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Cycling gear that SCREAMS style

Looking for cycling gear that you’re not embarrassed to be seen in? National Bike Week this week, The Cycling Store is this week’s Kitspiration of choice

Not only has this week been National Bike Week but it’s we’ve also had national cucumber day – so what better way to celebrate than with some cool-as-cucumber cycling kitspiration? This week’s apparel to ogle is from bike brand, The Cycling Store.

Stocking city cycling apparel, The Cycling Store handpicks technical style pieces from independent brands around the world. The brand says they’re all about people who ride in the clothes they live in, not the ones they work out in, meaning all the brands they stock are perfect for cycle-to-street style. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really thought of bicycle apparel as cool, but this online shop has totally changed my mind.

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woman zipping, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by healthista

Above: Leather Cycle Gloves £20, Drench Coat £148

The Cycling Store make sure they test out all of the products on the site so that they can stand by the quality of every one. Founder Naomi left a career in digital branding to start the company in 2015 when she couldn’t find functional and practical clothes and accessories that made her look and feel good when out on her bicycle – she decided to create a place for them herself.

The brand is the ultimate in effortlessly cool urban style and I cannot get enough (plus their Instagram is achingly stylish). And it isn’t just a beautiful feed keeping the Instagram crowd sweet – all the leather shown in this post is vegan-friendly (win!)

helmet and leggings, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by healthista

Above: Thousand Bicycle Helmet £85

Launched by LA-based brand Thousand, this helmet is specially designed for city living and your daily urban commute. The helmet has a rubberised matte finish, vegetan leather straps (a win for those vegetarian city slickers) and easy magnetic locking. It’s a far cry from the types of helmets I was forced into as a child – protective style at its best.

The helmet comes in three sizes and comes with two extra sets of interior padding for an even more customised fit.

white bicycle, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by healthista

Above: Monochrome Pannier Bag £65, Monochrome Handlebar Bag £40

cycling store 1, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by healthista

Above: Kate Sheridan Mini Leather Rucksack £168.75, As Bold As Waterproof Roadster Windbreaker £116

A raincoat might not be the first thing that springs to mind as a must-buy in the Summer season but if you’re biking to work and the unpredictable British heavens open you’ll be glad you invested in a lightweight summer raincoat like the As Bold Waterproof jacket (plus it’ll double up as festival wear).

Completely sealed pockets mean your phone stays safe and the inner mesh keeps you cool and dry when you’re pedalling away full pelt because you’re late for that meeting.

khaki jacket, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by Healthista

Above: Kate Sheridan Mini Leather Rucksack £168.75, As Bold As Drench Coat £148women in jackets, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by Healthista

Above right: Otto London Poncho £88, Above left: Waterproof Commuter Parka £199Thousand Bicycle Helmet £85

cycling shoes, KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by Healthista

Above: Folk Gold Spot Sneakers £164.50

Perfect for a stylish summer cycle, these Folk Gold Spot Sneakers are DEFINITELY on my summer wardrobe wish-list.

gold helmet KITSPIRATION The Cycling Store by healthista

Above: Thousand Gold Bicycle Helmet £95

Parisa Hashempour is a multimedia journalist at Healthista. She’s a clothes hoarder and kit obsessive that is always on the hunt for new threads to ogle.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to watch her health journey.

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