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What’s in my gym kit? TV presenter and super-fit dynamo Charlie Webster on the essentials that keep her body in gear

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Charlie Webster may make a living as a television sports presenter and writer, but we all know that she herself is just as fit as the athletes she reports on

We asked Charlie one very important question: what do you always keep in your gym bag? Here are the products she always has on hand:

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Face Cream

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‘I always carry it everywhere like in my handbag, in my gym bag. I’ve got two of them. If you put eight hour cream right on your eyelashes — not loads obviously but just a little touch, it makes it look like you’ve got a bit of mascara on. It just opens your eyes up.’

Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer

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‘This product has a wonderful sheer bronzy tint, which helps to even out skin tone, in addition to giving your skin a lovely glow.’

Ojon Revitalizing Mist
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‘It’s like a detangler but I just put it on my hair sometimes just because it makes it healthy and it also smells nice, and it so it just makes it look a bit fresher if I can’t be bothered to wash it.’

Batiste Dry Shampoo

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‘I have dry shampoo because a lot of the time I’m rushing about and I have long hair. I hate always having to wash my hair and it’s actually been said to me you know, because you’re training a lot and sweating, try not to wash your hair every time and just put dry shampoo in it.’

Phd woman Support and Recovery Shake

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‘I really like this product range as it has been specifically developed for women which is really important, as women have completely different nutrition levels to men. The Support and Recovery shake in particular, not only tastes great, but also helps my muscles to recover after exercise which helps to create more tone and definition.’

Sketchers Go Run 4 Trainers

sketchers go run 4, charlie webster what in your gym kit by

‘They’re so light and they’re super quick and they promote mid foot running, and I’m a mid-foot runner. They’re really, really perfect for me because I don’t like anything that’s really heavy. They’re my favourite trainers, I have loads of them.’


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