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KITSPIRATION: ILU Fitwear reviewed

Our kit of the week is activewear brand ILU, whose leggings are next-level stuff

Do you suffer from chronic VPS (visible panty line) mid squat? Or break out a builder’s bum during downward facing dog? If yes, then ILU Fitwear is about to change your life. I first tried this brand when a pair of ILU Dream Spin leggings landed on my desk to be tried out for a squat-proof challenge (watch this space) and it’s safe to say I am OBSESSED. They are now my go-to pair of leggings for any workout. Why? Because the compression fabric on these tights is other-worldly. Plus the waistband sits high up and I’m very conscious of my middle – these leggings are amazing at sucking you in.

the compression fabric on these tights is other-worldly.

ILU leggings, KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista

Credits: Modelled by Fern Ross. Photography by Donna Murray

ILU’s founder Mary Moran is a city lawyer turned Fitwear founder. She created a brand which made clothing that she hopes people will wear during their workout sesh but also day-to-day (and considering I just sported a pair to a morning sober rave, it seems she’s hit the nail on the head).

The small team behind the brand are based in Surrey and pride themselves on the local, community feel of their brand. The word ILU means beauty in Estonian and for the company, that means the beauty of channelling their passions for fitness into the brand.

ILU Fitwear women, KITSPIRATION by healthista

The supersoft leggings are engineered to be totally seamless which, much like the Dream Spin pair that I’ve tried out, makes them super flattering. Plus the high rise, ribbed, foldable waistband is made to hold you in and iron out any signs of a muffin top (win!). The teal gradiant down the side of the leg makes them a stand out piece of kit. The leggings are super soft (hence the name) and this is because of the natural cotton that ILU use to construct their leggings.

yoga pose, KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista

The Steffi Studio Bra Top and Print Vest are part of ILU’s limited edition range. The print is taken from original artwork by the artist Reiki Master and yoga teacher Steffi Goddard. The loose open vest is designed to be layered over a crop top or tighter tank. It has a high neck and draping back but ILU have added a wide band at the bottom (which means it will stay in place when you’re doing your burpees or inversions). The fabric is a soft viscose blend and it’s safe to say the colours are pretty eye catching.

ILU grey clothes, KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista

The ribbed high waist on these compression leggings are another pair of bottoms that will iron out your tummy. These pretty leggings are the ultimate in athleisure and were designed to be worn out and about – not just in the studio.

ILU yoga balancing, KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista
close up fabric KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista
blue leggings, KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista

The Chic Calm Wrap is made from a super soft bamboo blend and ILU boasts that while it feels as soft as cashmere, it has the functionality of sportswear. They suggest throwing it across your shoulders at the end of a yoga session or over your shoulders on the way to the gym.

Leggings yellow stripes, ILU Fitwear by healthista

These compression leggings are a best seller for the fitness brand. These leggings are all about the technical supportive fabric that they’re made from. They’re a polyamide, polyester, elastane blend that makes for some serious compression fabric. A mid-rise waistband and flat-lock seams adds to the flattering shape of these tights. And the bumble-bee look is no accident. The contrast stripes are positioned to lift and flatter your figure. Fabric is sweat wicking and there’s even a side pocket for your keys and phone – whew!

walking through water, KITSPIRATION ILU Fitwear by healthista

Parisa Hashempour is a multimedia journalist at Healthista. She’s a clothes hoarder and kit obsessive that is always on the hunt for new threads to obsess over.

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