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Cycling to work_ 10 things you need to know FEATURED (2)

Cycling to work: 10 things you need to know

From finding the right bike to practicing your journey first, we've listed 10 things every person cycling to work needs to know about ahead of Cycle To Work Day this Thursday (6th August)


11 new trainers we’re loving this season

As we approach the spring and summer months, it might be time for a new pair of trainers - or five. Here are Healthista's top pick kicks for running, walking and fashion

Best-sports-supplements-need-to-know-about-now FEATURE

Best supplements for people who exercise

Can’t tell your BCAA from your CLA? That’s why we’ve asked the experts to name the best sports supplements you need to know about, what they're for and why you need them


The fitness app that uses AI to give you your OWN workout programme

Want a personal trainer but can't afford the time or money? Healthista loves the new fitness app powered by AI that can give you your own tailored workout

Sexual abuse in yoga - the secret we can't ignore FEATURE

Sexual abuse in yoga – the secret we can’t ignore

It's been exposed in the Catholic Church, television industry and most recently Hollywood. Now sexual abuse in yoga is the latest secret scandal that's been ignored for years, says Genny Wilkinson-Priest


7 new fitness trends to try this Autumn

Looking for the latest trends in health and fitness? From altitude training to gyms that give back, these will make you want to workout

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