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Charlotte Crosby: What’s in my gym kit?

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Geordie Shore party girl Charlotte Crosby shocked Britain when she dropped from size 16 to size eight in six months. Her transformation earned her soaring success in the fitness world — her workout DVD sold 101,000 copies in its first month, becoming the fastest-selling fitness tape ever.

We asked Charlotte one very important question: what do you always keep in your gym bag? Here are the six products she can’t stay fit without:

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Reebok ZQuick Trainers

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‘Before I started to work out I didn’t appreciate the importance of good footwear. My Reebok ZQuick trainers are lightweight yet still give me required support when putting myself through my paces. They look wicked too, I have got quite a collection now!’


Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD

‘I am on the road so much getting into a gym isn’t always an option, however the DVD means I can workout anywhere and everywhere. Even if I just have 3 minutes spare I can have a quick abs blast and I feel so much better than doing nothing! Having lost over two and a half stone with the help of the DVD, I am determined to keep the weight off so it is always packed!’

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iPhone 6

Charlotte loves to listen to high-tempo music to get her blood pumping when she’s in the gym. She has her own playlist, which you can listen to here. When Charlotte’s not exercising to music, she’s using to iPhone to watch her DVD on download.

Nutricheck for Iphone

‘This app tells you how many calories you’re burning, I love it!’ The Nutracheck allows you to punch in your food and automatically logs calories and your exercise and it also links to popular restaurants and features most supermarket branded foods.

Reebok running tights
Charlotts crosby reebok running tights, whats in your gym kit by
Photo from Instagram


‘I use to think you just wore old clothes to workout, but Reebok training kit just got seriously fashionable and provides the perfect motivation to get your sweat on! I’m often tempted to wear mine to the shops! Reebok do a huge range of colours and patterns so I like to mix it up depending on my mood and session.’

Fair Trade Organic Banana

‘I try to have healthy snacks on hand, it’s too easy to waste your work out stepping out of the gym eating the wrong things!’

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