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How to do a barbell bench press – trainer’s guide


Unsure of how to do a barbell bench press safely? Second in our Gym Basics series, PT Ashley Capewell from Performance Ground Gym brings you steps to benching like a pro

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The bench press is an upper body compound movement that primarily uses the pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps.

How to do a barbell bench press

  1. Feet, bum, head and upper back all in contact with ground or bench throughout the whole move.
  2. Grip width – Hold the bar just wider than shoulder width.
  3. Pinch shoulder blades back.
  4. Take the bar out and have your elbows locked out.
  5. Pull the bar down towards the sternum and keep the chest lifted.
  6. Push straight back up through the bar until the arms are locked out.

TOP TIP – Always have someone there to help you with this move

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