How to do a hip thrust – the trainer’s guide

Want to give your glutes the goods? In this trainer’s guide, PT Ashley Capewell from Performance Ground Gym shows you exactly how to strengthen the glutes with the hip thrust

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The hip thrust is a hip extension movement and a compound movement that is going to use the glutes, hamstrings and also the calf muscles.

How to do a hip thrust

  1.  Sit infant of box, it should come just below the shoulder blades.
  2.  From this sitting position pull the bar into your hip crease.
  3.  Position feet to be hip width and flat pointing forwards.
  4.  Drive hips up towards the ceiling making contact with the bar.
  5.  Try to hold the position at the top for about a second.
  6. As you come back down touch the weights on the ground.
  7. Drive the hips back up again

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