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What is Energy Based Therapy and how can it help?

Psychotherapy - what is it and how can it help MAIN

‘My therapy spiritual cleanse with a psychological therapist‘. Working considerably deeper than regularly therapy, we hear exactly how it can help

Being a multi-disciplinary energy based psychological therapist, there are many ways to describe Richard and what it’s like to work with him.

It is virtually impossible to put into words the full extent of the transformative whirlwind that you get to experience. Which for me ran beyond the depth of ANY therapy or hypnotherapy I have ever had.

Richard Osterfield Psychotherapy

Let’s start with a bit of background, Richard is a Certified Master Therapist and an Expert Consciousness Science Engineer, who has been working in this space since 2004, holding several forms of therapy practices that he combines for maximum effect.

Fascinatingly, Richard’s journey began as a trauma therapist, working with ex-military clientele, who had severe cases of CPTSD (multiple traumas), which included battle field trauma, as well as working with women who were victims of severe abuse.

Richard has worked internationally and has also spent time working with the police force.

Richard founded his Elite Successes Clinic in 2020, turning his attention to helping people become the ‘elite 1%’ in their chosen field.

He quickly built a strong international reputation with a vast clientele, including financial executives, world champion sportspeople, therapists, healers, ex-military special forces and the occasional celebrity.

Richard’s therapy sessions are not for the faint hearted, but if you are serious on working on yourself and your past trauma, and have been around the block to no avail, then Richard is the one who can lead you towards your rightful path.

The message that Richard wants to translate in his work is that you’re not a victim of life and only you hold the power of change. You can create the life you dream of, when given the ability on how to make conscious choices in empowering your life. Giving you the freedom to own it, to be it.

we become shapes to fit the jigsaw puzzle

‘Bring compassion and grace to the table and you can have anything you want,’ says Richard.

‘Happiness, work, money, love; in order to achieve connection to it, what we do is we become what others want us to be, we become shapes to fit the jigsaw puzzle, which only takes us back to our ego consciousness and we do this because we are pack animals.

‘We create a character that can finally belong, but this is not real, so therefore we never belong because it is not us anymore.

‘In society we value uniqueness, so be unique, let go of belonging and as soon as you do, your energy will shift. We manifest our fears just as much as we manifest our hopes.

‘When you give up fighting against yourself you stop manifesting all the bad stuff, when you let go and make your peace that’s when the magic happens.

‘You cannot cheat your inner self, so all this has to come from the root core and the only way to get there fast is with help and guidance’.

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compassion jigsaw best selfg

What is Energy Based Psychology & Therapy ?

Working with Richard is like bungee jumping into your trauma and kicking the shit out of it.

To achieve the successes of his clients Richard predominantly works with Energy Based Psychology and other energy-based modalities.

Psychology practices on therapy looks mostly at the mind. Energetic, spiritual psychology however, goes deeper into life issues focusing on ‘why did this happen’ vs the ‘how did this happen’.

It can work considerably deeper than regularly therapy, creating permanent systemic change in how we operate in the world, and working at a deeper level, allows for far more rapid change.

spiritual psychology however, goes deeper into life issues

Working with Richard felt like being thrown into the depth of a dark ocean, yet realising that this is the exact jilt you need. This is not your usual conventional therapy, nor is it something that is airy fairy, it is a deep energetic healing that releases your cognitive, emotional, incarnational, spiritual and ancestral blocks, triggers and traumas.

Clearing the debris from your life and inner energy field, which in relation to the law of attraction enables you to harness and control your manifesting skills. The cognitive rewiring of your life’s energetic template, pushing you into the new version of your best self.

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psychotherapy mental health

What is your Identity Template?

Everybody has a Core Identity template, this is your energy field that is subconsciously controlled by your conditioning, traumas and genetics.

Between the ages 0 to 20, you learn to limit yourself based on your conditioning, beliefs and social structures to fit in and censor yourself in belonging and being accepted by the expense of hindering your true self. Your fitting into society phase.

There is your ego consciousness which is the ego version of self, that also includes your ethnic and your DNA strands and then there is your heart consciousness, which is your passion.

As a child you are only heart consciousness, as an adult your enter your ego consciousness. What Richard is trying to achieve is to pull you back into your heart conciseness and work with you through this.

Your ego consciousness is your brain in operation – with its limiting beliefs and insecurities, which in most cases prevents people from achieving their successes.

If you are able to come for your heart conciseness, that holds all that passion and greatness, which is completely unlimited. The greats of this world have evolved from passion, successes is just defined by who is more passionate than the other.

As a child you are only heart consciousness, as an adult your enter your ego consciousness

Richard helps you clear through the rubble to get to the core of your passion – destroying all the karmic and ethnic limitations, programmes and beliefs you may have, past lives inclusive for those who are more spiritual.

Richard uses a mix of hypnotherapy, which looks at the unconscious learning and parts negotiation, where you talk to aspects of your self healing your inner child, as well as talking to the past and present people in your life who brought you trauma.

This re-programmes your core belief structures in releasing all trauma and integrating a new way of thinking into your current identity.

Richard also uses psychic abilities to help you bring your passion and gifts to the surface, making you a stronger ‘manifester’.

He is a mentor to his clients and gives you the tools that help you further develop your journey. Ricard supports your journey, but does not want to become your journey – so you can operate as your own independent identity.

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Psychotherapy identity template

The working phases

It all begins with Core identity work, rewiring your conscious template and triggers. Looking at the blocks and issues one struggles with, tracking down the moment in which that issue flared up and became a part of their core identity – the early root cause and healing this first.

Richard clears through these bocks and traumatic scenarios to change this template, so it becomes clearer for us to manifest the life we want upon a clean slate.

For those who are not as spiritual, he finds the root cause of their problem and the belief system behind it and then he uses NLP Parts Negotiation, Time Line Therapy, Gestalt Therapy techniques, amongst others to release those blocks and triggers from the clients identity template.

Traumatic emotional structures can come down through the DNA

Now, if somebody is spiritual, Richard will go deeper to see why they manifested this onto their identity template and what incarnational issues went into creating this situation that became a part of their core.

Traumatic emotional structures can come down through the DNA (generational karma/belief systems), Richard uses his multi-disciplinary therapy techniques to help you rewire the root blocks and causes; releasing the DNA structures that are no longer serving you and preventing you from reaching your maximum joyous potential.

Giving you a mental, cognitively, subconscious reset to align you towards the desired energy of your future wants and needs.

The end result is to line up your identity template to the future you desire and the goal you are trying to achieve, which also includes aligning you to your manifesting template.

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Psychotherapy dna structure

My Therapeutic Release

During my therapy I had a roller coaster ride, with much processing, tears and purging. At one point I felt a complete panic, bouncing off the walls, for the reset was in process.

At other points, I could not feel lighter and more grateful for everything I had in my life, it was as though I could finally see the woods through the trees and at other times I just bounced somewhere in between.

I could not feel lighter and more grateful for everything I had in my life

The end was the grand finale and I made sure the crash course left no stone unturned.

Working with Richard felt truly transformative at a much deeper level. In weeks to come I felt a lightness, that something had shifted and above all I had the tools and the knowledge of what to do next. I felt grounded, with greater inner peace.

My journey into my own self-discovery is not over, it has just begun, but this for sure was the much needed reset that I was searching for.

Cost per session £180-200 per hour, with a recommended minimum of 6 sessions. 

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