherwood, Studio Manager and Pilates Trainer at FS8 Oxford Circus

In 2023, we are expecting people to say goodbye to gruelling exercise regimes, in favour of more low impact workouts that still offer enormous benefits.

In the past, fitness fanatics commonly followed the mantra, ‘no pain no gain’, but this has recently turned out to not be entirely accurate.

In fact, exercises that are kind on the joints, such as Pilates and low impact training, can provide a myriad of health benefits that used to be overlooked.

any form of exercise where your body is moving, and your heart rate is slightly raised

This has become somewhat of a revelation to hardcore gymgoers, who thought intense exercise was the only way to see results, when in fact, any form of exercise where your body is moving, and your heart rate is slightly raised, is found to be beneficial and easier to keep up with.

At FS8, we combine Pilates, tone and yoga, into one 50-minute invigorating session, that merges low impact with high energy. In these types of sessions, people can get a mixture of hybrid, strength, and cardio training, that do not put pressure on the joints, but instead create longer, leaner muscles.

This is what people are going to be looking for in 2023, as it shows you how to truly take care of your body by improving both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Trend #7 The shroom boom

By Clarissa Berry, Nutritionist for DIRTEA – a unique range of powders and Super Blends which harness the healing powers of mushrooms, adaptogens and ayurvedic herbs to naturally enhance your wellbeing.

Medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms with therapeutic properties that have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years (not the psychedelic kind!).

Mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps are packed full of beneficial molecules that help increase resilience to stress, offer antioxidant protection, enhance energy levels, regulate mood, improve sleep, sharpen focus, and so much more.

In a time when stress is a common factor in many of our lives, emotional and physical wellness are increasingly important. Relying too heavily on caffeine and other stimulants for alertness, and often using alcohol to wind down in the evening, places a huge strain on the body.

Mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps are packed full of beneficial molecules

Mushroom coffee, or even pure mushroom powders like Cordyceps, £39.99, provide a natural, balanced energy boost without the jitters and can provide a whole lot of other health benefits too.

Mushrooms have the highest fibre content of all foods, which means that they feed and nourish our gut microbiome. This keeps our gut healthy, as well as our cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems.

When mushrooms are broken down under proper processes, like DIRTEA’s dual extraction method, fibre is broken down into smaller molecules called beta-glucans that have incredible properties.

These molecules can stimulate the immune system to find and destroy pathogens and damaged cells, they are highly anti-inflammatory and have the power to regulate and soothe the body’s systems.

Other active compounds in mushrooms enhance cognitive and physical performance, improve skin health, enhance sexual vitality, protect and regenerate neurons.

Taking mushrooms in the morning, in a mushroom coffee or alone, offers a safe, natural, and effective way to promote health and vitality.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to caffeine entirely, DIRTEA’s Mushroom Coffee, £39.99 has half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee and contains three of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms, Reishi, Chaga and Cordyceps, along with other adaptogens Maca and Ashwagandha. It’s the perfect, healthy way to kickstart the day.

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2023 trends shroom boom mushrooms for health and wellbeing

Trend #8 The rise of liposomal technology and bioavailability

By Katarina Cepinova, Nutritional Therapist at Well Actually 

The importance of Liposomal technology and bioavailability in supplements has never been more topical than now. Every year, the winter months bring an influx of health woes and solutions, with millions spent a year on wellness products.

However, how do we know if the money we are spending and supplements we are taking are making the difference we need?

Since Covid, we have seen a significant increase in coughs, colds, infections and viruses due to the time we spent isolating from others, which has in turn impacted our immune system.

Liposomes are changing the way our bodies absorb plant substances, vitamins, and minerals

With the cost of living on the rise, smart spending has never been more at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So, how can we protect ourselves this winter, ensure we are saving money, but receiving the health defences we need?

That’s where Liposomal technology and bioavailability come in.

Liposomes are changing the way our bodies absorb plant substances, vitamins, and minerals for the better.

Turning the market of traditional dietary supplementation on its head, Liposomal technology is quickly becoming a phenomenon due to its potent, high absorbency levels, compared to standard supplements on the shelves.

A Liposome is a natural, bubble-like structure made from two layers of a fat like substance, normally derived from Sunflower or Soy, which encapsulates the nutrient enriched, active ingredients.

Similar in structure to our own cells, it deceives the body into transporting the orally consumed Liposomal bubbles containing nutrients, straight through the blood stream, into targeted cells that need them the most.

you won’t be excreting half of the goodness you’re consuming

Protected against the harsh environment of the digestive system, you can also rest assured that you won’t be excreting half of the goodness you’re consuming (and paying for) but guaranteed a fast and effective way of ensuring you are receiving optimum levels of the vitamins and minerals you need.

And what about Bioavailability? What even is it? It’s the proportion and effect of a drug or substance which enters the circulation when introduced into body.

Due to the fast absorption levels and longer stay in circulation of Liposomal technology, you can be sure to achieve higher bioavailability with lower doses of each nutrient.

This is where Well Actually’s Vitamin D3 and K2 Sprays and Immunity Defence Duo Kit come into play. Comprising of high-strength Liposomal Liquid Vitamin D3 and K2 with the addition of 1000mg of Vitamin C they are super easy to administer and digest.

Available in delicious fruity flavours and in liquid or spray formulation; they are the perfect supplement solutions for all the family thanks to their flexible dosing options, whilst packing the punch this winter.


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Trend #9 A stronger skin barrier

By Abbey Conley and Sara Waterman, Senior Aestheticians at Young LDN 

Developments in skincare are being driven by the concept of  the skin barrier. Research shows that consumers have growing concerns with external factors affecting the skin such as  pollutants and mask wearing.

Young LDN offers a bespoke approach to skin care and can  prescribe a specific treatment regime for clients by carrying  out a full skin analysis with the Observ 520 machine.

consumers have growing concerns with external factors affecting the skin

Once they have identified their specific needs, they can recommend a variety of facial treatments, including the  Express AquaPure Hydro Facial, a treatment for all skin types which supports the skin’s barrier and promotes  antioxidant protection, resulting in clearer, glowing skin.

Young LDN also offer an education behind each facial,  helping clients to understand their skin, as well as the essential use of vitamin C for antioxidant protection from  the various product ranges they offer including Vital C range from Image, C25 from Dermaceutic, and C E Ferulic  from SkinCeuticals.

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skin barrier woman looking at skin in mirror

Trend #10 High Vibration Foods

By Dr Lola Tillyaeva, Doctor in Psychology, Wellbeing Activist, Entrepreneur, Author, and Humanitarian

Our health depends on the invisible energy we receive from food. There are high-frequency foods such as, fruits, vegetables, berries etc. These contain more prana, energy, and light absorbed from their surroundings and from the sun.

And there are low-frequency ones, think processed meals, red meat, alcohol, etc. These are thought of as dead foods devoid of prana, energy, and light.

These contain more prana, energy, and light absorbed from their surroundings

There is a body of evidence that illustrates to maximize the nutritional value of our diets, it’s important that we choose foods that contain high-vibration energy to help us raise our own auric frequency and naturally enhance energy levels.

Examples of high-frequency foods include green leafy vegetables like kale and chard, berries, fresh herbs, beans, and seeds.

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high frequency foods

Trend #11 The scalp has it’s own microbiome

By MONPURE, Luxury Scalp and Haircare

Both the ‘skinification’ of the scalp and the skin’s microbiome continue to be leading trends for 2023, but little people know that the scalp has its own microbiome.

This intricate ecosystem provides a more moist, and less acidic environment and protecting our scalps from ultraviolet light.

‘skinification’ of the scalp and the skin’s microbiome continue to be leading trends for 2023

It provides essential support in the production of sebum, follicle regeneration and hair growth. We shampoo our roots, but with most conditioners recommending to only use on the lengths – do not look to replenish what has been stripped, resulting in a never end cycle of dehydration.

MONPURE’s Strengthening Essence Conditioner is designed allows you to confidently deliver moisture to the scalp and roots after washing, ensuring that the scalp microbiome remains balanced and healthy.

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scalp microbiome

Trend #12 Move over glass skin, it’s time for glass lips

By Emolyne, British Beauty Brand

Whilst Glass skin dominated 2022, Glass lips are set to steal the show in 2023. Continuing the nostalgia of the 90s, glass lips are the elevated version of a lip gloss.

A low maintenance, easy to wear trend that adds a dose of glamour and personality to any look.

It dominated the red carpet at the recent Golden Globes with Rihanna, Quinta Brunson, Michelle Yeoh, Jenna Ortega, Viola Davis and more supporting the look.

Get the look from Emolyne’s comprehensive Gloss Lip line.


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Trend #13 Mastering the liver-skin axis

Responsible for over 500 functions, the liver is our master organ.

When it becomes overloaded with toxins (easily done with the modern diet), the skin becomes inflamed which can result in acne, eczema and more.

If we can encourage the liver to function optimally, and skin can be cleared from underneath for a long-term solution, rather than temporally being treated with a topical cream.

The solution? Detoxifying the liver in one hit with, de-liver-acne Elixir, £23.99

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