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Back exercises worthy of the red carpet with the celebrity trainer’s 10-minute workout

For this week’s Workout of the Week, celebrity trainer Liston Wingate-Denys – who trains Thandie Newton – brings you five key exercises to strengthen your back and core

If you’ve had those envious moments of all those gorgeous red carpet celebrities, then you aren’t the only one. Hands up, I’m guilty. But they don’t just look like that overnight, the changes come from hard work, sweating away in the gym and celebrity trainer Liston Wingate-Denys can back us up on that one. Liston has been known for training Healthista crush actress Thandie Newton, currently starring in Westworld and Line of Duty.

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But in the quest for perfect abs and gorgeous butts our backs are often neglected. Yet, strengthening them is key to better posture and avoiding injury in later life (or anytime in fact). It also helps strengthen your core muscles by keeping them supported during tough ab exercises such as planks.

In this workout of the week, Liston has a 10-minute back routine that goes through five different back exercises in two sets and 15 repetitions.

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