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New Year, New You – former Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor reveals 9 biohacking health tips

New Year, New You - former Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor reveals 9 biohacking health tips MAIN

Davinia Taylor not only lost 18kg’s, she also become the healthiest she has ever been. How? Through Biohacking. Davinia tells Healthista how to upgrade your body through biohacking your health

biohacking your health davinia taylorActress and biohacker extraordinaire, Davinia Taylor’s career started on Channel 4’s hit Soap Hollyoaks, playing party girl Jude Cunningham from 1996 to 1998.

Now a mother of four boys, recovering alcoholic Davinia’s personal journey has seen her turn to her health and wellbeing.

As a result of a heavily documented party lifestyle (which lead to a dependency on alcohol), post-natal depression, losing her mother to cancer and a struggle to regain her pre-baby body, Davina has biohacked her way to optimum health.

After the discovery of a genetic test which revealed all the answers to Davinia’s struggles, she has researched, tested, and biohacked herself back to peak performance – losing 18kgs within just six months.

With over 1 million followers, Davinia is now sharing all her knowledge, secrets and special finds on her Instagram – (@daviniataylor) – to show everyone the way to optimum health the easy way.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is personalising your health by hacking into your personal biology and creating a protocol for longevity.

Be it investigating your DNA, blood testing or even a mood dairy – this can all be considered as biohacking. Once you know what your personal make up is, you can hack upon your findings and play with ways to optimise your health.

Including improving sleep, energy and tackling disease using methods such as body temperature, cold exposure, sleep hacks, light exposure, and intermittent fasting.

All of these biohacks have a direct impact on your endocrine (hormone) system, which in turn have a direct effect on your thinking and will impact your behaviour such as, anxiety reduction, weight loss, overeating, restlessness or simply a healthier lifestyle.

Biohacking is personalising your health by hacking into your personal biology

All studies to support biohacking can be found on a website called where extensive tests have been trailed and tested with result-based findings.

My confidence grew and felt far less vulnerable particularly living in a busy city.

When I was overweight not only was my body inflamed but so was my brain which triggered depression and anxiety, I was constantly in fear of being run over by a bus or attacked by someone in a park – I was constantly in fight or flight mode.

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Here are 9 biohacking suggestions for you to be the healthiest and most confident you can be…

#1 Get sunlight on your face first thing in the morning

Take your glasses or sunglasses off first thing in the morning and bask in the sunlight for at least three minutes or 20 minutes if its overcast.

The blue light enters your retina and lands on your skin which in turn sends a message to your internal body clock that it’s time to release cortisol and start actioning the day.

This method automatically sets your circadian rhythm meaning your body will be set to release the seep hormone melatonin approximately 12 hours later thus, assisting with natural sleep patterns.


#2 Eat meat – sorry vegans!

I believe in eating meat as ancestrally its what we ate and how our bodies evolved from homosapien primates, beef is basically brain and body food.

For me, grass fed beef liver is the best choice for healthy nutrition as its packed with Heme Iron however it’s not very palatable so I stick with steak and rocket for my iron and B12 intake its super bioavailable and very few people are allergic to it.

#3 Try fasting to lose or maintain weight

Instead of grabbing insulin spiking toast, fruit or cereal, start the day by extending your fast after sleep, adding Will Powders Keto or MCT powder will assist with curbing cravings for sugary treats as well as providing energy and focus.

#4 Book yourself in for a Hydrafacial for a skin boost

For supporting my skin from the outside, nothing beats a HydraFacial.

I’m lazy when it comes to skincare, so a monthly treatment works well with my skin cycle, and it can be tailored with boosters and add-ons to achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Looking after your skin helps me to feel skin confident and ready to face the day. I always feel like a new woman after a HydraFacial! As a busy mum, it’s super-efficient and time saving, and seeing the gunk that comes out post-facial amazes me.

it can be tailored with boosters and add-ons to achieve healthy, radiant skin

I am also a huge fan of the infrared sauna and Vit B3 Niacin flush (note: you will experience flushing and slight itch so will need to start with a low dose such as 250mg until you are used to the effects with a max of 1000mg per session) protocol which expands blood vessels to release toxins in the blood steam which are then sweated out via the heat from the sauna.

This is great for a heavy metal detox and is often used when firemen are exposed to chemical fires as it removes poisons and heavy metals which are stored in fat cells.

Follow this with activated charcoal to remove toxins completely. You can do this up to three times a week for a month to see and feel a difference.

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hydrafacial biohacking health

#5 Support brain health with Nootropics

If the brain is healthy, more than likely the body will be heathy too. For instant energy and dopamine I have developed a product called Pow (containing 11 Nootropics) which is a drink taken as a shot and works in around 15 minutes and helps with motivation, focus and energy.

AHA provides long term brain health like memory, mood and creativity taken daily you will definitely notice a difference after a month.

#6 Take L-theanine for better sleep

Combining caffeine with my Will Powders Calm that contains L-theanine, allows me to enjoy numerous coffees throughout the day anxiety free.

a good sleep is paramount to a having a good day

The two combined creates a cool calm energy opposed to an anxious burn out energy or insomnia that’s often associated with coffee. Calm is also useful before bed, I take two capsules before bed to help with sleep quality – a good sleep is paramount to a having a good day!

You can find products at – sign up for our monthly newsletter where you will get my favourite biohacking tips specifically focused on women.

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#7 Try collagen to help reduce cravings

Collagen is my number one go-to biohacking tip and best seller from Will Powders. I add one teaspoon in every beverage throughout the day.

Firstly, this curbs cravings because of the amino acid profile, it heals the gut so reduces bloating and also improves skin, hair, and nails – miracle product.

#8 Take a test and track your health

Omnos with whom I work closely with, offer different tests to uncover what you body is lacking or running so that you can see where in your body needs attention.

I track my sleep, bodies oxygen and heart rate variability with Oura ring, plus I also use blue light blocker glasses to stop insomnia caused by late night TV.

uncover what you body is lacking or running so that you can see where in your body needs attention

I also use red light to boost my body by Red Light Rising, I sit in front of the lamp every day for around eight minutes. This procedure resets the circadian rhythm which is brilliant for people who work nights or had a late night!

It repairs eyesight, helps with SAD (replaces daylight in winter) and reduces overall inflammation.

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#9 Daily affirmations for a more confident you

Neurons are brain cells that are able to be re-trained so you think and act differently. If you suffer from stress or states of panic, about yourself or situation you can change the way you automatically think by something simple such as positive affirmations.

Repeat the affirmation three times a day, it could be something you’d like to change or have confidence that you are, it could be ‘I am creative.’

By repeating this and making the words literally sink in will make you think and act differently, creating a daily habit, this can change the neuroplasticity in a week, rewiring the brain so it becomes automatic, therefore less effort.

it's not a diet davinia taylor

Number 1 Sunday Times Best Selling Author of It’s Not A Diet, Davinia is the first female to put biohacking on the map in the UK.

A personal, fun and positive book encouraging dietary diversity whilst avoiding calorie counting; this book encourages you to take all the energy you’re putting into fad diets and to put it into a more holistic approach to weight-loss.

This book will help you to become the most genuinely healthy version of yourself, whilst reminding you that true health is not just about what you eat!

Available to purchase on Amazon

Follow Davinia on Instagram – @daviniataylor 

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