60 second smoothies best smoothie for energy day 13 cherry blast

60 second smoothie for energy – Day 13 Cherry blast

If you’re looking for smoothies for energy or weight loss, then you’ve come to the right place. Try Healthista’s 30-day 60 second smoothie challenge, created by Nutritionist Rick Hay. Today’s recipe is a smoothie for energy, Cherry Blast

This August, why not try our 30-day smoothie challenge to keep your new health goals exciting. The recipes are part of Healthista’s Lean Energy Programme, for a fitter and leaner you.

Created by nutritionist Rick Hay for weight loss, as well as anti-ageing, immune-boosting, and skin benefits to name a few, the smoothies will have you set for new healthy habits. All you need is a blender and the ingredients, a lot of which are used in every smoothie, so get stocking that cupboard.

For Day 13 Cherry Blast – the best smoothie for energy – you will need:

1 slice of watermelon

Handful of cherries

Handful of frozen berries

2 slices of beetroot

1 scoop Lean Vegan Diet Protein

200ml water

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Rick recommends

30 day smoothie challenge - Day one, protein, by healthista.com‘Healthista’s Lean Energy Diet Protein Powders are more than just you’re average Joe proteins – they are truly superhero superfood proteins! They are nutrient dense and have been formulated with kick ass co factors like glutamine, carnitine, matcha green tea, konjac root and inulin to help with energy production, satiety and fat burning. As if that wasn’t enough they also help to boost immunity and have probiotics and vegetable digestive enzymes included for digestive health. These complete protein formulas will help with both toning and weight loss.’

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If you’re really serious about shaping up, you can also join our 30 day HIIT challenge with trainer Kelly Du Buisson which starts today and check out Healthista’s NEW protein and superfood powders to enhance your weight loss and health journey.


Rick Hayrick-hay, The Superfoodist, is a Nutritional Physiologist and Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist.  He specialises in naturopathy, obesity treatment, weight management, anti-ageing food and fitness, beauty from within and natural sports medicine.

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