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30 day yoga challenge

This 30-minute morning yoga routine will boost your energy

Main Image, Sarah Malcolm, 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Healthista

So you’ve finished the 30 day yoga challenge with Sarah Malcolm? Put your new skills to the test with this 30-minute morning yoga sequence which will energise you for the day ahead

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Welcome to the first video of Healthista’s second yoga challenge, with leading London yoga teacher Sarah Malcolm (@sarahmalcs), where you learn a new 30-minute yoga sequence each week.

If you’re new to yoga, click here to go to day one of our 30 day yoga challenge where Sarah taught an in-depth beginner pose each day.

The next level of our yoga challenge – Vinyasa flow

This month-long yoga challenge introduces a new Vinyasa flow routine for beginners each week. In each of the four 30-minute videos, you will build your endurance and develop the skills to become a true yogi.

Vinyasa flow is a sequence of yoga poses that are linked through continuous motions. As you flow through each posture, the breath is synchronized with the body movements.

Yoga is a meditation that anyone can do. You don’t need a specific body type to master the practice, you just need the right skills – and you don’t need to be bendy to do it, that’s a myth we’d like to dispel. Just do the moves and you’ll feel the magic.

The first video in our new month-long series is all about learning how to do an energising morning flow routine.

Sarah-Malcolm-headshot-278x300Energising Morning Flow

In this video, Sarah teaches a basic morning flow routine, incorporating poses that she taught in our 30 day yoga challenge. She demonstrates how to move through each posture connecting one to the next.

This sequence is great to help wake you up in the morning, or any time of the day when you need a boost of energy.

Regular morning yoga practice will help stretch the limbs and prepare the body for the day ahead.

Check back in next week for the second Vinyasa flow routine in our new yoga challenge series.

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In our video series, Sarah is dressed by lululemon

Click here to start Sarah’s 30 day beginner yoga challenge from day one.

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