REVIEW: Snugs Custom Fit Earphones made to fit your ears using a 3D scan so they NEVER fall out whether you run, swim or jump!

Do your headphones fall out when you go for your run? These earbuds from Snugs are 3D printed to fit your ear and stay in your ear though all your burpees and  kickboxing.

I’ve always been frustrated at having to constantly reposition my earphones while running so when I heard about Snugs custom fit earphones I was, hot to say, all ears. A technician visited the office and made a 3D scan of my inner and outer ear in order to make the virtual mold for the earphones especially for me. It was cool to see what the inside of my ear looked like once the snugs arrived.

Jack from Snugs scanning my ear to create a digital recreation on his laptop.

Jack from Snugs scanning my ear to create a digital recreation on his laptop.

 The Snugs Company technician used a 3D image scanner to create a digital model of my ear. Before fancy technology, one would have had to take a physical mould of the ear but  with with scanner, they can recreate the model of my ear via the computer. The images from each ear were used to create the shape for the snugs earphone. These modeled images are then exported to a medical-grade 3D printer to make the mould in silicone. It takes about six hours for the earphone to print. The snugs were then hand cleaned and the moulds are injected with the customer’s choice of colour. They are cured, dried, and engraved with the snugs logo.

Now after trailing them here’s the thing to know – these earphones don’t move around in your ear and they never fall out. I ran with them in, I climbed a tree while wearing them, and even did a few burpees.Those earphones weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Also, the custom silicone ear shapes come off and attach to any set of earphones so that even if the wires break in this one I can still use the custom fit tips.

People who find that normal earphones that don’t stay in your ears are perfect candidates for Snugs

 The  Snugs Wired I got cost £199 and this included not just the moulds that attach to the tip of the earbud but also the earphone wires themselves, the 3D scan, and any fitting that required.

People who find that normal earphones that don’t stay in your ears are perfect candidates for Snugs. Snugs fit most models of earphones so can be used with your favourite pairs and they’re waterproof so they can be used  when swimming.Snugs pic 1

So maybe if the rest of your gym doesn’t like your music tastes and regular earphones don’t stay in your ears, check out buying a pair from their website for £199.00. While that might sound expensive for earphones, they did digitally scan and recreate my ear, 3D print the custom moulds. They also come with high quality earphones with a microphone, as well as adapter so multiple people can listen to the same phone at the same time. Genius.


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